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PBHE427 Epidemiology course introduces the epidemiologic approaches and concepts to population problems in public health. This course includes a variety of topics, including test properties, outbreak investigations, and study design. The course will also give an understanding of diseases and disease transmission, proportions and rates related to various types of outbreaks, and methods and measures for epidemiological risk management. Also, students who have not met all of the general education requirements through the course or given transfer credit must consider fulfilling these requirements before enrolling in the course.

The duration of the course is eight weeks and is divided into eight separate modules. In this course, the assignments will contain reading the interesting articles, course text, and specific materials to illustrate the course text. This course is delivered through distance learning to allow students to complete academic work in a flexible way, that is completely online. Online assignments are described in the weekly course outline and may include written assignments, forum questions, and exams. The faculty engaged in this eight-week course will assist the students.

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Unit details of PBHE427 Epidemiology

Unit details of this course include the following:

Location: American Public University, United States

Study level: Undergraduate

Unit code: PBHE427

Students will learn how to create scientific research designs, what kinds of designs are applied to identify different disease problems, and some practical information on how to receive funding for the study and get it published. Furthermore, students will learn different formulas used in the expression of the terms required in mortality and morbidity. The key will develop to use formulas to make the necessary measurements in epidemiology, but without very simple algebra, the students will not be burdened with the learning of mathematics. Additionally, these numbers are commonly used to discuss and illustrate statistical probabilities.

Students will learn why and how early intervention is important in disease control, and how screening becomes more essential in the early identification and treatment of the disease. Finally, this course explores the relationship between the public health system and epidemiology with some focus on engaged politics. PBHE427 solutions course covers several topics, including measuring health and disease, Epidemics, Epidemiology Study Designs, the Use of Epidemiologic Studies, Society and Epidemiology, Screening for Disease, Application of Descriptive Epidemiology, and Community Public Health.

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The unit is intended to enable students to gain major insights into the public health industry by understanding the role of epidemiology in disease surveillance response, screening, and prevention. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to examine epidemiology and its current application. PBHE427 assessment answers enable students to compare and contrast mortality and morbidity and their measurement process. This course provides a comparison between analytic and descriptive epidemiology. This course illustrates the interpretation and measurement of an intervention.

Brief on PBHE427 Epidemiology

Assessment work will be planned to strengthen and expand knowledge and skills within the specific parameters that match the requirements of the performance criteria and learning outcome of the unit.  Each written assignment must be submitted in APA format style unless specified in the assignment instructions. Students must submit input before the weekend to communicate in the forum and participate in the discussion. Students should show their knowledge in forums and avoid pasting and copying from websites. Students must properly analyze theories, materials, or concepts using supporting examples or evidence.

Students should collaborate with classmates, discuss the concept of the course, add some innovative ideas, and give additional insights that are fairly relevant to the main concept. Peer response should include at least two of the following elements: posting a question, offering advice, acknowledging the same experience, and providing an alternative perspective.

Movie Project:

Students should watch one movie and write a paper discussing the disease in the movie. The paper should be at least two pages without reference.

Research Papers:

For this course, students must complete the final paper of 7-10 pages. For the final paper, students should choose a chronic or infectious disease and give a brief history and summary of the topic, as well as how it now affects public health. As topics can be different, the format will be the same. Abstract (not more than 150 words) will be required for all papers, and citation/reference will be required in the appropriate APA format. The selected topic should be approved by the instructor (via messaging) by the end of Week 4.


There are six quizzes for this course. Every quiz includes ten multiple-choice questions about the text material and supplemental readings. The quiz is untrimmed but scheduled for Sunday of the week they are allocated. Students will find quizzes in the quizzes and tests section in the classroom. Students can only submit one (1) then only submit once students have completed the quiz.

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Weightage of this PBHE427 Course Code in Their Semester

PBHE427 Epidemiology is a full-time degree course where students must maintain regular class attendance. In the course, the weightage of forums is 25%, assignments hold 45%, and quizzes are 30%. To pass the course, students must receive at least 50% of the total grade. A "pass" grade is awarded only when a student has completed all the assessment activities on time.

Students will receive two attempts for the assessment work to accomplish a satisfactory mark after the educator will provide detailed feedback. However, assignments submitted late without prior announcement will receive a daily 5% late penalty and will not be accepted for grading five days after the due date.

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