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11101 Assessment Answer stakeholder engagement course units will explore the art of relationship building with the stakeholders that will include the appraisal of the stakeholder formation, assessing opportunities, analyzing undercurrents and threats. The students will be able to review various frameworks of stakeholder engagement and will also learn about how to manage the relationship with the stakeholders through strong rapport. With this course unit, the students will be able to learn about the enhanced working processes. The review of communication methods will include resolving the conflict as well as will help in managing the expectations, where the students will undertake the course for assessing the human interaction with the main stakeholders and within the complex organization. 11101 stakeholder engagement course units are associated with the University of Canberra.

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Unit details 11101 Stakeholder Engagement

Location: - Australia

Study level: - Under Graduate

Unit code: - 11101

Brief of 11101 Stakeholder Engagement Assignment Answers

The 11101 assignment answers course unit will deliver the principles of effective stakeholder management in working situations The stakeholders will be the individual person and the team members for achieving the objectives of the course. This course will deal with how effectively the students can manage various ranges of the business contexts of the stakeholders rather than any project basis. The students will be able to examine the stakeholders from various perspectives that will include the interest and power dimension, which will develop the techniques to deal with the adversaries and to build advocates.

Objectives of this course

  • The objectives of the course will include communicating with the stakeholder groups effectively.
  • Engaging with the stakeholders in the way, which will produce the stronger outcome from quality, cost, and time perspectives.
  • This course will also lead to a diverse group of stakeholders for achieving the needed outcomes while satisfying the agenda of the stakeholders.
  • 11101 task answers will also build relationships, which will increase the value and will reduce the waste for the stakeholder group.
  • This course will also negotiate in the difficult situations for achieving winning results for the stakeholder groups.
  • This course will also manage the change so that this can be embraced successfully at all levels.
  • This course will also ensure that this goal is aligned for moving ahead in a similar direction.

Learning Outcomes

  • After successful completion of the 11101 stakeholder engagement course unit, the students will be able to build trusting and productive relationships with the stakeholders by establishing rapport as well as managing the expectations.
  • They will also be able to analyze and evaluate the threats and opportunities in the relationship with all the stakeholders and will also become able to construct an effective solution.
  • The students will also be able to execute successful communication strategies, presentation techniques, selling, and negotiating with the stakeholders.

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Graduate Attributes

UC graduates will be professional, and they will be able to effectively communicate.

UC graduates will be professional, where they will be able to display the initiative, drive and use the organizational skills for planning and managing the workload.

UC graduates will be professional, where they will be able to employ the up-to-date and relevant skills and knowledge.

UC graduates will be professional, and they will be able to take pride in their personal and professional integrity.

UC graduates will be professional, where the graduates will use critical thinking, creativity, research skills, and analysis skills for solving real-world and theoretical problems.

UC graduates will be professional, where the graduates will be able to work collaboratively as part of the team, resolve conflict and negotiate.

The UC graduates will become global citizens, where they will behave sustainably and ethically in their personal and professional lives.

The UC graduates will become global citizens, where they will be communicating in the social setting and diverse cultural setting effectively.

Student responsibility

While the attendance of the students at the weekly workshop is not mandatory, this can be difficult for the students to pass the course unit without attending the regular workshop as all the assessments will have the elements, which will be worked upon at the time of class. Assessment 1 of this course will be related to the contribution to the class discussion in regards to the case study analysis. Failure to attend the workshop will result in zero grades. Exceptions will be there in case the students have the approved extension applications. The students who will attend the campus for class or other purposes should play the part to keep the campus as well as the community safe by following the basic guidelines for reducing the risks of the current covid-19 situation:

  • They should practice good hand hygiene by washing and sanitizing hands frequently.
  • If any student is having a cold and cough, they should cover their mouth with their handkerchief or tissue.
  • They also should practice physical distancing effectively.
  • They also should stay off-campus if they are not well and have a fever and they should get tested as per the ACT Government guidelines.
  • The students also need to follow all the directions of teaching as well as other UC staff about the safety measures.

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What is the Weightage of this 11101 Course Code in Their Semester?

The credit point of the 11101 Assignment solution stakeholder engagement course will be 3. There will be five assessments in this course, where the first assessment will be a tutorial and internal test, which will weightage 20% of the total marks. The second assessment will be a group assessment, where the students will be working in a group and will submit a group report. This assessment will weightage 30% of the marks. The third assessment will be an individual report, where the students will submit an individual report. This assessment will weightage 20% of the marks. The fourth assessment will be a presentation, where the assessment will weightage 10% of the marks. The last assessment will be the final exam, which will weightage 30% of the marks. The students will have to pass all the assessments for passing the course. They will have to score a minimum of 60% of the total marks.

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