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Explanation Of MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy Assignment Answers Course

In the MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy Assignment Answers course all functional disciplines are integrated together in an attempt to look at and comprehend the wholesome business picture. While running a business in a Competitive Environment, it is expected that senior managers have conceptual and abstract skills to understand the business issues and challenges not only in their respective areas of expertise But also, and more importantly, from other functional managers' perspectives.

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The senior managers are also expected to have an understanding how the company as a whole is evolving over time. The senior managers should have good vision to shape up the company's destiny not just by exploiting the emerging opportunities in the surrounding environment, but also creating its own opportunities. In MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy Assignment Course it is taught when the market is intensely competitive, the managers must be able to run the company based on their wholesome integrated view of the company.

This requires constant monitoring of the company's external and internal-organizational environment to aware of the dynamics of the situation. In the environment of intense competition and rapid technological innovation, it is imperative that managers are fully aware of the situation and take appropriate & timely actions to adapt with the changing environment and direct the company responsively and proactively. Remember that there is no substitute for this process.

Given the present situation of the pandemic, both online and offline studies are encouraged. Some classes would be conducted off-campus, especially those that require practical training and require visitation to companies for first-hand learning process. Such course works are suspended until further notice from the authorities.

The institution strives to ensure safety and good health of the students, teaching and non-teaching staffs, thus explicitly professing the norms of wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and frequent use of sanitizers. Acknowledging the fact that the pandemic is still lurking around, the institution is, however, allowing students to attend classes from the campus for 2022- 2023 courses. In accordance to the guidelines laid down by the government, the institution is committed to comply with all the necessary norms for ensuring the safety of all persons involved in the process of teaching and learning.

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Unit Details

Location: United Kingdom

Study Level: Post Graduation

Unit Code: MGT299

Course Name: Business Policy and Strategy Management

Briefs of MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy Assessment Answers Course

MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy Assessment course addresses the formulation, implementation, monitoring, and control of business strategies and supporting organizational policies. Students learn to evaluate the comprehensive business enterprise through an integrated view of the various functional disciplines. MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy course attempt to develop the conceptual and abstract skills required by leaders of businesses in a competitive environment in order to understand business issues and challenges from the perspective of all functional managers.

Course Content Of MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy

The MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy Assignment course offers the knowledge about the fundamental concepts, strategies and policies that are required to bring out the necessary strategic management and innovation management. The compulsory modules will focus on the significance of the organizational strategy which helps in gaining competitive advantage among other businesses, especially when the business environment is rapidly changing.

In today's time when digital innovation and transformation is highly coveted, the modules of the course will make sure that the student experiences and learn to tackle the challenges the commercializing ideas and practical aspects of global corporate strategies. It will also include international business theories on the globalization of innovation along with modules that would help in developing knowledge and skills of research design in the same.

It will also comprise of modules throwing light upon strategic leadership and performance, which shall help in practicing innovation management.

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Assessment Method For MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy

Assessment methods not only focuses on incurring knowledge, but also highlights the essential part of developing skills as well. The students will be assessed with the help of different techniques which includes examinations, written assignments, group projects, essays, individual and group presentation, in-course assessments and reports.


The institution is accredited by AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS.

Admission Requirement

  • A first-class Bachelor’s degree with a 2:1 (honours) in any subject, preferably in business studies.
  • International equivalent qualification is accepted.

English Language Requirement

An overall 6.5 score in IELTS is mandatory, ensuring that the candidate holds 6.0 score in all the components individually. Other equivalent English proficiency exam scores are also accepted under strict verification by the institution.


Students who are nationals of the UK are eligible to apply. International students may also apply for this course, ensuring that they comply with other necessary criteria.

Weightage of MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy Task Solution Course

  • Lesson 1 Overview of Strategic Management, The Foundations of Strategy Formulation
  • Lesson 2 The Organizational Audit: Laying the Foundation for the Future
  • Lesson 3 SWOT Analysis: External and Internal Factors
  • Lesson 4 Global Strategy and Strategic Alliances
  • Lesson 5 Components of Strategy Formulation and Competitive Dynamics
  • Lesson 6 Entrepreneurship
  • Lesson 7 The Basis of Strategy Execution & Corporate Governance
  • Lesson 8 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestiture
  • Lesson 9 Strategic Leadership, Managing Accelerating Change, & Innovation
  • Final Exam

Career Opportunities

MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy degree is perfect for the graduates who seek a managerial career in the field of global corporate strategy management, which is certainly having a high demand in the industry. As a graduate, of MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy Task course, it is expected that the student would be equipped with basic theoretical and practical knowledge which shall be further polished to achieve a far better result at the end of this course.

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MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy Task course would help you to prepare yourself in the field of global corporate management as a lead strategist, chalking out strategic innovations and initiatives for different purpose of the organization. In addition, it is to be noted that the MGT299 course certainly offers corporate links to the industry which shall makes it easier for the students to find out lucrative career opportunities in leading global organizations involved in innovation management. Some possible career paths are:

  • Corporate Analyst
  • Corporate strategist
  • Manager, Senior Manager or Consultant
  • Director or Head of Strategy
  • Financial Analyst
  • Consumer Insight Analyst
  • Research Investigator
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Analyst
  • Product Strategist
  • Process Coordinator
  • Project Management Coordinator
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Compliance Officer
  • Business Development Coordinator
  • Strategic Initiatives Associate

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