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What Is CON321 Health Related Research Assignment Answers Course 

This CON321 Health Related Research Assignment course includes introduction to the health-related research with emphasis on understanding research process along with becoming a consumer of the research. The critique of the research findings related to health to the health professionals along with their application to the professional practice is the main component of the course. For the nursing majors, CON321 Health Related Research Assignment course should be completed before taking 400-level nursing course.  

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Unit Details

Location: - United States
Study level: - Undergraduate
Unit code: - CON321
University of Southern Maine

Brief Of CON321 Health Related Research Assessment Course Code

The CON321 Health Related Research Assessment is selecting evidence-based practice or research translation model along with write crucial appraisal of model. The CON321 Health Related Research Assessment course discusses about healthy relationships within the workplace. CON321 Health Related Research course will discuss about multi-system knowledge integration along with transition model in detail that helps in improving healthcare services. The healthy relationships form basis for a positive workplace. When the staff members are engaged in the jobs, supported by each other, along with feel sense of security in the work, healthy relationships between the staff members would flourish. Research is the key to provide evidence on which medical practice is based.

Knowledge of research is used widely in health sector for enhancing quality as well as improving healthcare services. This knowledge could be derived from the robust scholarly information available for implementation as well as success. There exist many materials available that are related to health published every year. In addition, there is an increasing number of the electronic databases that avail data of healthcare to health practitioners. Such plethora of data hints at provision of all improved services of healthcare which are informed by the evidence available if this is used approximately in decision making along with practice of healthcare. More than accessing the research data is translation of such knowledge as well as evidence into the practice for efficient and effective services which quench desires along with needs of the customers.

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Translation of knowledge is the procs through which knowledge of research is created, adopted and circulated into the practice of healthcare services. In wide sense, knowledge transition is the exchange, synthesis, along with ethically sound application of such knowledge in a complex systems of interactions between users and researchers in accelerating capture of benefits of the research with improved health, more efficient products and services, and strengthened the system of healthcare.

There is the continuous development of new data by healthcare professionals for aiding healthcare practitioners to provide best practices to the customers. Utilization along with availability of such information doesn’t translate necessarily to advancement of healthcare services. Advancement or improvement of the services of healthcare is inconsistent as well as slow due to ineffective translation of the outcomes of research into practice. CON321 Health Related Research Assessment of the quality care has proven that system of healthcare exhibits below-par performance upon ability in translating knowledge into practice. Several strategies are devised for enhancing implementation of the research evidence, although, several of these lack conceptual framework.

The translation models become tough for few users to comprehend. In addition, such models have proved as insufficient as they fail in integrating empirical knowledge along with tacit knowledge of healthcare practitioners. Transformational and dissemination leadership form last steps of the knowledge translation. At such level, changes to the practices are adopted by management as well as implemented at macro-system level. Appropriate leadership which could activate transformation along with sustains this in facility, is vital without which change could not live long. Additionally, management must be able in providing necessary resources for overall establishment of change of practice.

Multi-system knowledge along with integration model is much more advantageous as this provides a continuous as well as circular process of translation of information as opposed to a unidirectional model. Process of information translation from first stage of the reflective inquiry must progress to all other stages without any cuts. This model recognizes also that knowledge translation is long-term process and incorporates CoP conceptual framework which supports sharing of practice or experience that could generate new data as well as enhance the establishment of the research evidence.

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Incorporation of communities of the practices framework within model makes this easier for all healthcare stakeholders in understanding along with following translation model. Knowledge, as well as personal experiences, are considered and integrated with the research evidence for formulating appropriate change in the practice. The ability in combining both explicit and tacit knowledge gives advantage to this model as other models fail in recognizing importance of individual knowledge as well as experience. Ease to use this model is translating knowledge allows young healthcare practitioners in effectively apply research evidence and improving services of healthcare. Using such a model in translating knowledge into practice is quite challenging. This model needs extensive research with the use of both qualitative along with quantitative means.

This model provides an advanced method of efficient knowledge translation as this contains a conceptual framework. This model serves as a mechanism for the generation, implementation and integration of knowledge at both organizational as well as individual levels. This model has demonstrated also success in already implemented cases; hence, ready to use in all other institutions for improving healthcare outcomes.

Weightage Of  CON321 Health Related Research Task Solution

CON321 Health Related Research Task Solution course includes 40% of overall module and also includes individual as well as group assessments. This would help the students in attempting these assessments on their own, along with working as a team to complete these assessments. The students need to be answering a maximum number of questions correctly for achieving the highest marks.

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The students who would answer a minimum number of questions would be provided minimum marks for the assessments. The students would require a minimum of 50% marks for getting pass marks for CON321 Health Related Research course. In addition, penalties would be imposed for those students who would submit their assessments after the allocated deadline. The marks will be provided on the mentioned date by the lecturers.

The students need to collect the study materials before the commencement of the assessment. For the CON321 units for which the tests are part of these assessments, the students need to strictly follow every instruction on the blackboard as well as provided by the lecturers in the class.

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