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PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy course is carried out at George Mason University which is located in Virginia. This course is mainly aimed at providing the students with a basic level of understanding with respect to the subject of Philosophy. The course also helps the students in understanding the reasoning process in this subject which is neither entirely based on logic nor is it devoid of any logic. The student will also introduce the students to the different issues that prop up while dealing with this subject.

Philosophy as a subject tries to answer questions that often do not have a definite answer which is why there are a number of issues that are faced by the philosophers in different spheres. PHIL100 assessment answers are not an individual course but are rather blended into a unit and this unit divides the entire subject into a number of categories. The unit goes in to talk in detail about the important terminologies and the subject in general and this course forms the basis for further studying on this subject. The course is broadly divided into three segments which are done mainly to make understanding absolutely clear on the part of the students.

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The purpose of this course is to ensure that the students are able to identify various issues which seem to be recurrent with respect to philosophy and in addition it also guides the students in creating awareness about different problems with respect to philosophy as a subject as well as a concept. It also encourages the students to form a general understanding of the reasoning that goes behind every answer that is presented by the philosophers. The students learn different ways of reasoning which at times is a blend of ethical as well as rational. There is generally nothing correct or incorrect but it is all about the perspective that is taken by the individual and the ability to understand the same needs proper understanding of Philosophy and this course mainly lays down the things that the students will learn in the entire unit.

Without dwelling on details, PHIL100 answers mainly focus on putting forward the concepts that the students will learn about Philosophy. The students will never be left alone instead there would always be a teacher guiding the students and clearing out the base knowledge of the students in terms of concepts, models, terminologies, and even the different frameworks which are put to use in the subjects. The students will also learn about a number of philosophers who have changed the world of philosophy with their concepts and ideas as well. This course will be taught with the help of lectures and even an open discussion about various topics related to the subject of Philosophy in general.

Unit Details of PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: - PHIL100

Location: - George Mason University, Virginia.

Study level: - Undergraduate level course.

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Brief on PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy

The assessment is going to have two sub-parts and these parts will evaluate the students differently. The purpose of both these assessments is to ensure that the students have a clear understanding of what they are going to learn in the course and how is Philosophy as a subject extremely important for the students to learn. The first part of the assessment will expect the students to demonstrate an understanding of what Philosophy is about and why does it hold importance in the broader spectrum.

The students will be asked different questions and all they have to do is answer those questions based on their understanding of various concepts and the discussion that they have been a part of during the lecture sessions. The students will have to show their ability to retain the knowledge which is gathered by them and in addition, they will also have to show their ability to observe a number of factors.

The second part of the course would typically include questions and problems that need to be answered by the students. This is an individual assessment and the students will have to make use of their practical knowledge and their theoretical knowledge to answer the questions. They will also have to provide a proper justification for every step that is taken by them in drawing a number of conclusions. In other words, they will have to reflect on the theories and frameworks that are being applied by them either in solving the question or analyzing the question.

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Weightage of this PHIL100 Course Code in Their Semester

This course does hold importance and this is because it introduces the students to Philosophy as a subject. An effective introduction is absolutely necessary for the students to be able to connect different units, theories, concepts, and frameworks with one another. The inability to introduce the course properly can lead to the students not understanding the main idea behind this subject and since this subject is about the interaction between different concepts and theories it is important for the students to know what they are going to learn within this course even before they finally begin the course in details.

However, while this course is of absolute importance to this semester, it is also largely dependent on this semester and the reason for the same is that this course only lays the foundation for further reading and this is why it cannot stand alone as an individual subject. Thus, the credit score or the weightage of the course is not very much when seen only through the point of view of the digits but it still holds a great amount of importance in the entire semester. This course is thus important but it does not hold much weight in the semester.

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