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What Is MBA402 Governance, Ethics and Sustainability  course code Assessment Answers 

MBA402 governance, ethics and sustainability are important factors of maintaining a business and the sustainability report of any company shows how the company is maintaining their responsibilities towards the environment. This course MBA402 governance, ethics, and sustainability assessment answers focuses on teaching the importance of governance and ethics that build a company and how personal ethics can produce better managers. Also the practice of sustainability report is the focus of the unit which is extremely important as all big organisations focus huge resources and dedicated man hours behind the building of sustainability report.

Hence understanding and learning the base foundation of these aspects are important and aim of the unit. It is associated with the Kaplan business school, all their branches in every location teach the specific unit and puts extreme stress over it. As per their traditions the basics are of the utmost importance when it comes to management courses.

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Unit details :

Location - Australia
Study level - Post graduation diploma or Masters in business administration

Unit code - MBA402

MBA402 governance, ethics and sustainability Assessment Answers Brief and its Importance

The study of MBA402 governance, ethics and sustainability Assignment Answers in the modern-day is perhaps more important than ever. With the increased competition in every industry, it is visible how the various companies may not function in the most ethical way to get the extra edge in the completion for the lead. The business world today is cutthroat and the slightest of advantage can give anyone the lead and the rest will have a tough time reaching the neck.

The study of MBA402 governance, ethics and sustainability Task Solution is important as it teaches the candidates the importance of governance and ethics and how these aspects can assure the long-term sustainability of any company. If the upcoming generation is aware of the consequences of not following ethics and proper governance along with the importance and outcome then only the logical explanation of the new age workforce being ethically correct is a possibility.

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Governance can be better said to be a broader concept that revolves around the system by which any organization is functioning or controlled, along with all its mechanisms that hold the company and its people accountable for their respective roles. In simpler words, it is a complicated process that applies authority on management which leads to the creation of rules and later the enforcement of those rules and modifications made based on the results to perfect the rule.

Bringing order and direction to the chaos of management is what it implies. It helps in providing a company a structure a skeleton to work on to build a management system. Students must understand the usefulness of it and how solid governance can lead to a solid base foundation on which a great business empire can be built.

Ethics is an individuals moral philosophy based on which the person functions or essentially takes decisions. The nature of the decisions is related to an individual's ethics. Whether the actions taken are morally right or wrong is it good or bad, this is something that any individual deals with throughout their life.

Not necessarily does ethics have to be a part of their professional life but personal life as well. At all ages, we are often challenged with critical decision making that is where the moral compass of individuals should point in the right direction. Simpler words can be used to describe ethics as the philosophy that involves recommending and systemizing the concepts of right or wrong.

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Another important concept of MBA402 Assessment is sustainability, perhaps the aim of all managers as well. The sustainability of the organization would mean remaining operational for an indefinite period. Not to be depleted of resources and ideas. Business sustainability is a continuous process of evolution and learning. For example, the cell phone industry initially started as a device for communication using satellite and buttons on the device, when evolution came every company focused on sustaining their business and made the progress.

Every major player in the market evolved and started producing touch phones from keypads with a better OS designed to perform more than calling. Thus the age of smartphones began, those companies that did not have the vision towards sustainability failed to achieve success the biggest example being Nokia and their struggle in the mobile market.

Organizations and young managers have a responsibility towards the environment as well, the environment in the process of business profit and expansion gets damaged and harmony ruined in various ways be it pollution or depletion of nature. The ethics and governance of an organization should have a major focus on the environmental safety standards and taking care of the environment should be made a priority as well.

The sustainability report will show what are the actions or rather measures taken by the company to make the world a better place and how it has made a positive impact on nature. Also forecasting and giving the general public a rough idea of the upcoming projects or steps that is to be taken to cure the environment or to make sure that the damage is reduced or removed.

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It is important to study all these matters before entering the corporate world because every young ambitious manager must know their roles are not only towards their company but the environment as well. Performing an auction or completing a task assigned by the company is not only essential however doing it the right way is equally essential.

Weightage of MBA402 Governance, Ethics And Sustainability Assignment Answers

The MBA402 governance, ethics and sustainability Assignment Answers will focus on teaching individuals how important it is to make sure that they have a role in helping the environment also will teach the consequences of being unethical. Once the students are aware of the punishment and negative impact of being unethical the tendency of doing wrong things can be removed. The aim of MBA402 governance, ethics and sustainability Assessment Answers is to educate people so that they can differentiate between right and wrong and the importance of environmental sustainability.

Corruption can be never removed completely but with the depth of study and projects of this course there can and there will be a significant reduction.

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