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PUBH6007 Program Design Implementation and Evaluation Assessments helps students to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their abilities and learning skills that will in better understanding of their subject specializations. Assessment is developing to monitor and review the learning strategies along with the teaching and process. It will also help in encouraging the reflection as well as introspection about the learning that will enhance the outcome. The purpose of the PUBH6007 assessment in the course code is to gather and develop the relevant and adequate information about the performances and progresses of students. Educators or assessors will also be able to make the judgement about the overall learning process that will in improving their skill sets. It will give students to develop the controlling measures among students over the learning approach. It helps in developing the importance and relevancy towards critical thinking, reasoning followed by the reflection that will create the understanding of quality learning materials. Students can track the determination of overall understanding towards the course materials. The PUBH6007 task answers will be based on understanding the training and development of overall academic skills that would be effective for designing the individual skill sets of the program. The program will highlight multiple approaches and evaluation methods that would be effective for better assessment of plans and evaluating the programs.

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Unit Details

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code: PUBH6007

Location: Australia

Study Level: Nursing

University: Laureate International University

Brief of Assessment

Laureate International University design this assessment to interpret the importance and relevancy of performing the needs analysis in the public health program development. Students need to apply multiple methodologies that would be effective for understanding the needs assessment along with establishing the priorities and needs of community. The assessment is design to establish and develop program and evaluation plan for implementing the public health program. PUBH6007 assessment answers helps in critically examining along with applying the strategies of the community engagement that would improve the overall understanding of public health program.

In the assessment, student will focus on identifying the gap areas or challenges. Thus, writing down the need assessment for the chosen health challenge and target population. It is important to develop the public health theme for certain identification of populations. The assessment report should include clear topic that helps in understanding the problem area and also develop brief literature review for the needs and issues. The methodologies including qualitative and quantitative research would help in better understanding the overall topic. The assessment is focus on understanding the public health sector, which is based on the evaluation of the academic skills and learnings of an individual within the course. In the assessment, students are expected to reflect their understanding based on the acquired skills.

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The assessment also focuses on developing the strategies such as providing training campaign information, followed by the collection of learning abilities, along with displaying the poor key skills towards the leaderships and practices. Academic skills are considered as important and adequate future path that will be helpful in developing the academic skills. The formative methods would help in developing the conducting multiple and several processes. The implementation and evaluation course code includes the changing the process as well as examination of the plans. It will include the provision of timely feedback along with allowing the essential changes that are needed and developing the concept of the qualitative inquiry.

Weightage Of PUBH6007 Course Code In The Semester

The course code will develop the skills of the students towards the frame of the health policy along with identifying the need of community. Students will learn the overall approach of relapse prevention theory, followed by self-determination theory, along with social cognitive theory as well as social ecological theory. It is important to note that healthcare sector is complex and the tension towards the health advocate is also high. There are also higher public conflicts that will improve the increase in the complication towards the public advocates. The public health sector will help in developing the understanding of health policy along with imposing the behavioural change within the community. The course will help in developing the ability of implementation along with evaluation towards designing the policies with addressing the needs assessments.

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The course code will also have significant weightage towards the overall learning as it will help in developing multiple ideologists that would enhance the community and helps in addressing the overall impact on the public advocates along with improving the working process. The overall weightage of the course in the semester is 50% that will be requiring in completing within the semester course. Addressing the needs of customers along with the people are essential that are important in developing the needs for effective implementation and evaluation of the course code. Any problems, assessments and other course related materials associated with the PUBH6007 is associated with the public health and nursing course.

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