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Anatomy and physiology are the two common names that are often associated with the most basic areas of life sciences. The areas deal with the studies of external and internal structures of the human body and it seeks to study different physical relationships. Anatomy is the in-depth study of the human body with references to the bones and skeletal structures and their interactions with each other. On the other hand, physiology is the study of the entire human body with details of biomechanics, thermodynamics of the human body, and prior detailing of biomedical engineering. The course is all about the study of human anatomy and physiology. Students will find themselves in an advantageous position after going through the course and there will be clarity and detailed knowledge as they pass the course.

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The University of Canberra is the sole authority of the course and the course will be taught in the on-campus mode of education. The lesson plans and course materials are framed in such a way that suits the best interest of the students. There are three major divisions of the human body such as appendicular, axial, and main regions. The lower and upper extremities of human bodies comprise the appendicular system and the thorax, neck, abdomen, and pelvis form the axial system or structure.

The upper extremities are formed by forearms, wrists, upper arms, hands, shoulders, and lower extremities are feet, ankles, lower legs, thighs, hips, and associated areas. There are further four quadrants in the abdomen region. Additionally, the cell theory, how the cells functions, primary and advanced study of human bodies, and the entire biomechanics, respiration, and all other basic human functioning are covered in the course.

Unit details of 10298 Assessment Answers

Location: - Canberra, Australia

Study level: - Undergraduate

Unit code: - 10298 Foundations of Physiology and Anatomy

Brief of 10298 Foundations of Physiology and Anatomy Assessment

The 10298 assessment Answers of the course are based on the ability of students to understand the basics and conceptual clarity of human anatomy and physiology. The assessment is weighted on evaluation of the learning outcome and to the extent to which students have grabbed various concepts associated therewith in detail. The complexity of the human body, detailed knowledge, and demonstration of the vast overlapping knowledge of life science with respect to humans is a major learning outcome. Assessment will also be based on providing homeostatic control and depicting a clear understanding of subjects.

Moreover, integration of anatomical and physiological systems for presenting all necessary details of the human body. Mere identification of various human factors or biological or physiological parameters will not suffice for managing and mitigating aspects related to the course. However, there shall be adequate clarity and detailed study with respect to the functioning of the human body is the only way ahead available for the people. Identification of tissues, organs, involvement of the body systems, and cells are targeted for detailed study objectives or core areas of emphasis without which, studies will be meaningless.

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Since the course is a bachelor or undergraduate course, there shall still be sound details and necessary support from both academic and non-academic aspects of physiological systems. Recognition of connective tissues, bone tissues, muscle tissues, nervous, cardiovascular, urinary, endocrine, reproductive, and integumentary systems are there in the course with prior focus on metabolism and interrelation of these systems with each other. Also, major detailing and in-depth study aspects are provided in the course. In physiological terms, all details of cells, tissues, digestive systems, immunological aspects, anatomical wisdom, and application-based utilization are appropriated in the course. Moreover, some vital aspects will be covered in assessing students and providing marks. The first one of these attributes is professional communication and allegiance to the faculty members. In addition to that, demonstrating professional status and employing state-of-the-art tactics associated with student attitude, the course will expect students to be with good morale and character.

Any act of deviation from chivalry will invite coercive actions in marks distribution and assessment in the wrong direction as is expected from students. Professional skill development, creativity, analysis, thinking, and research skills will be framed in the evaluation of marks of the course. Hence, the assessors of the course will look after students' ability to adapt to complexities, become flexible, and engage in new ideas for the promotion of academic and interpersonal skills of the course. Thus, job aspects will be huge for the students passing the course and they have immense scope in various national and international research domains.

Weightage of this 10298 Course Code in Their Semester?

The weightage of the course 10298 Assignment answers in their semester is centered in 3 credit points. The location of the course is on the university campus of Canberra, Bruce, Australia. There is a comprehensive set of faculties of health and modern life science background. The on-campus teaching method is the only available way of imparting education of the course. For a detailed study of the course and to make sure that no student is left behind in terms of inclusion and providing quality education, incorporation of exercise science and sport will be blended along with the course. In short, the course is of level-1 that is an introductory unit with HECS Band 2 that will be followed along with the course. Moreover, the equivalent full-time study load which is the extent to which the students will feel the load in academics is set as 0.125.

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Weightage of the unit will also be in the provision of a detailed study of life science with special reference to human physiology and anatomy. This will develop enhancement among students as far as knowledge and conceptual clarity are concerned. Moreover, the use of connective tissue, muscles, bones, detailed outline of human anatomy, biomechanics, cardiovascular science, immune, endocrine, nervous system, reproductive system, and incorporation of all pathological details are given marked weightage in the course.

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