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What Is  MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assessment Answers Course Code

MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assessment Answers is a post-graduation course of Laureate International Universities has three individual written assignments which need to be completed by the end of the module. Challenges that are confronted by the managers of business organizations and the process of implementing a decision for addressing the problem are taught in this subject. Different categories of management theories are taught in this subject which allows students to identify the solution of the problems.

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In this MGT605 Business Capstone Project subject, a literature review needs to be conducted as well using secondary data sources. Both theoretical and practical concepts are taught in MGT605 subject which can be very much useful for them in understanding the management issues which are confronted in business organizations.

Unit Details

Location: Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate 

Unit Code: MGT605

Brief of MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assignment Answers Course

There are numerous topics that were discussed in MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assignment Answers Course such as the management issues which are faced by managers. There are numerous challenges which are confronted by the managers of business organizations such as maintaining a high turnover of the total employees and introducing a new product in the market. Managers of business organizations need to study the issue in detailed modus so that the business issue is resolved in the first place.

In the MGT605 Business Capstone Project assessment, students need to propose a solution to the identified business problem. Collaborative leadership is defined as the type of leadership which helps a business organization to involve numerous stakeholders in the decision-making process. Success and the failure of ownership issues can be monitored using collaborative leadership. This leadership style is very much useful for the executives of an enterprise for the decision-making procedure. Problem-solving and decision-making are the two most significant aspects of a collaborative leader. Collaboration to work as a team, strengthening of the business relationship, and improving the morale of the team are the other major aspects of collaborative leadership.

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Problems in business organizations are analyzed in the first place before taking any type of decision for solving the problems. A bigger problem can be broken down into smaller parts which can be solved in a much easier modus as compared to the bigger problems. Defining the problem goals is one of the initial steps required for solving these complex business problems. After that, it is very much useful to measure progress towards goals. The MGT605 Business Capstone Project course also focuses on the importance of brainstorming the identified solution of the business problem. Impact of the solution, and creation of an implementation plan, and preparing for the changes are the best ways which can help managers in solving complex organizational problems.

In the reflective report, the experience faced by the student while working on the previous two written assessments is written in the first place. Decentralized leadership is another form of leadership that helps in the decision-making procedure of a company. Both the upper-level as well as the lower-level management teams of business organizations are positively affected using the decentralized leader’s structure. Most of the current gap of operation which might frustrate employees ultimately leading to a complex situation is addressed in the first place using decentralized leadership.

MGT605 Business Capstone Project course was very much helpful in understanding the impact of leadership in business. It can be said that the presence of an influential leader is very much significant in increasing the turnover of the company, and customer satisfaction. Business sales and the net profitability of the business can be improved in the first place using an influential leader. It can be said that this leadership style can help in the effective distribution of products.

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Engagement among the employees can also be improved in the first place with the help of an influential leader. Levels of customer loyalty can also be improved in the first place using an influential leader as well. Innovation of business organizations can be promoted by an influential leader only, hence the impact of leadership in a business organization can be understood from this subject. MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assessment Answers also help in understanding the different types of behavior which is followed by an influential leader such as the people-oriented leader. This type of behavior is very much significant for business organizations to care about the employees and their concern in their actions. Priorities of the business organizations need to be sorted with the help of this people-oriented behavior.

There the priorities of the business can be selected by the people-oriented behavior hence MGT605 Business Capstone Project course is very much significant for students to maintain the necessity to balance between employee engagement and strategic objectives. Most of the strategic decisions of a business can be taken by managers having people-oriented. Conflict Management is defined as the type of management which is very much useful to maintain positive productivity and morale among the employees. There are different ways that can help in resolving conflict in leadership such as acting responsibility, diagnostic the conflict, maintaining the boundaries of the conflict, respecting the differences, identifying the goal of the conflict resolution.

There are different types of conflict in leadership and management such as avoiding of problems, collaboration, competing, compromising, and accommodating. Long term vision of the business can be improved in the first with the help of the conflict management procedures. Issues such as recession is also well explained in this subject as this global phenomenon. This global phenomenon caused severe business loss and it has to manage in such a manner so that business operations are not disruptive by any means. Hence, MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assessment is very much significant for the managers to understand the ways which can help them in addressing most of the business organizations.

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Weightage of MGT605 Business Capstone Project  Task Solution Course Code

Each individual written assignment which needs to be completed by the student has 20% of the total weightage. Skills that were gained from all the subjects of this course is required to be used for all three assignments to get the passing grade. Students of the MGT605 Business Capstone Project course is required to get a minimum of 50% marks in each of the three written assignments to get the passing marks as well.

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