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BUSI600 Business Research Methods course emphasizes business research as a systematic search to provide information to resolve managerial problems. Liberty University in the United States has designed this course to allow these aspects for future business executives in a business environment. The course includes a comprehensive paper that will assess students' writing and research competency while understanding the course objectives.

BUSI600 assessment answers for this course are designed to build and expand knowledge and skills within certain parameters and match the specified performance criteria and learning outcomes. The course provides a strong theoretical knowledge base, as well as provides different specialized managerial and technical skills to perform, initiate, assess, and plan their tasks to reach business research goals. Upon the completion of the course, students will be able to apply contemporary business research techniques and approaches in the professional field.

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This course aims to provide more advanced techniques and principles in business research that can be used in a variety of industries. It is suitable for people who want to apply their business research expertise and knowledge in a real business setting or take a leadership role in business research.

Unit details of BUSI600 Business Research Methods

Unit details of this course include the following:

Location: Liberty University, United States

Study level: Undergraduate

Unit code: BUSI600

The unit is intended to support students entering the professional world while gaining insights into the theories, concepts, and principles of business research methods. This course provides the knowledge needed to make accurate business decisions. This course focuses on teaching students to be effective business research clients. The course provides an overview of the primary aspects of modern business research within the organization.

Throughout the course, students will recognize major aspects of an effective business research approach by exploring how business research is conducted through implementing tools and strategies related to business research planning, execution, estimation, and scheduling. It also provides an introduction and overview of the practice areas identified as complex business research methods. Students will be able to integrate the use of business information with competition to conduct ethically sound research.

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BUSI600 answers illustrate how business research questions can be solved through investigation and collecting secondary data. Students will differentiate business research design, including observation, qualitative, survey, and experiments. Students are expected to review the source and collection of business information, including measurement scales, scopes, samples, questionnaires, and materials. Furthermore, the course outlines business data analysis and presentation techniques, including data preparation and description, data testing, and hypothesis testing.

Brief on BUSI600 Business Research Methods

Students will be assessed through various metrics and measurements. The quality of learning outcomes and requirements should be met so that students can qualify satisfactorily. After reading the course syllabus and assessment requirements, students will complete a relevant checklist found in the course overview.

Read and interact assignments

Students will require to read and interact with textbooks on third-party platforms like Smartbook. Before completing the task, students must complete each lesson and item in the textbook to earn points related to the allocated lesson.


In each module, the student will complete a 60-minute session, 25 multiple-choice questions to demonstrate proficiency in a specific lesson. Students will complete quizzes on third-party platforms, such as Connect Plus. Each quiz will be open-book or open-notes. In addition, the grade will be transferred to the canvas.


The discussion is based on the questions of the case study that have been scheduled. Students will submit an 800-1000-word introductory thread, which will review at least five articles (at least one in each question), one biblical application or integration, and course-related knowledge. In the paper, students must follow the current APA style for citation and references. Additionally, the student will respond to at least two classmates with 450-600 words with one biblical application/integration, minimum of two peer-reviewed articles with basic understandings and study.

Case Study Assignments

The student will write a case study assignment based on the specified case study. Each case study assignment must be at least 900 words long and follow the current APA style. The student should answer questions identified in the case study work. Students should include four peer-reviewed research articles to submit each case study.

Research Proposal: Topic Assignment

The main course writing task is the research proposal. To complete this assignment, students will require to understand the topic, make a statement of the problem, review peer-reviewed articles to support the topic, as well as prepare an annotated bibliography. Students should also follow the current APA style for this paper.

Research Proposal: Final Assignment

Students will write a research proposal about their values/interests. This assignment is a comprehensive proposal to include the classification of research questions, the review of scholarly literature, research design, data collection, analysis and interpretation, and research report. The student should follow the current APA style for this paper, have content of at least 3,000 words, and use at least ten peer-reviewed articles.

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Weightage of this BUSI600 Course Code in Their Semester

BUSI600 Business Research Method is a full-time degree course where students must maintain regular attendance in class. In this course, Read & Interact Textbook Assignments (16 @ 5 points each) contain 80 points, 200 points for Quizzes (8 @ 25 points each), 200 points for discussions (4 at 50 points each), 20 points for Research Proposal: Topic Assignment, 200 points for Research Proposal: Final Assignment, and 300 points for Case Study Assignments (3 at 100 points each). Students must achieve a minimum of 50% of the total points to graduate or excel in this course.

Afterward, they will be allowed to participate in subsequent assessment activities to score or achieve the required points. The late assignment submission within one week after the deadline will get up to a 10% deduction. For the scheduled exams/tests/quizzes, students must complete the test/exam/quiz within the allotted time. If students exceed this deadline, the penalty of one point will be deducted per minute or, in part, for exceeding the allotted time.

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