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Explain PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour And People Management Course Code

PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour And People Management Assignment Answers, this course particularly helps the students to understand how the professional world is undergoing significant changes and in such a scenario why it is extremely important for the management to actually focus on understanding and analysing these changes to ensure effective team and workplace setting.

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Hence students would be introduced to varied types of concepts, behavioural theories and leadership and management strategies to help them understand the internal business environment, the concepts of team effectiveness, decision-making, leadership, power, culture and change. It is very important for the future industry aspirants that are the students to actually understand the concepts of organizational behaviour and people management to not just successful work as a team but also help them achieve higher managerial positions in the business organization. This PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour And People Management course code is for Laureate International Universities which is based in Maryland in the United States. This PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour And People Management Assessment Answers course is specifically designed for the students to help them understand how the overall internal setting in drastically changing within the organization which will ultimately impact on the internal relations of the employees with the management. Therefore it is very important to analyse these situations keeping in mind the existing work culture and leadership strategies within the organization. Thus the course will discuss on these different attributes, how internal communication can be improved, the existing leadership strategy, training and development of the workforce.

Laureate International University is known for its academic excellence and the guidance that it provides for all the students to help them successfully complete their educational degrees. Hence the course design and structure is extremely well planned and strategic in nature. The university has given special focus on integrating the theoretical knowledge with necessary practical implementation with the help of weekly assignments and projects to help them get exposure of the real world of business.

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Unit Details:

The PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour And People Management course is divided and subdivided into several units for the easy understanding of the students and the topics that are specifically chosen for discussion in these units range from understanding the basics of organizational behaviour to analysing motivation concepts. Perceptions and decision-making process, understanding work team dimensions, job design and employee reactions and group behaviour.

The reason that the whole PROJ6006 course has been divided and subdivided into many units is to enable an easy understanding for all the students and every unit has a good balance of information which will actually help in managing the stress of the students. Along with this proper focus has been given on designing the units with sufficient examples and real business case studies to better enable the students to relate to the theoretical concepts. Group projects, as well as industry visit, are also an essential component of this PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour And People Management course to analyse the hierarchical structure of a real business organization, their overall work process and how the organization plans the aspect of people management within the organization. Therefore the main focus on the PROJ6006 course unit design is to help the students get an in-depth knowledge of these topics from the course and get them industry-ready


Laureate Education, Inc. is a corporation based in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States. The firm owns and operates Laureate International Universities

Study Level:

Undergraduate University level course

Unit Code:

PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour and People Management

Brief of PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour And People Management Assessment Answers

The PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour And People Management Assessment and course outline is designed specifically to address the demands of this day organizations and real-world business challenges. This PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour And People Management course exposes students to advanced behavioural science theories and applications in management.

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Organizational behaviour (OB) is an interdisciplinary field drawing from numerous disciplines including psychology, sociology, economics, organization theory, statistics, and many others. After an overview of OB and how to assess the value-added of "soft" management interventions, topics will include work motivation, work attitudes, newcomer socialization, "natural" and nominal work teams, leadership, decision making, and management of change.

The week wise division of the whole unit will enable the professors to understand whether the students actually understand the different concepts as there are midterm exams scheduled between several units that will actually help the students gain better clarity of the whole course. The topics are also arranged in a very systematic manner to avoid any sort of confusion.  The weekly assignments and tests are included in the unit in order to make it more interactive as well as interesting for the students. The PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour And People Management Task course unit also comprise guest lectures and speaker presentations where industry experts are invited to share their real-life business experience focusing on the topic of organizational behaviour and people management.

These guest lecture sessions are arranged for helping the students look beyond the realms of books and help them in a proper understanding of the real business scenario. There is also a study guide provided in the course unit to help the students understand how they can improve their understanding of this course concept. This study guide will also help the students understand the chronology that needs to be maintained for the course so that the subject is understood in a better manner. The PROJ6006 course material is presented in the most simplified manner so that students who are not from the human resource background can also easily opt for this graduation degree course without facing any major challenge.

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Weightage of this PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour And People Management Course Code

As this PROJ6006 Organizational Behaviour And People Management Task Solution is a full-time course for the under graduation students hence it will carry 100% weightage where exams will carry 80% weightage and 20% will be given for the weekly assignments. There would be two-semester exams along with group projects to help the students understand the loopholes and how they can improve the same.

It is important for the students to score a basic of 40% in this PROJ6006 course to pass the semester and get promoted to the next semester. As already stated this is a full-time course proposed by the university which actually demands the students to regularly attend the lectures and secure the basic percentage of grades to get promoted to the next semester in each academic year.

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