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What is BUS209 Organizational Behavior Assignment Answers Course Code

The objective of this unit BUS209 Organizational Behavior Assignment is to provide students with detailed knowledge as to how people interact in the organization, considering the factors that play an important role and affect organizational behavior. A variety of topics has been dealt in BUS209 Organizational Behavior course as to how to manage people, understand and deal with conflicts, and successfully initiate change. A very brief introduction of the BUS209 Organizational Behavior Assignment course will be provided as it will help to understand the overview of the course in a nutshell and based on that students will understand the importance of the course and how to apply it.

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There are many business leaders, and there are many quotes provided by them to explain their success. The reasons provided by these leaders may be different but the common thing among them is people. The people are the ones who start a company and it is because of their intellect that they attain success. There are records of more successful business leadership than managing the human capital since there is a particular structure and culture presiding in the organization.

Consider the US military: it has some of the best-trained soldiers in the world, but that ability would be squandered if it didn't have a system in place to deploy forces effectively. In other words, without simplified organizational behavior, the military would not be as effective. The study of how individuals behave in companies is known as organizational behavior (OB).

These encounters are influenced by a variety of circumstances, including the personal life, leaders personality, a direct report, the team a person has been assigned to, or the instructions provided to some by the authority of the organization. OB researchers keep a close eye on these internal dynamics because each time there is friction, money is lost. While some friction is anticipated (and sometimes encouraged), the majority of the friction that happens within a business is unproductive and harmful to the bottom line.

The students in this course will get an opportunity to learn about the elements that have the biggest influence on organizational behavior in this course. Organizational behavior has an impact on everyone in a company, from managing people to understanding group dynamics to managing conflict and initiating change.

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This BUS209 Organizational Behavior course will have six units that will cover all the areas related to organizational behavior for example- managing individuals, managing groups, power and politics, conflict management, and organizational change. Before going into depth of the course it is important to have a clear understanding of organizational behavior and so the course will begin with a brief introduction of the basics of an organization.

Unit Details

Location- Washington DC

Study Level- Foundational

Unit Code- BUS209

Brief of BUS209 Organizational Behavior Assessment Answers Course Code

The BUS209 Organizational Behavior Assessment task will be designed in a way that will help to reinforce and increase knowledge and the skills of the students along with a set of controlled parameters in regard to the learning outcome and the criteria required for performance. Provisions will also be made so that the knowledge gained can be used for practical application with the help of specially designed tasks so that the outcome is positive, in a stipulated time period and timelines.

A variety of topics has been dealt in BUS209 Organizational Behavior Assessment course as to how to manage people, understand and deal with conflicts, and successfully initiate change. A very brief introduction of the BUS209 Organizational Behavior course will be provided as it will help to understand the overview of the course in a nutshell and based on that students will understand the importance of the course and how to apply it.

Students are expected to explore the individual personality, learn as to how and what inspires people so that they succeed in the workplace. The students will also learn and be able to use the took required to recognize these traits and successfully handle stress in the workplace. Even the students of BUS209 Organizational Behavior course will be able to understand the requirement of different organizations and accordingly, they can manage the traits. There may be many organizations that prefer humor and studying this course students will be able to identify these traits in them and others to positively affect the business.

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The students will also be able to understand their capacity of working in teams needs improvement or not because most organizations nowadays focus on teamwork. There are various characteristics that need to be followed for successful teamwork that includes proper group development, the establishment of guidelines and limitations, leadership, good communication all these will be even taught so that the students do not face problems in the future. Learning how to manage teams is the most important takeaway from BUS209 Organizational Behavior course.

Students will also be expected to deliver their own knowledge about the difference between influence and manipulation, how individuals affect the workplace, how politics can be used within the organization to bring positive changes, and demonstrate their take on ethics.

The students will also be able to demonstrate the following knowledge related to negotiation, the conflict inside and outside the organization. The students will also be expected to demonstrate how they will prepare themselves for successful negotiation. A thorough understanding of the principles of negotiation needs to be demonstrated by the students.

Real-life situations will be given to students for the purpose of assessment of the understanding gained by the students where they need to successfully strategize on the steps that may be taken to initiate change and convince people. They also have to portray their knowledge as to how they will utilize mergers within an organization.

The students should also have to showcase their understanding of the culture of a few organizations that they wish to work for and how they will adapt themselves to the culture of the organization and manage things for example change. Humans are resistant to change and hence the students will be assessed as to how successfully they can manage change and people. This is how the students will be assessed in the course in order to ensure that they are taking maximum knowledge from the course provided to them.

Weightage Of BUS209 Organizational Behavior Task Solution Course

The weightage of BUS209 Organizational Behavior is 15%, for every individual assignment submitted by a student. Students of BUS209 Organizational Behavior Task course are required to get 70 % or higher on the final exam.

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