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NURS331 Evidence Based Practice Assignment Answers Course Code

The course code NURS331 evidence-based practice is a significant course offered by the Southwestern College Professional Studies. NURS331 assignment answers course that aims to enhance the research skills of students studying nursing practice and care. Evidence based care as defined in the course can be explained as the integration of clinical expert opinion, patient and their caregiver perspectives, and both internal and external evidence.

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The NURS331 assignment answers course has been developed in such a way that directly focuses on developing the reading, critiquing, and analyzing skills of learners so as to determine how to appropriately use existing knowledge and significant research within nursing practice. The evidence-based process might be a complex issue for many learners which is why the NURS331 assessment answers course offers a somewhat simplified version of the process and its proper application to nursing care so that all learners are able to understand the concept of evidence based nursing and apply it to their care practice.

It is important and necessary to develop the essential skills by which learners can access the right sources of evidence through various databases and then utilize the correct model to interpret the evidence into the nursing practice. Through the NURS331 assignment answers course, learners are able to bypass the complexity and increase their skills and knowledge which enables them to implement evidence based care by participating in nursing teams.

The particular learning experience that learners will gain from the NURS331 Evidence Based Practice course will include various skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values which are designed in association with the vision and mission of the university. The learners on completion of the NURS331 assessment answers course will; evaluate and analyze relationships within and between concepts that are relevant to the discipline of nursing; demonstrate a good understanding of basic research methods, concepts, and their practical application within the practice; participating in various activities involving scientific research to promote the development of the science of nursing; demonstrating an understanding of the role of present and past research in the growth and development of nursing science; demonstrating knowledge related to the theoretical framework of nursing used in the research study; demonstrating an understanding of the relevance of the practical application of basic research ethics principles and evidence based practice in the development and improvement of healthcare outcomes.

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The course NURS331 Evidence-Based Practice assignment answers course is provided at Southwestern College which is located in Wichita, Kansas. The NURS331 assessment answers course elements that pertain to the undergraduate level and endeavors to deliver skills, values, attitudes, and knowledge to learners which can enable them to understand more complex and higher-level nursing theory and practice. The NURS331 task solution course is divided into 6 units with various objectives that include;

At Unit 1; identifying the difference between research and evidence based practice (EBP); creating a list of evidence sources for the nursing practice; discussing research contribution to EBP; categorizing the various research types; drawing distinctions between qualitative and quantitative research methods. The list continues; understanding how evidence can lead to good quality patient care; defining nursing as a science; demonstrating understanding of unethical studies; explaining how EBP assists nursing and organizations; identify the roles of IRB and the ethical research expectations.

At Unit 2; defining relationships between the research problems, purpose statement, and the research question; explaining how to construct research questions; understanding hypothesis development; the ethical issues associated with EBP questions and research; recognizing the types of reviews and literature sources; identifying research and theory implications.

At Unit 3; describing research-related principle concepts; defining the rudiments of validity; recognizing quasi-experimental, experimental, and non-experimental designs as well as their components; identification of sampling methods; identifying other evidence sources; the understanding of qualitative and quantitative design uses.

At unit 4; defining elements of validity and reliability, also specifying how to access each aspect; differentiating among probability and non-probability samples and comparing their disadvantages and advantages; understanding the simple statistical procedures and their results within research reports.

At unit 5; identifying barriers in using evidence within the practice; understanding healthcare innovation; recognizing certain distinguishing features and purpose of specific research types such as surveys and evaluations; recognizing the available resources that facilitate EBP in practice.

At unit 6; defining broad strategies for undertaking an EBP project at an organizational level; recognizing various models that can implement EBP; recognizing the advantages of mixed methods research and defining their specific application.

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The objectives are developed in such a manner that learners while going through the units will face complex issues and challenges that will help them to push more to achieve the values, knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The objectives mainly aim at attaining the learning outcomes and are designed in ways that help learners to achieve the outcomes by progressing through the units.

Unit Details

Location: Wichita, Kansas.

Study level: Postgraduate

Unit code: NURS331

Brief Assessment Of NURS331 Evidence Based Practice Course Code

The NURS331 assessment answers course requires learners to pass several assessments which include 11 discussions, 4 quizzes, 2 worksheets, 1 clinical question writing assignment, article critique assignment, systematic review and synthesis, ethical-legal implications of research, research dissemination assignment, and finally the final exam. All assessments sum up to 1000 points.

NURS331 assignment answers and course experts have proved useful when it comes to helping learners to properly understand and achieve success in their assessments. Experts are also available for tutoring learners on subjects that may require further polish so as to completely understand their meaning which then enables the learners to apply the learned knowledge and skills in their practice.

On the other hand, it might also be helpful to understand, NURS331 assignment experts are present at all times to support the learners in any way they can, this may include assisting and helping in queries, doubts, and assignments. The experts have good knowledge and skills when it comes to evidence based nursing and its application into nursing practice. This particular knowledge has successfully helped a number of learners in facing difficulties and complexities in any area of the entire course and has enabled them to successfully complete their course to move on to further studies and practice.

What Is The weightage Of NURS331 Evidence Based Practice Course Code?

The Weightage of this NURS331 Course Code in the semester is 50 percent.

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