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Explain 11170 Crisis Communication Assessment Answers

The 11170 crisis communication can be mainly defined as the collection, processing along with dissemination of the information required for addressing the crisis communication. It is considered to be the dialog between organizations along with the public prior to during as well as after negative occurrence. This will be beneficial in understanding the overall growth of the overall scope in an efficient manner.

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It will be quite effective in understanding the 11170 assignment answers course of crisis communication and as a result, there will be proper analysis like mitigation, preparedness, response along with recovery. These are the different elements which will be beneficial for the progress of the business in an effective manner. Effective communication plays the integral role in managing the business in an effective manner. The communication in the crisis plan plays the integral role in any business as this will be giving the people the proper courage to understand the scope of the business and the different elements which are involved in the same.

Unit Details

Location: Sydney

Study Level: Post Graduate and Graduate

Code: 11170

Brief of the 11170 Crisis Communication Assessment

To drive leadership in a data driven organization it is of utmost importance that proper channel of communication should be there and that should be percolated properly to the effective stakeholders. Communication being an effective tool in all work related matters should be treated at an utmost urgency. Communication will effectively impact the strategy that is undertaken by the company and at the same time details the future course of action. Talking only about ethical practices is not enough but at the same time undertaking and relating to real life scenarios is of utmost importance and in recent times the impact of communication cannot be under estimated at any cost. 

Building strategies that are inclusive in nature and accountable in nature builds public trust and entrust ethical practices in the organization. Without communication inclusivity sustainability and ethical approach cannot be maintained and at the same time that cannot be implemented. In this fourth course of the CEET the student will be able to develop inclusive strategies of communication that will impact the different stakeholders. Now the question comes what are the different stakeholders of the organization? They include but not limited to employees, shareholders, creditors, debtors and other related parties.

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Apart from these the need for the communication in case of the crisis. Ethical crisis can result out of any pandemic corporate governance issue or change of any key managerial personnel. It comes under systematic risk because it arises of the system and cannot be hedged through any instruments. This course is the fourth of the five certification courses that will arise out of the total syllabus.

Lets work on an imaginary situation where one fine morning the MD of the company hears that there has been a Level 2 fire in the office premises. But luckily the Estate division of the company had organized a fire drill and all the employees starting from the janitor of the building to the MD himself has been aware of the procedures at to what has to be done when the need arises. All the staffs were aware of the emergency contact numbers whom to contact and what to say.

And that is the beauty of the risk preparedness. As a key member of the risk division team the person himself is aware of the procedures to enact when such crisis happens. Starting from communicating to the concerned team to updating in the social media, that is the official homepage of the company, like Twitter, Linkedin or facebook. Extensive use of the media is a key role to be made in the entire process to aware the internal stakeholders as well as the external stakeholders.

Through the 11170 assessment answers course, the students will be able to learn the crisis plan effectively which will be beneficial in understanding the different categories and allow the students to gain the proper understanding of the same. The crises can be majorly be divided in the exact four phases which includes the potential crisis based phase, latent crisis based phase, acute crisis based phase along with post crisis based phase. These will be beneficial in understanding the growth of the business and maintain the strong business growth in the later stages. The crisis plan becomes quite mandatory in nature as this will be allowing the people to know regarding the stages and as a result, this will be beneficial in understanding the progress in the long run.

The key towards the successful crisis communication includes the crises happen to everyone and they can be happening at any time. This will be beneficial in understanding the overall progress of the company in an efficient way and as a result, the good crisis communications are being built which will be giving the students the view to process effectively. The crisis is not the time for exonerate or behave like the ostrich and hide.

The proper efficiency is the key and integral element which will be suitable for the people to gain knowledge which is needed for progressing in their career. This will be beneficial in understanding the topic in a detailed way and as a result, the students will know regarding the whereabouts regarding the crisis plan. As a result, it will be making the students understand that crisis plan is mandatory in all fields and as a result, this will be giving them the scope to deliver the best in the fields of work.

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Weightage of the 11170 Crisis Communication

The 11170 task solution course mainly comprises of 100% marks wherein the students should be able to score 55% and above for going to the next semester. This will be beneficial for the students to learn regarding the different elements in the subject and they will be scoring the best in the market as well. In this manner, the students will be scoring the best as per their expectations and gain the proper understanding on the element which will be suitable for them to score the best.

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