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1207269 Master of Social Work course covers core content in cross-cultural practice, child protection, mental health work, and working with people from indigenous communities. Southern Cross University in Australia has designed this course to cover essential methods and theories of social work practice, including the effective practice of working with communities, individuals, and groups.

Students become familiar with the basics of using social policy and the law to promote the rights of community members and clients. In this program, students will examine social policy and law, child protection, health issues affecting indigenous communities, and leadership in social work organizations. Students will be trained under the supervision of an experienced social worker.

As a graduate, students should be prepared for a career as professional social workers in Australia and may qualify to work abroad. 1207269 assessment answers explain cultural, social, philosophical, legal, ethical, economic issues, and public policy related to social work; the interaction of development with community, social, wellbeing, and safety issues, and many of the social development projects are created by social workers. Students will be expected to spend extra study hours in their own time to complete assignments, projects, lessons, as well as contribute to the online discussion forum.

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Unit Details Of 1207269 Master Of Social Work

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: 1207269

Location: Southern Cross University, Australia

Study level: Postgraduate or Master's degree.

Social workers can be a lifeline for individuals who have problems related to medical, financial, psychological health, or personal conditions. This course allows students to develop values, skills, and knowledge to become ethical, reflective, and strategic social work practitioners. The unit is specifically designed to allow students to develop their skills and knowledge and apply social work values in the research process to meet organizational goals, client needs, and social policy change. Students will be able to communicate effectively with various stakeholders, such as colleagues, managers, and clients, in a multi-disciplinary team environment.

Students will learn how to design and implement programs that help to ensure the health and safety of people from indigenous communities. Additionally, students will also learn how to plan and implement collaborative behavior development and implement inclusion strategies for the Australian community, as well as support the overall development and well-being of people in society. After graduation in this course, students will qualify as social workers in Australia and be eligible to apply for jobs as social workers abroad. Students will be eligible for employment in various professions in the community and health services sector.

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Brief On 1207269 Master Of Social Work

Students must complete imperative writing assignments for this course, which must be completed, revised, and edited for scoring. Students are permitted some flexibility to change their own tasks for specific assessments. Students will be graded based on the quality of their assignments and the results of final exams. The core approach is problem-based learning which is universally recognized as an efficient way for busy professionals to develop necessary problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The course is taught through seminar groups, lectures, simulations, and personal skills training using relevant interactive e-learning.

In this course, assessment items may include research reports, essays, case analysis, recording interview proficiency, and the competency assessment on their field placement. 1207269 task solutions are specifically intended to evaluate student's knowledge about the lesson and their understanding of the concepts and arguments discussed in class. The assessment should be relevant, philosophically interesting, and insightful. If there is any doubt about the required criteria for a specific assessment task, students should resolve the problem by communicating with their instructors.

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Weightage Of This 1207269 Course Code In Their Semester

To graduate or excel in this course, students must score 50% or more for all module presentations, assignments, and the final exam. Students will be penalized due to delays in the submission of the assessment tasks. To achieve a satisfactory result, students should meet all the criteria of the specific assessment tasks. It is strongly recommended to participate in all seminars and participate in class discussions. The tutorial discussion is especially vital as there is continual group and individual work throughout the unit. If students have completed the Bachelor of Social Welfare or equivalent degree, they may apply to have not more than 25% or four units assessed for advanced positions on a case-by-case basis.

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