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The unit PROJ6003 project execution and control develops the skillsets and knowledge about the risks associated with the projects and multiple strategies needed to manage the overall outcome of project management. It is important for the staffs or employees to develop the skills and have adequate amount of knowledge regarding planning, determination of multiple approaches along with execution of multiple activities that would help in managing the project risks. The new risks and challenges can occur any time irrespective of the situations and therefore, it is important to understand that developing such knowledge and information will help in developing strategies and enhance the outcome of the organisation.

It applies to individual working in firms and making critical decisions towards accomplishing the desire sets of goals. The course unit will equip students and individual to develop string planning abilities including the ability to define the goals and objectives of the organisation as well as managing along with allocating the resources in gaining the significant outcome.

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Budgeting and ability to predict potential associated challenges identified within the management approach of organisation would help in developing the overall key outcome within the organisation. The role of eliminating the issues, confusion and enhancing the tools used in project management will be developed. With the help of PROJ6003 project execution and control assessment answers, individuals would be able execute the project and develop the controlling strategies in enhancing the benefits to the organisations.

Unit details

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code: PROJ6003

Location: United States

University: Laureate International Universities

Brief Of Assessment:

The assessment will develop the learning outcomes of the students towards drawing the significant techniques as well as tools that would help in managing as well as developing multiple processes in complex global projects. Planning the risk management of the organisation and determining the overall approach towards the changes in the organisation is important that will help in improving the performances and revenues of the organisation. Developing the case study that includes the overall identification of risks and understanding the impact of assessment that will help in developing the mitigation strategies for the organisation for better performances.

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The assessment is to ensure that students read the overall instruction and case study in detail with adequate understanding on it. An appropriate research and additional use of resources are encouraged for better development of reports and added value. Lecture notes, slides, articles, and usage of university library along with outside sources are encouraged within the assessment that will help in better development of report. The report should also focus on the practical approach towards addressing the specific requirement within the paper.

It is important to identify one significant tool of change management that will help in implementing the project management and controlling the overall impact on the organisation. Analysing the case study and develop the understanding towards the needs and gap areas within the case. Students are expected to analyse the impact of the proposal and developing the scope as well as quality of the project. It is important to justify the assessment with evidence lesser than five years and managing the implementation of tools and techniques. It is important to understand the process of submitting the proposal of change.  

The right initiative style. Associations that dominate at execution cultivate an administration style that sets strong desires with clear responsibility—underscoring the difficult and steady elements of initiative over the definitive and consultative characteristics that might be viable in different circumstances. Effective pioneers are tenacious in pushing and empowering their reports, while additionally making everything go smoothly through difficult navigation. Keeping this speed of progress going addresses a critical speculation of time and consideration.

The PROJ6003 project execution and control task solutions must include a title page, followed by the executive summary and table of contents. It is followed by introduction section that will develop the statement of the assignment and purpose in the report. The body of the report will include the overall requirement and develop the logical reports that will be included within the paper.

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Weightage Of The Course:

The weightage of the course in the semester is 40% with 100 marks. Students will develop the knowledge and skills of imposing change management and practice effective leadership styles in managing it. The development of monitoring, enhancing and accelerating the facts of multiple information and ability to develops strategies would improve the overall learning outcomes among the students.

Execution and control of project is the key attribute of any leader and manager and hence, the course will give the glimpse of the adequate actions needed for developing such strength and evaluating the optimal system changes within the programs. The demand and need of the project would help in accomplishing the shared goals within the organisation and aims towards gaining the vision of the setting.

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