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1081EHR Assignment Answers introduces students to the world of work by providing them with an overview of labor-management issues. These topics include an introduction to the nature and organization of work in modern society, a detailed description of employment relationships, and a survey of the various interests of employers, employees, trade unions, and other related interest groups. Therefore, labor relations provide an introduction to the management of employment relations and the role of national and other social stakeholders in shaping the dynamics of those relations. This course provides students with an understanding of the social, economic, and legal framework of labor relations by considering both labor relations and human resource management in an integrated manner. Compatible units include 1011IRL, 1081IRL, 1001EHR, and EHR101 (OUA) (Employment Relations).

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1081EHR Task solution will be offered in the third semester: even-numbered days and odd-numbered nights in accelerated mode. The incompatible unit of competency here is EHR101 Labour Relations; hence, individuals taking this course cannot focus on this specific attribute for further proceedings.

After successful completion of this course, individuals taking up this course will be able to:

  • Explains and critiques the concept of employee involvement
  • Evaluates the measurement of employee engagement to identify issues related to both over-engagement and withdrawal
  • Identify issues related to employee engagement during organizational changes

Unit Details

Location: Griffith University

Study level: Post-Graduate

Unit code: 1081EHR

Brief of the 1081EHR Employment Relations Assessment Answers

In this particular unit, employment relations and employee engagement explore an important topical concept in Human Resource Management, namely employee engagement. Engaging for success enables better working styles, personal growth, organizational growth, and ultimately overall growth by leveraging the skills and potential of more people to be freed from work. It is a movement dedicated to the idea that there is a better way to treat employees. Employee involvement can be defined as a set of positive perspectives and actions that enable a high level of job performance that is consistent with the underlying organizational mission. The three aspects of engagement that will be further discussed in this course are:

  • Gaining work-related energy and mental resilience
  • Dedication about being involved in a job and getting assurance about adequate level of strategic furtherance
  • Involvement in tasks that further defines the degree to which employees are entirely focused on their work

Human resource management is premised on the idea that organizational success stems from the ability to extract a greater degree of willing employee commitment to corporate objectives, rather than merely competing on price or product quality. The implication is that what matters is the way in which employees choose to undertake their jobs and, crucially, the extent of `discretionary effort` they are prepared to expend. Against this backdrop, rising levels of employee engagement is the latest in a long line of managerial strategies aimed at releasing employee discretion and aligning employee interests more closely with organizational goals, predicated on the assumption that this will, in turn, boost organizational performance. 

This course investigates various facets of employee engagement from a variety of different perspectives. The discussion begins with a critique of the concept itself and the alleged employee engagement results, including a survey of both engagement and disengagement and a study of the relationship between engagement and emotional work. Next, individuals will look at employee involvement through its historical lens, including the concept of trust, the impact of partnerships and collaboration, employee voice, communication, and involvement. Individuals taking up this course can also look at the effects of organizational changes on employee involvement. Broad areas of management that will be covered in this context will be defined includes:

1) Contextualization of knowledge

2) Praxis and technique

3) Critical thinking

4) Research and communication

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Through this specific unit of competency, individuals taking up this particular unit will be able to ensure the following aspects:

  • To define and position underlying process of employee relations of overall organizational process improvement
  • To emphasize the contexts of performance improvement for improving knowledge on business and operational aspects
  • To create as well as manage the extended level of learning parity for employee relations
  • To select technology as well as process development related knowledge for improving employee relations
  • To learn the core process of employee relations and its impact in a concise manner

Students will acquire the knowledge and skills to become professionals in employment and labor relations and human resource management in order to achieve a successful career in business, labor, or government. They show knowledge of basic concepts in the areas of human resource management, collective bargaining, union and government roles in employment and labor relations. This knowledge will be further evaluated by the Short Answer Scoring Tool.

In addition to this, students plan for professional development and work towards acquiring relevant knowledge and skills. These plans identify realistic goals, the steps you can take to reach them, and how this unit can help you reach your goals. Students will also monitor their progress and report their progress to their academic advisors as part of their research program. Students improve their oral and communication skills as well as can develop clear, professional, and meaningful presentations that address audience-related questions and issues through this course.

Weightage of the 1081EHR employment relations in the semester

The weight or credit for this unit is 20 for the entire semester, and learners taking this project are required to submit three assignments and take two tests. Each of the learning evaluation parameters (tasks and quizzes) is measured in three aspects, including content originality, quality, and critical discussion. For passing the unit, all students must achieve 50% across the unit. In addition, the following aspects need to be further emphasized to ensure the appropriate level of capacity of the unit:

  • All reports should be checked using Turnitin plagiarism checking software, and the plagiarism rate should be less than 20%
  • Points will be deducted if highly plagiarised content is found in a student's work
  • Attempts to violate academic integrity across the unit. B. Imitation, fraud, tampering with citations, no citations in APA style will be severely punished

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