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Unit details

The assessment of IMAT5209 HUMAN FACTORS IN SYSTEM DESIGN is completely based on the course of human factors that is being taught to the students of De Montfort University. The IMAT5209 HUMAN FACTORS IN SYSTEM DESIGN course is intended to introduce as well as explore the human factors that are needed to be emphasized on during the design of interactive systems is being done. The topics that would be required to be covered by the learners include the application of human behavior, the abilities as well as other features in designing the systems. The main objective is the ensure that the healthcare systems would suit the distinct requirements of the people. Of specific significance are the methods by which the people are interacting with the tasks, the technologies as well as the equipment for optimizing the overall human as well as the system efficiency, the effectiveness as well as the safety. The overall goal of this particular course is to help the improvement of the overall quality of the life of people who would be affected by this particular assignment.

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Location: - De Montfort University, UK

Study level: - Postgraduate

Unit code: - IMAT5209


This particular assignment has been designed for providing the practical experience of completing the analysis of the usability requirements as well as the priorities, completing the systematic evaluation of usability using the proper standard method as well as generating the presentation reporting of the findings. The students are required to consider the following situation for successfully completing this assignment.

The firm that has to be considered by the students are the consultants of interaction design who are attempting to develop the portfolio of proper impressive work, for enabling it to be pitched for the businesses of future. The task of the students is generating the usability evaluation of any selected interactive system through completing the user testing along with the proper presentation of all the results. The students are provided with a completely free choice of what interactive system they select to evaluate. There are several choices being provided to the students for selecting the interactive system that would be evaluated in this assignment. The possibilities of selecting the interactive system include the software applications like the CASE tools or websites of e-commerce or games, photo editing software, or any electronic devices that are being used in the present times. The students could also select any preferred self-service system like the automatic vending machine of train tickets. The students are also being provided with the opportunity of evaluating two similar or directly competing products, plus assessing the methods where one would be superior to others. The usability evaluation that should be completed by the students would include:

Recognizing the overall use cases or even the aspects of the functioning of the system for being considered, as well as briefly describing the functioning in the report. The students are not required to complete a set of use cases rather focussing on one section of the entire system would be appropriate for the assessment. After selecting the use cases, the students are needed to define the procedure of evaluation. This stage would involve the proper stating of one or various tasks of the users for being tested with the exact description of scenario plus the overall goal of users that are being tried to be achieved and what evaluator would do for collecting the results plus producing the evaluation. It would need a proper description of the procedure is being followed with each of the test subjects from the start to finish. After completing this stage, the students would be needed to complete the evaluation. This stage would include completing the defined procedure plus documenting what would be done by the users plus what the problems arising. It would involve the proper brief description of the test subjects involving what is the relevant experience that they have. The students are required to scan the raw observation notes and it should properly be presented in the appendix. The system should be tested with various subjects. After completing this stage, the students would be required to derive the findings regarding the overall usability of the interactive systems from the results of the usability evaluation. It must involve the consideration of the rigidness of the system plus the general nature of the considerations.

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The overall complete report should include the sections listed as:

  • Part one: Interactive system plus the users
  • Part two: Use cases
  • Part three: Evaluation methodology
  • Part four: Completing the evaluation
  • Part five: Findings of the evaluation

The students should first consider creating the overall structure of the report and then start completing the assignment based on the structure provided. Each of the stages would be provided as mentioned in the assignment brief.


The assignment is being provided to the students as the single assignment that should be completed by each and every student for ensuring that the marks would be provided to the students on the basis of the appropriateness of the answers. The students would be awarded marks on the paper that would be submitted in the University. It should be ensured by the students that proper content is being provided for the assignment and accurate details of the course are provided. The weight of this particular course has been allocated to be 50% of the entire module. The students should at least attempt all the questions that are being provided in the assignment brief to ensure that the maximum marks would be awarded.

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The report is required to be properly submitted electronically as the Word document through the Turn tin link for Assignment two under the assessment on the Blackboard, and it should be properly submitted through hardcopy form. Where the coursework should be submitted later than any of the agreed deadlines without providing a proper application for the extension or even the deferral that is being approved by a suitable member of the staff, then it would not be checked by the lecturer.

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