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In the 102048 Contemporary Childhoods course, the students are being provided with the scope of understanding what it means to be a child in the era of post-modernism. While reflecting on that subject, the course entails the influence of theoretical approaches and thereupon gain an overview of how its varying notions bear a considerate influence on the ways of understanding the lives of the children. Based on that premise, the framework of the course incorporates inquiries on the basis of how aspects such as gender, ethnicity, sexuality, language, class as well as religion are being constituted through the identity of a child while it takes in the perspective of that demography in order to understand how the associated values bear an influence on their very mindset.

As such, following the completion of the course, students would have been provided an understanding while relating those notions and being explored with the subjectivity of a child. In the given framework of the course, the subjectivity of a child is being indicated as the difference between conscious and unconscious thoughts while it is associated with the emotion of a child along with their sense, their physical being as well as their way of perceiving and interpreting relationship in the overall world. Hence, the embedded aspects, as well as notions being led to explore in the context of this course, will take into consideration the subjectivity of a child.

On that basis, students will be able to explore the fundamental conceptions of the world upon being related with the way of understanding a child in the modern era. As much as the course intends to build on such conceptual knowledge of subjectivity, it will also provide the desired scope for its students to be able to explore the four key identities related to the environment of a child. The four key identities of child environment being the social child, the physical child, the learning child and the natural child will thus be explored in the framework of the course based on which the students will be led to analyze a considerable number of scholarly as well as non-scholarly texts. The sources to be analyzed will seem to be revolved around the subject of childhood, children’s behavior, and bodies that will enable the students to the individual identity as well as the emerging identity of a child.

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Unit details of 102048 Contemporary Childhoods

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code:- 102048

Location:- Western Sydney University, Sydney

Study Level:- Undergraduate Course or Bachelor’s Degree

With the course being included under the module of early childhood education, the considerate unit will seem to focus on the ability of students to be able to analyze texts relevant to the subject of childhood, childhood bodies, and behavior and thereupon evaluate their capability of reflecting on the evolving identity and individuality of a child. Based on that aspect, the course entails an exploratory format wherein students are graded on their ability to critically evaluate theories relevant to the subject of childhood.

102048 assessment answers will thus be exploring a wide range of approaches as well as research that revolves around the lives of children in the historical and modern societies while looking upon local along with global settings. In that regard, students will be led to investigate the multiplicity as well as the social meaning of childhood that associates with regulating childhood as well as their bodies alongside including the role of schools as well as another form of social institutions. Furthermore, the unit seeks to explore the social as well as the cultural world of the child while emphasizing in particular the agency, right as well as exclusion.

Beyond the engraved scope, the unit will offer scope for its students to be able to explore the methodological as well as ethical issues related to the practice of researching while letting its students frame the work of professionals while it is based on that of children. It is hence a considerate expectation that students are being offered the required scope for studying as it tends to be the basis on which they will be awarded credit scores. The time being led to spend in the course of the unit will compose of attending lectures, tutorials as well as discussion wherein each learning activity are being scheduled and segregated that overall contributes to the total credit score of the course.

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Brief on 102048 Contemporary Childhoods

The course of the unit aims to explore the significance as well as historical and cultural theories that have been employed over the course of the time for providing an understanding of children, childhood as well as growing up in a post-modernism or a contemporary society. While providing the very opportunity to explore all the relevant concepts through sessions of lecture, discussion as well as research, the unit is one among several that sees to provide the opportunity for its students to prepare for future employment.

In addition, the considerate emphasis is on the capability of the students for them to be able to develop skills in regards to practicing within the domain of early childhood. 102048 task answers while being offered online assess the student’s command over multiple sets of skills as well as literacies for them to be enabled in adapting to lifelong learning. It is further assessed that students are being able to attend all the scheduled activities that can help support their learning.

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Weightage of 102048 Contemporary Childhoods

In the course of the unit, it is expected that students maintain their attendance as it contributes to the overall credit score of the course. One hour of attendance on any activity contributes to one point in the credit score out of which the minimum credit score for gaining eligibility in certification is that of half which is 5.

 It is mandatory to be present in sessions of discussion as much as in lectures while see to contribute to the subjects being contemplated in the relevant hours for which scores will be awarded further for performance.

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