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Explain 11192 Sustaining The Employment Relationship Assessment Answers

11192 assessment answers unit is going to help the students get a proper introduction to the best practice research on employment relationship. 11192 assignment answers unit will focus on small number of key temporary problems which will relate to challenges of creating as well as sustaining a positive employment relationship and a healthy or environment. 11192 assessment answers unit will also examine the theories as well as the practises of how the performance of an organisation can be influenced by the relationship with stakeholders, unions and workforce.

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This unit will also examine the complex terminologies and the main elements of legislative framework for the employment as well as the institutional arrangements of management. It will see the legal procedures of challenges of sustaining a healthy and safe working environment. After the successful completion of 11192 assignment answers unit the students will be capable of explaining the theories as well as the concepts of sustaining employment relationship. The students will be able to apply proper dimensions of competency and behaviour of a professional HR.

It will help them understand how to enable organisations to sustain a positive relationship with the workforce and other relevant stakeholders. Also, they will learn how to create a learning portfolio and reflect on the development of the students professional life. They will be able to explain different characteristics of proper practises for sustaining a positive workforce relationship and identification of how this would relate to the well-being of the employee and effective individual and organisational performance. The students will also be able to discuss elements of ethical and legal principles by using basic  metrics in proper evidence-based decision-making which will be associated with sustaining a positive employment relationship.

We will explain the different factors of driving organisational change and changes in the future of work and workforce.  The students will also have to explain industry research in the sustaining of a positive employment relationship with workforce Ina selected organisational context that would increase the well-being of the employee and the performance of the job. Demonstration of writing the results of research and analysis of organisational HR M also we achieved by the students. It will also learn how to sustain the employment relationships and increase the positive reinforcement for the employees in order for them to increase the job sustenance, which will help in the retention of the employees. They will also be able to communicate effectively and use creativity along with critical thinking and analysis to understand the different organisational factors, which are required to improve the relationship of employees and the organisation. The students will also learn the proper institutional arrangements and legislative along with management challenges of sustaining a safe and healthy working environment to retain more employees.

Finally they will also learn to reflect on their own practice and adapt to the knowledge as well as the skills of professional and economic development. The 11192 assessment answers unit is customised into two semesters which are going to deal with define aspects of employment relations and sustaining employment relationship.The schools will also learn about the dynamic context in business and demonstrate a high level of personal autonomy and accountability. They will also learn about assessing the elements of ethical and legal principles to understand evidence-based decision making process and understand how positive impact on relationships can be kept with the workforce.

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11192 assessment answers course is going to help the students have a professional understanding of the different dimensions of a workplace and an organisation and how the policies of the organisation in the workplace affect the positive outcomes of the employees and gives them proper job satisfaction. This will in turn make them understand how the companies can retain employees and increase the organisations workforce. Employment relationship with organisation is extremely important for the organisation to be successful and the main aim of this event is to make the students understand how to retain a successful relationship between organisation and employee.    

Unit Details

Unit code- 11192 sustaining the employment relationship

Study levelGraduate level

Name of universityUniversity of Canberra

Brief of Assessment The 11192 Sustaining The Employment Relationship

The assessment is going to see whether the students can understand, the project based in problem based aspects of risk management in an organisation. The research component and assessments will also require the students to examine and use proper scholarly material for the understanding of risk management and organisational goals. Also, require them to give a project report, which will need to address the definition of employment retention and risk management along with identification of legal significance of the occupational health and safety.

The students will also need to identify and explain the main types of risk prevalent in the organisations and discuss the psychosocial aspects. They will have to understand the main concepts of sustaining employment relationships and describe the research literatures, which are suggested and explain the relationship between employee attitudes and organisational performance. The students will be able to take a reassessment if they want but only if their teacher allows them to do so. They will also have to show proper logical and practical use of define models and frameworks to describe the types of organisations and understand the hybrid approaches to employ the presentation.

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Weightage Of 11192 Sustaining The Employment Relationship Course Code

The weightage of 11192 task solution examinations is going to be 50% and the student has to secure at least 50% or more than 50% of the marks in order to secure a passing grade in this course. The students will also have the responsibility of enhancing understanding of academy integrity and also to complete each assessment task in order to obtain marks of 50% or more to pass this unit. The students will also have to complete the group projects along with individual projects in order to secure the passing marks and we visible to sit in the examination. In order for them to give a reassessment, they will have to consult the teacher and if you feel in one of the papers in the unit. The students will also have to attend each class and submit all the projects in order to be qualified for the examination.

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