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SBLC4005 Organisational behavior with an explanation of the human behavior in different scenarios at the workplace and describes the cause of various kinds of behaviors. Mastering in organizational behavior will help the students in forecasting the future behavior of the employees and will enhance the overall process of management. The course covers the aspects such as corporate culture, leadership, decision making, job satisfaction, and motivation. The discipline of organizational behavior has connections with the disciplines like human resource management, communication sciences, strategic management, psychology, business administration, and many more.

The course will provide training to the students and help them in identifying ways of reducing stress as well as improving well-being at work and at the same time implementing the theories of motivation. They establish insights into the dynamics of the workgroup along with group-based problem-solving.

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The students will get advanced knowledge in successful negotiations methods and they will also learn the way of influencing as well as managing the decision-making of the group. Skills of communication, good organizational abilities along project and resource management skills make up an excellent part of the tools of future professionals and will make use of it in their careers. The course will provide students with a particular set of abilities that will come in handy in the future.

It will be expected from the students that they demonstrate the following skills needed- identification of the needs of the firm, requirements and the information technology capabilities which are relevant to the design as well as production of documents, develop the standard of documentation for meeting the requirements of the organization., designing, testing as well as amending the templates of the documents, establish as well as implement the training as well as documentation for supporting the use of the standard templates and macros as well as monitor the implementation of standard documentation templates as well as macros and make enhancements in line with the requirements of the organization.

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For which university this course code is associated?

The code is associated with the Greenwich School of management.

Unit details

Location- Australia

Study level- Postgraduate

Unit code- SBLC4005

Brief of the SBLC4005 Organisational behavior assessment

The course is designed to train the students for the jobs in future. they will be taught the fundamentals of business management in the wider context of the contemporary business landscape, ensuring that the skills will remain adaptable as well as flexible with the changing world. The course is the combination of practical professional experience with some creative approaches to the enterprise as well as an innovation that will establish the spirit of entrepreneurship. The course has been prepared to familiarise the students with the general concepts, processes as well as principles that are related to organization and the functional areas of management. Particular attention is paid to the study of functions of management such as planning, organizing, leading as well as controlling. The students will also be oriented to the significance of these functions along with the role of every aspect in entrepreneurship. The course will provide students with a particular set of abilities that will come in handy in the future. Taking the course has a lot of benefits which are stated below:

  • It will increase the career opportunities- Students will have a better possibility of landing a career in management. The course will enhance students’ resumes in the market of employment. When the skills of management are learned, the student will improve their chance of landing a range of leadership positions in their career. After taking this course, students can find work in a range of fields such as management, consultancy, marketing as well as advertising, human resource, retail, sales as well as finance.
  • Enhanced communication- In the practical world, every component of life, including one’s work-life communication is significant. The success of an organization is heavily dependent on effective communication. The students will be able to develop good lines of communication in management. They will be able to master the techniques of communication which will provide empowerment and also boost their morale.
  • Develop key skills of management- the key skills of management that will allow the student to be an important contribution to the organization in which they will work are the one most appealing area of pursuing the course. The students will develop a set of skills that will allow them to adapt to issues as well as present events in society and business, allowing them to make educated decisions of management that take economic, social as well as ethical factors into account.
  • Improved decision making- the course will educate students to make better decisions in different scenarios whether proactive or reactive. The students will learn to make decisions in the correct manner. They will be able to have a better understanding of what can be defined as a good decision. External variables like social, emotional as well as political factors are also taught to the students that they can take into consideration while making any decision.
  • Being one’s own boss- After the completion of this course, the students will not only have an excellent professional prospect but they will also have the entire compulsory element to start their own business, all they need is a strategy of the business to get started. The course will set the students on the path to being their own boss through the enhancement of their entrepreneurship abilities as well as allowing them to better launch any idea of business that they might have.

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Weightage of the SBLC4005 Organisational behavior assessment in the semester

Assessment Task


Individual assessment


Group assessment


End of semester test


This unit is graded. The overall grade will be calculated through the grades or the marks for each assessment task, on the basis of the relative weightings displayed in the above table. The students must score an overall mark for the unit of at least 50% or an overall grade of “pass” for passing the unit.

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