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11172 Assessment Answers Landscape architecture in the face of existential imperatives caused by climate change is dedicatedly and holistically explored as a subject over here. A wide variety of topics has been covered here which includes but is not limited to climate science and the history of the current state of earth systems, policies related to the global climate changes at the grassroots level and present and past climate institutions; the good part is that this is not only restricted to local level but also to the national and international levels.

Unit Details

Subject Code: 11172

Location: Sydney

Study Level: Graduate and Post Graduate

Brief of the 11172 Landscape History and Theory 1 Assessment

Environment humanities and climate imaginaries in art, climate future scenarios and the issue of intergenerational justice. All these above-mentioned extra-disciplinary approaches are paired with constant interrogation of landscape architects' agency – both conceptual and practical in relation to the climate problematic which includes an examination of concrete projects along with policy proposals, specific geographical and geographical and ecological territories of climate precocity, and vulnerability.

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Students should be able to understand the following on successful completion of the following:

Demonstrate the understanding of contexts, issues, and practices in climate changes, key events, and theory to the design of the landscape.

Demonstrate the understanding of how political, social, and cultural implications has changed the understanding of landscape architecture over a period of time

Demonstrate the understanding of the diverse artistic and organizational roles have played in response to the change in the temperature of the climate and the subsequent response to the global warming

Demonstration and understanding of the effect of the climate change on the glaciers of the North Pole South Pole and animals who stay over the extreme poles, like the polar bear penguins and others

Demonstrating the understanding of the importance of the climate history to decisions made in the design of the landscape

Demonstrate the understanding of the biophysical earth and the information that is gathered on way to understand the overall relevance of climate change and history in an accurate way. This will prove to be quite beneficial as this will be able to enhance the progress and as a result, the students will be able to gain knowledge regarding the overall climate change appropriately

The proper demonstration of the understanding of the systems of biophysical earth will be analyzed which will be beneficial in understanding how the ways the climate is mainly framed in the different historic and contemporary discourse in the future

The students will also be able to demonstrate the actual level of understanding of the relevance of climate history to the decisions which are made for designing the landscapes

The understanding of the systems of the biophysical earth as well as how the different information the way climate is being framed in the discourse will be analyzed in a detailed way

Demonstrate the understanding of some of the vocabulary used for describing the climate as well as landscape architecture in a detailed way which will be beneficial in understanding the scenario in a detailed manner.

From the learning objectives, it becomes quite clear that the proper analysis becomes the mandatory element that will be giving the students the scope to deliver the best in the market. Proper efficiency is the mandatory element that will be giving the proper scope of the landscape and the understanding of the overall effectiveness in an easy manner. The subject mainly contributes to the different course intended learning outcomes which include the following elements:

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  • The application of the ethical, informed position towards the social, technical as well as environmental issues and the practices will be analyzed
  • Acknowledgment, respect as well as engagement with the indigenous, cultural as well as historical knowledge systems
  • Communicate the ideas professionally which will be beneficial in managing the overall effectiveness
  • Define as well as apply the appropriate design research methods accurately

The respective subject will be allowing the students to:

Reflect as well as engage in the self-critique and critical thinking

Demonstrate the initiative, collaborative level of ability along with collegiality

Through this, there will be a proper increase in the awareness of the overall significance of the history along with the theory for the understanding of the overall development along with a change in the architecture

It will be helpful for providing the different students with some of the disciplinary knowledge necessary for becoming literate in fields in architecture and the landscape architecture

Develop the overall ability for communicating the ideas in an effective manner and the same must be done in the visual, physical, digital, and the written manner

Foster the attitude to the learning which leads to the enthusiastic lifelong pursuit of the knowledge along with the skills

From the subject, the students will be receiving the accurate scope to develop their utmost understanding of the elements which will be beneficial for the progress of the company. The students mainly prefer to grow strong when they gain the idea of the subject which they are studying. Through this, it will be helping them to go in-depth of the subject and as a result, it will be given the proper understanding of the situation in a detailed way. These are the techniques that will be giving the entire understanding of the subject through the different sessions. These are the different reasons which need to be undertaken for progressing.

Weightage of the 11172 Landscape History and Theory 1 in the Semester

11172 Assignment Answer weightage of the course is 100% wherein the students are supposed to receive the 50% of the marks as this will be allowing the overall subject to be understood. The other aspect in which the students will be able to understand the scope is that when they are trying to score good marks, it will be beneficial in understanding the overall effectiveness of the growth in an effective manner. These are the different elements that will be beneficial in understanding the scope to grow effectively.

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