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ENGL0101 English Composition course is associated with the university "Westfield state university" where the students will be learning about the topic English composition and the factors which are included in the topic. The entire process of English composition can be defined as the concept of combining all kinds of distinct elements in order to make a proper formation of the entire essay, the research paper, report for the technical affairs, correspondence for the business process, or even for the academic papers.

There is a proper way for the English composition such as the topic and the approach should be combined for the opening sentences of composition, the ideas are needed to be connected in the opening sentences, detailing about the topic in the entire content, closing the sentences after providing proper evidence about the topic. Writing an accurate title for the composition is very much necessary as it helps with the understanding of the composition. The title portion is beneficial for the readers to know what they are actually going to read about or if the composition is accurate for their knowledge gathering process.  

The English composition also teaches an individual to learn and write the ability for the learning in the academic styles to make documentation presentable. This course work is very much important for the students to learn about the usage of English composition styles in research, rhetorical devices, or some kind of arguments that are very well established and have the ideas properly intact in the content. However, these English compositions also required a very fine grip on the grammatical skills and the type of stylistic writing skills.  

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Unit details of ENGL0101 English Composition

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code: ENGL0101

Location: USA

Study Level: Vocational and further education

The unit describes the skills and techniques that are very necessary for the process of English composition. The different types of English composition, each of the types, the choice of languages, and lastly the structure of the writing style will be introduced to the students which will help them in practicing as well as applying in the real-life academic processes. The documentation for the entire course unit must meet the standard of the university which will be evaluated at the end of the course unit.      

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Brief on ENGL0101 English Composition

The assessment for the course unit ENGL0101 English composition will be designed based on a certain set of parameters by following all kinds of basic rules and regulations for the learning process. The assessment will be helpful for the students to achieve the reinforcement of skills and techniques, theories as well as models that are necessary for the English composition process. At the end of the learning unit, the students will be achieving the skills and techniques for each type of English composition and its styles, to identify the areas for the composition, and also to be involved in critical thinking.   

ENGL0101 assessment answers are very much important for the students as they will help in learning about the processes such as analyzing, summarizing, evaluating all kinds of written works, and lastly the test-taking skills. With the help of the practical works, the students will be able to find out the concepts, models, and procedures for the composition, and how to make a proper argumentative essay piece.   

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Weightage of the ENGL0101 Course Code in their Semester

The weightage of the course unit ENGL0101 English composition is about 15 credit points. Apart from that students will be evaluated based on their attentiveness and performances or participation in the group work. As for the credit points, 20% of the total will be marked based on the theoretical studies, 30% of the total will be marked for the practical practices where group discussions will also be included. Lastly, the remaining credit points will be based on the written examination for the course unit.

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