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11487 Information Security is offered at the PG level at the University of Canberra. As far as the 2021 information regarding the course is concerned the course is likely to be conducted on the university campus itself under the supervision of the Faculty of Science and Technology. The discipline that the course is under is referred to as the Academic Program Area Technology. The location is Canberra, Bruce.  However, regardless of that, the course is a promising one in the post-graduation level, offering opportunities to the students to develop their knowledge in regard to Information Security and the associated area of concern.

Under this course, the students are required to examine the threats to information security as well as the risks of vulnerability. The students would require to deploy a risk management approach in order to develop an understanding of the policies, technologies, and practices with providing an appropriate level of security. It becomes inadvertent to understand the policies, practices, and technologies with an understanding of the appropriate level of security deployed in its context. The 11487 task answers also expect the students to consider the information security policy and along with that various security needs beginning from the managerial to the technical domain and thereby expect it to be examined from the current context.

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Unit Details Of 11487 Introduction To Information Security

Unit details of this course include the following:

Location:- Canberra

Study level:- Post Graduation

Unit code:- 11487

Brief On 11487 Introduction To Information Security

To begin with, the concern of the unit is dedicated to examining the information security and the related threats and the vulnerabilities that the IT-based information system has been subjected to. The 11487 solutions also bring into account the information security policy which is dedicated to understanding various needs associated with the system of security beginning from the technical to the managerial perspectives and thereby are looked into from the context of the future and current nature of the information system.

The students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of information security practices as associated with the organizational setup. The students are also expected to analyze as well as evaluate the potential risks associated with the organization as well as personal situations and thereby report these evaluations appropriately. The students are also expected to participate in the design of the information security requirement and thereby explain critically the issues associated with information security in the light of the current research conducted.

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The attributes that are expected from the students on successful completion are that the students would be able to communicate effectively. It is also expected that the students would display initiative as well as drive along with using the organizational skills in order to plan and manage the workload that they have. It is expected of the students to remain up to date with the skills and knowledge that are relevant and thereby employ them as well.

Weightage Of This 11487 Introduction To Information Security In Their Semester

The credit that has been ascribed to this unit is 3 whereby the students are being expected to examine the threats that they might encounter. The students under this code are expected to be dynamic in their approach towards dealing with the issues of internet security and also analyze them critically. The unit also demands the student to provide creative and critical output towards the issues pertinent to both the person as well as the organization.

The course is highly relevant to the contemporary time especially when there has been high reliability on information exchanged and stored on digital media. Thus, it is highly important that information in this form is also taken care of and protected to prevent it from being subjected to sabotage. The concern of the unit is highly relevant to the happenings of the contemporary time and thereby seeks to prepare the students in dealing with it critically and effectively to ensure that the situation of crisis and challenges can be catered to effectively and efficiently.

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