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103011G Assessment Answers Project management and Leadership deals in the development of ideas on project management and its different aspects. Apart from the development of a proper idea on project management, the course further enables the students to gain knowledge on leadership. To be more precise in its approach the following course presents a look into the role of leadership in the development of a project management process. Project management is surely one of the most integral elements of modern-day operations in business organizations. Most of the organizations of the globe are focusing on project management as such a process can help them to keep a watch on the projects and help them achieve the objectives of the business efficiently.

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The management of a project generally involves the inclusion of a large number of different elements like planning, organizing, managing, controlling as well as monitoring and testing. All these processes make the 103011G course an important one. The course makes the students gain a clear and transparent understanding of the importance of modern-day business operations and help them turn to capable business operators in the coming future. The course provides knowledge on some important and interesting areas of organization management that include the likes of resources used in the business, staff, materials, supplies, information technology as well as digital technology.

Project management generally involves a number of complex processes that are quite hard to properly analyze. Course 103011G presents the best opportunity for students to address complex issues and develop the necessary idea regarding the proper selection and implementation of different projects. Efficient handling of these projects can help deal with the complexities of the process. The involvement of IT (Information Technology) in the modern-day project managing process and the ways to deal with them is also included in the module of the course. Such a process helps the course to be one of the best in the offering to the aspirants of project Management in the future.

All this knowledge helps the students to reach out to the ultimate purpose of the course which is to derive the roles and responsibilities of the project managers in implementing a different form of projects. The idea regarding the system and techniques that are needed to be adopted by the managers to address the project needs can help the users to build the capabilities of an able manager. Such a piece of knowledge also helps the students to learn and gain ideas of the ways to develop strategies and face crisis situations while implementing different projects. The knowledge regarding the strategies adopted for the process also helps to amend strategies and customize them according to the changing requirements of a particular situation.

Charles Strut University is a public University of Australia located in different areas of the country. The university which was established in the year 1989, has an official strength of more than 45,000 students approximately. Having campuses both in urban and rural centres provides scope to the management of the university to reach out to a large number of students and help them with their education. Having course delivery partnerships with several TAFE institutions (Technical and Further Education) across Australia helps them accomplish their goals efficiently. The University offers a broad range of educational subjects and courses at the graduate, post-graduate, and master's levels which makes it quite an easy selection for the students both regional and international to choose the University as their medium of higher education.

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103011G Task Solution course offered by the University is a hot favorite among the likes of the students who have a special interest in project management and modern-day managerial skills for ensuring the success of a project. The course which offers risk and team management, reporting and problem-solving measures decision-making ideas, and much more similar as such helps to develop the proper idea regarding project management tools and operations in project management in the most professional manner. Some of the learning outcomes from this particular project are as follows;

  • Gaining ideas on project management and its importance in business.
  • Development of idea on leadership in project management.
  • Development of business process on project management
  • To gain a proper idea of the different problem-solving measures that are required for the development of business leadership

Unit Details of 103011G Project Management Leadership Assessment

Location: Panorama Avenue, Bathurst New South Wales 2795, Australia

Study-Level: Post-Graduate and Masters

Unit Code: 103011G

Brief on 103011G Project Management Leadership Assessment

103011G also makes use of the extensive knowledge presented in the study to develop ideas on deadlines and the importance of deadlines for a project. The need for deadlines and maintaining them properly can make a person responsible manager which can further ensure a cent percent success of a particular project being executed by the manager. Apart from all these the course on project management and leadership also helps develop the necessary idea regarding digitalized documentation and management of project schedules.

Digitalized management of project schedules can make the process smoother requiring much less time. Thus the course 103011G Assignment answer makes the students and the users aware of communication, negotiation, risk, and team management, reporting, and problem-solving measures while undertaking different forms of project. Developing such skills makes the students gain and imbibe critical aspects of leadership which are utilized in managing projects during their professional career.

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