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ITC542 Internet Working with TCP/IP course is a course on Internetworking with TCP/IP which is provided at the Charles Stuart University, Australia. The course is available in the CSU study center at Melbourne and the CSU study center in Sydney. The course is provided in two sessions on campus at other campuses too including the CSU study center at Brisbane and Port Macquarie Campus. The course is provided online at the Albury Wodonga campus. The course is available at the School of Computing and Mathematics and the duration of the course is one session.

ITC542 assessment answers are inclusive of the TCP/IP protocol suite and the way it is used on the internet. The course begins with a short history of the internet and then goes on to details about the organizations that are involved in developing the internet standards. The course will also include a review of the various underlying communications technologies which are required for the internet. The detailed examination of the IP routing, IP addressing and the internet layers and protocols are thus facilitated. The internet applications, application of IPv6, and the future of the TCP/IP are to be discussed in the course structure too.

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ITC542 task answers include the factors that this course is applicable for the postgraduate students only and not applicable for students who have completed the course units ITC5511, ITC512, ITC342, ITC591, or ITC592. The students opting for this course are expected to possess knowledge about the networking concepts at the level of ITC560 or ITC431. The course contains subject relationships with ITC5111 and ITC512. The incompatible subjects with this course include the course units of ITC342, ITC512, ITC511, ITC592, and ITC591.

The course includes subjects focused on the history of the internet and the standard organizations. The course will include details on the RCP/IP and ISO OSI networking architecture. The course includes the underlying technologies and IP address details. The routing protocols and internetworking protocols are to be included in this course. The application layer protocols, future of the internet and the address and name management are to be included in this course unit. The students will be able to learn the following upon successful completion of this course.

The students will be able to explain the TCP/IP architecture and the layers and thus compare them with the OSI layers. The students will be able to discuss the evolution and the ongoing change of the internet. The students will be able to evaluate and ascertain the application as well as protocols of transferring data from across the internet. The course unit will enable the students to analyze the requirements of the IP addressing and thus design an addressing scheme. The students will be able to demonstrate the ways internetworking devices obtain the networking configuration. The students will gain knowledge about how data flows throughout the internet. The analysis of the requirements of the IP routing and thus be able to choose the appropriate routing methods.

Unit Details of ITC542 Internet Working with TCP/IP

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code:- ITC542

Location:- Australia

Study level:- Postgraduate

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Brief on ITC542 Internet Working with TCP/IP

The grading system for this course includes HD/FL grading and the university provides the grading as a high distinction for scores obtained in the range of 85-100% and fail for 0-49% scores. The students enrolled in the course will have to complete the various assignments provided by the professors and there are only two attempts for the student to clear this course.

The course begins in the month of July generally and the initial assessments are to be based on the introduction to TCP/IP module and there is an online module which students have to clear. The second class will consist of the IP addressing module and the online module 2 will be based on the mentioned course module. The third-course module will be focused on the IP Packet Structure and the Network Layer Protocols and by this week one, assessment 1 is due. The second week will include the students going through the course module of routing protocols and the Internet Control Message Protocol, after which the second assessment is due. The mid-session break begins and after classes commence students are expected to submit their third assessment. The next week hence includes the course modules on Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and the Name Resolution on IP networks.

After completion of the Transport Layer Protocols, the fourth assessment will be due. The modules on Transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6 and the TCP/IP security will require to be completed. Finally the revision and examination period will end the course on Internetworking with TCP/IP. The assessment consists of the quiz initially and includes the first three chapters of the textbook which includes the layers, compare and explain the TCP/IP architecture, and the ability to explain the way data flows through the internet.

The students will be able to demonstrate the numeracy and literacy skills necessary for understanding and interpreting information as well as community effectively according to the various contexts. The assignment will be based on the entire subject and the assignments are designed to gauge the understanding of the key topics which are covered in the course modules. The graduate students will also be able to demonstrate the skills which are required to access, locate and critically evaluate the existing data and information.

The assessments are to be submitted mostly online and the length of the assessment depends on the course modules included in the assessment. Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to reflect their personal capabilities and the developed habits of self-directed learning which is expected to extend beyond the student's life. The course thus addresses the required knowledge regarding the TCP/IP protocol suite and the way it is used on the internet.

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Weightage of this ITC542 Course Code in their Semester

This course code has a weightage of 20% in the semester.

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