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1207045 Master of Professional Accounting the course will enrich students with various types of knowledge needed to become professional accountants in Australia and other parts of the World. The paper discusses various types of study needed to become a professional accountant these include discussion about business accounting, accounting information systems, financial reporting, management accounting, Business analytics, auditing, etc. Some of the studies needed to become a professional accountant are discussed below.

Every Business organization needs financial accounting since it allows them to keep track of their financial transactions. As a result, they will be able to make informed judgments about how to deploy their resources. Thus, Financial accounting can be defined as a process that involves preparing financial statements that businesses use to show their financial performance and position to outside parties such as investors, creditors, suppliers, and customers.

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Understanding the concept of auditing is also very crucial because it guarantees that an organization's financial records are accurate and compliant with all applicable rules, regulations, and laws. It is a method used by auditors to examine the accuracy of an organization's financial records. Investing in an auditing service is always beneficial to the entity from its bottom line. The experience of the auditor is also crucial since, with his or her unique auditing services, he or she may assist you in swiftly identifying important account concerns, which immediately provide assistance in identifying the weak point.

Unit details of 1207045 Master of Professional Accounting

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code - 1207045

Location - Southern Cross University, Australia

Study level - Masters in Professional Accounting

The system of double-entry bookkeeping constitutes the foundation of financial accounting (or "double-entry accounting"). With the help of 1207045 task answers, it becomes possible to track every financial transaction done by the entity. Generally, in financial accounting, every transaction in a business affects at least two accounts. Thus, under double-entry accounting, both effects are recorded.  The transaction is recorded as a debit in one account, while it is recorded as a credit in another.

In financial accounting, transactions are recorded on an accrual basis. Under this system Revenues of the entity get reported when they are earned, not when the entity received money for the transaction that occurred in past. Expenses are also recorded at a time when they are incurred rather than when they are actually paid in cash.

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Brief on 1207045 Master of Professional Accounting

While study about financial reporting, it is also essential to understand various types of accounting theory used by the entity it can be defined as a concept that employs assumptions, techniques, and frameworks as well as how financial reporting principles are applied in the accounting industry. Accounting theories, in general, serve as a foundation for understanding financial reporting and how businesses channel their financial accounts through proper tactics.

An in-depth examination of accounting theory comprises of examination of current accounting procedures, their development, and the changes or additions made to them over time. These accounting principles provide a framework to the entity for producing accurate financial accounts and reports.

It should also be noted that Continuous and periodic disclosure standards are applicable to the organization listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The ASX's Listing Rules contain information on these requirements. Financial reports must be prepared and lodged with ASIC by organizations functioning in Australia, usually at the end of the financial year.

Understanding the role of management accounting is also essential to be understood by the professional accountant after considering what businesses are and how they are organized and managed. Recognizing the general role of accounting, which is to assist people in making educated business decisions, is a good place to start our conversation.

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Accounting, in all of its forms, including management accounting, is concerned with gathering and analyzing financial data before transmitting it to the outside user who takes decisions based on such results. The information gathered covers all aspects of accounting that are crucial for the management of business operations when it comes to the costs of goods or services purchased by the organization. In management accounting Budgets are often prepared by the management accountants to quantify an organization's operational plan. Managers also prepare Performance reports that can be used to track the differences between actual and budgeted results.

These days business data analytics are also playing an important role for the organization to make future decisions. The mix of skills, technologies, and procedures used to study an organization's data and performance in order to obtain insights and make data-driven decisions in the future using statistical analysis is generally called business analytics (BA). The main purpose of 1207045 assessment answers is to determine which datasets are beneficial for the entity and which can help in boosting the revenue, productivity, and efficiency of the organization.

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Weightage of this 1207045 Course Code in their Semester

1207045 Master of Professional Accounting is a full-time degree program with 16 credit points for the semester.

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