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BO1BLAW204 Business Law is intended to examine the critical parts or abilities required in creating organizational papers and building a solid corporate legal procedure to fulfill the relevant norms and expectations. Business law has been divided into several categories, including academic information and comprehension of the whole system, as well as an emphasis on its practical implementation. This curricular code is meant to aid students in understanding the core concepts of how excellent business law might be established to help them in future professional debates and endeavors.

At this level, the intricacy and intensity of the debate would shift; hence this course was developed for postgraduate students. The issue of business law is quite important when it comes to the entire performance of a company, thus the debate at the postgraduate level is highly important.

As a result, the purpose of this curriculum is to provide students with specific clarity on how business law varies from other types of legislation and how its classifications must be remembered for it to be successful. The legal system that oversees the exchange of commodities and services is known as commercial law, often known as business law. It is widely regarded as a component of the legal system and deals with both commercial and government law concerns. Business contracts, employment practices, and the manufacturing and sale of consumer goods are all governed by commercial law.

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Unit details of BO1BLAW204 Business Law

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code:- BO1BLAW204

Location:- Kent Institute, Australia

Study Level:- Postgraduate or Master's Degree

This course has been deliberately designed to expose students to both academic theories and the actual application of business law in firms in equal numbers. Accounting and other professions rely on business law's legal framework to govern their real behavior. BO1BLAW204 assessment answers cover commercial and corporate law, as well as an introduction to the legal system, which includes legal foundations, legal institutions, and tort law. Contract law delves into topics such as offer and acceptance legislation, duty, breach of fiduciary responsibility, contractual penalties, and goods trade relationships. Commercial law covers topics such as consumer laws, the Competition and Consumer Act, principal and agent, ownership, companies, consumer credit, and bankruptcy law.

The Master of Professional Accounting (Advanced) program is designed for those with a background in a field other than accounting who wish to get a comprehensive grasp of accounting concepts and processes. This lesson will teach you how to appropriately convey accounting records to attorneys and non-accountants, as well as engage with them, and how to function autonomously to employ technical understanding and professional judgment in accounting operations. BO1BLAW204 task answers also discusses how to work effectively in teams to use specialized skills and expert judgment in accounting tasks, as well as how to demonstrate professional proficiency in the use of technology in accounting scenarios.

Furthermore, it teaches students to engage in the critical application of accounting facts and competencies to solve an accounting problem or scenario, as well as the use of professional expertise such as an understanding of social, ethical, economic, governmental, and global perspectives. It demonstrates advanced framework and implemented financial knowledge and competencies, as well as competency in their application; it extends relevant hypotheses, ideas, and methodologies to accounting/business strategic communications research; and it solves troubles using advanced and powerful hypothetical knowledge of world business.

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Brief on BO1BLAW204 Business Law

Students who complete the course will be able to recognize and repeat major components of the country's legal system, notably selected commercial law. Recognize and recall the sources of law in a country, as well as comprehend and apply key concepts of contract law to difficult situations that arise in business settings. Highlight a tort law structure, especially negligence law as it relates to contractual obligation and the feeling of responsibility; statutory perception of customer choice, actions of competitors, fundamentals, and representatives, assets, global corporations, bank credit, and financial distress; and use these foundations to examine and understand pertinent complicated challenges skeptically. When a company is formed through cooperation, the members join an organization that allows them to share profits and govern the company on an equal footing.

Shareholders in this type of firm are individually liable for all business obligations and legal lawsuits deriving from treaties or other agreements. Workforce and agency laws, contracts, ownership, sales, commercial organizations, corporate bonds, and disposition of property are also included in this field of law. When dealing with consumer and customer protection, policy, or will and estate planning, one may come into company laws.

International students who want enrolment assistance may consult the program plan for the semester and year they desire to begin. To complete the unit, students must complete 160 units of study. This is attained by completing twelve core programs of 10 units each, as well as four specialist courses are chosen from International Business, Information Technology, or a mixture of the two.

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Weightage of this BO1BLAW204 Course Code in their Semester

BO1BLAW204 Business Law is a full-time degree course that requires students to obtain at least 50% to finish the semester and qualify for the following semester. This course's weightage is divided between class quizzes, class tests, mid-term assignments, and final exams; for students to qualify for the following semester, they must at least achieve the basic pass grades that certify their eligibility for the university's eligibility standards.

Learners must receive at least 50% of the weighted score points assigned to each activity to pass all assessment tests. This is a full-time postgraduate course offered by the university that requires students to attend lectures both online and in-person regularly to progress to the next trimester in each scholastic year.

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