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112051 Global E-business will provide an understanding of the global economic and regulatory infrastructure and the strategic context within which global electronic commerce is developing. The course unit on 112051 Global E-business will also examine the different or various principles that govern and influence global e-business and investigate how information and technology affect the nature of economic transactions and influence market structures in the global context.

This course unit on 112051 Global E-business would also examine how organizations and businesses can effectively handle and manage their foreign trade activities via the internet, digital marketplaces and other electronic networks, and the issues involved in implementing global strategies and operations. Thus, after successful completion of this course unit on 112051 Global E-business, students will be able to identify and explain the various components that constitute the information and network economy in a global context.

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112051 assessment answers will help students in Analyzing and applying the different e-business models required for the successful management and administration of e-business in a global environment; and explain the issues surrounding privacy, security, taxation, and the protection of intellectual property in the conduct of e-commerce activities.

Unit details of 112051 Global E-business

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: 112051

Location: University of Canberra

Study level: Post graduate

Brief on 112051 Global E-business

In order to complete this unit course on 112051 Global E-business, there are a few attributes that graduates must possess in order to effectively address and identify the various aspects related to this course unit on 112051 Global E-business. It must be kept in mind that UC graduates are professional - communicate effectively UC graduates are professional - display initiative and drive, and use their organizational skills to plan and manage their workload. It must also be considered that UC graduates are professional- employ up to date and relevant knowledge and skills.   

While undertaking this course unit on 112051 Global E-business, students must know that there are few responsibilities of the students and as participants, it is imperative for the students that where there are mandatory in-class participation activities, contributions to face to face activities could fetch better scores to the students and help them excel in this unit course on 112051 Global E-business. Interactive participation is considered as a then important measure for the assessment of participation and marks available to the students would be cumulative in nature. Students must also be aware that URKUND will be used to check for plagiarism for all assignments.

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Students' assessments must be written in their own words and citations used when referencing material from published sources. Students will only receive a URKUND for one draft submission of their work and again once their assessments have been formally submitted. However, students are advised that they do not submit drafts to other Canvas sites, as this will be considered a form of self-plagiarism. Besides, they are also advised that students do not submit any material that has been formally submitted to other units. This is a form of academic misconduct and the students found guilty would be severely penalized.

It is imperative that students pursuing this course unit on 112051 Global E-business have a mastery of Microsoft office programs that include Excel, PowerPoint, and word simultaneously. 112051 solutions assist students in analyzing the existing target market, conducting the required Market Research involving the value of markets based on willingness to pay, competitive analysis. This unit course on 112051 Global E-business also enables students to forecast or anticipate the user demographics and Web site traffic volumes. The student will also understand the critical elements within an organization and explain what makes the individual products of e-businesses different from other players.

The University Policy Library is the information repository for the University's policies, procedures, frameworks, and associated documents. From here students undertaking the course unit on 112051 Global E-business could effectively access policy documents through text search or by browsing the Categories they are kept in. Listed below are the policy categories for the policy library. This includes the statutes and rules of the university that could be accessed from the website of the university and for the employees who are looking to update as well as submit a new policy or procedure for which students will have to login first and then use the information accordingly.

112051 task solutions are specifically designed for people looking to operate effectively in the Global Business Environment and to manage or lead either the transformation of existing business processes or the creation of new e-business activity. Therefore, this could help the students undertaking this course unit on 112051 Global E-business in the long run. Hence, undertaking the course unit on 112051 Global E-business is highly recommended.

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Weightage of this 112051 Course Code in their Semester

The 75% weight is assigned to this course module for continuous evaluation, and 25% is assigned to external end semester evaluation in each major and half course.

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