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Among the various courses offered by Monash University, the FIT3152 unit is the one. The FIT3152 course unit is based on data analytics- a unit that will teach students how to analyse data and manage software tools to significant profits for organisations and the world. They will have to draft FIT3152 assessment answers to pass this course with better grades. 

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Recently the world has witnessed an explosion in the variety and quantity of data being routinely analysed and recorded by industry and research. This prompts some social commentators to refer to this phenomenon as the evolution of ‘big data'. And this triggers the future generation kids to take up data analytics as their subject and excel as practitioners and analysts who investigate the data as ‘data scientists'.

Students will be required to collect data from various sources, browse them, write FIT3152 assessment answers, record human interactions or other social networks to excel in this course and field. 

The FIT3152 course unit will introduce learners to big data analysis using open-source, current techniques and other proprietary software tools. 

To gain insights from big data, the new age analytical techniques will be needed by practitioners. These include computationally interactive and intensive approaches such as data mining, visualisation, and clustering. Moreover, the processing and management of big data require new algorithms and improved computational resources to work across distributed computers. And one cannot think of understanding and implementing these techniques without learning and writing FIT3152 answers.

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Monash University is ranked in the top hundred universities globally and is a renowned university of the time in Australia. It offers local and international students flexible study options with specialist courses and 60+ double degrees across ten interest areas. Additionally, it provides generous scholarship programs to students who have knowledge but are financially backward than others. And in 2022, the authoritative personnel are expanding the access of courses, including FIT3152 solution course, thinking about the future of this young generation.

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