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Explanation of the 1209150 Information Technology Course Code

The course code 1209150 assignment answers deals with information technology. Information Technology (IT) refers to the use of the storage, computers, networking, infrastructure, other physical devices, process as well as infrastructure for creating, processing, securing and exchanging all the forms of the electronic data. Typically, IT can be used with regard to the operations of the business as opposed to the technology that is being used for the entertainment or the personal purpose.

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The commercial use of the IT seems to encompass both telecommunications and the computer technology. The term information technology is used for making distinction between the machines that are built for some purpose and designed for performing limited scope of the functions and the computing machines used for the general purpose which might be programmed for the varied level of task. With the evolution of the IT industry around the mid of the 20th century, there has been a rise in the computational capabilities with decrease in the consumption of the energy and the device cost which refers to the cycle which have still continued today with the emergence of the new technologies. It has been found that data seems to empower the industries on a worldwide basis. IT puts across the ways for processing, developing, exchanging, storing and securing information.

Information Technology might involve various aspects and seem to cover various facets of a life. It can be defined as a technology involving the maintenance, development and the use of the computer software, system and the networks for distribution and processing of the data. In other words, IT seems like a utilitarian tool. It can also be termed as an innovation. The actual purpose and importance of the information technology is to develop and research newer technologies within the cognitive science, medicine or genetics such that those advancements are able to find solution to problems faced.

It is considered that innovation which has allowed for the improvement of the various industries beyond sciences. The role played by the IT in the recent times shall continue to grow in usefulness and importance as the networks, computers, tablets, smartphones and the other devices that became smarter and increasingly capable of performing varied task. This makes us increasingly entrenched in information technology as well as data that remains available for 24 hours in a day and close to 7 days in a week.

The 1209150 assessment answers course code is attached to the Victoria University, a well-known public research university, across Melbourne, Australia.

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Unit Details

The 1209150 assignment answers unit provides a description of the knowledge and the skills for establishing the standards for the production and the design of the organizational documents and in managing the document design and the production process so that the anticipated standards are met. It is also applicable to the individuals employed within range of the work environment who seems to needs well developed skills for using in varied software packages. They seem to use the skills for establishing, documenting and implementing consistent standards of the document design with the organization.

Location: Werribee, Footscray Nicholson

Study Level: Vocational and Further education (TAFE)

Unit Code: 1209150

Brief of the 1209150 Information Technology Assessment

In 1209150 assessment answers course code the assessment task shall be designed towards extending and reinforcing the skill and the knowledge competence within controlled and set parameters according to the learning outcome of each unit and the requirement of performance criteria taking into account the setting of the work-related practical task designed for providing evidence of the competence outcomes within the scheduled and periodic timelines.

Students must demonstrate the necessary skills like identification of the needs of the organization, capabilities of information technology and requirements relevant to design and document production. This also involves standardization of the documentation for meeting the requirements of the organization while designing, testing and amending the templates of the document.

This also includes implementation, development and training for supporting of the standard templates and in monitoring the templates of standard documentation and making improvements according to the requirements of the organization. Students should also hold the ability to describe the production process of the document which involves the identification of the cost through implementation of the standard documentation. Students should also be in a position to explain software applications in relevance to the document development as well as design within the organization. This also involves the identification of the key provisions of the relevant regulations, legislations, codes and standards impacting the document production.

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Weightage of the 1209150 Information Technology Course Code in Their Semester?

The 1209150 assessment answers course code is a part of the curriculum on which the grade seems to be dependent. The 1209150 task solution course code related to the information technology provides the student with the idea of the change that the whole business world has undergone. Students also come to know how the business of the different departments seems to run faster. Students also come to known the areas of the use of the information technology like human resource, manufacturing, finance and the security. The 1209150 assessment answers course on information technology aids students in learning newer things with the help of newer gadgets.

The course also delivers knowledge on how the common people and the traders does online purchases. The presence of information technology has enabled the deals and the transactions to become easier and faster. With the emergence of the information technology, the field of the health and the medicine has observed a tremendous level of improvement. Students also come to know how conveniently doctors can send and receive information, check patients and discuss with the other experts. Information Technology have also reduced the time undertaken for the paperwork. Students also gathers knowledge on the increase of globalization due to the improvements in the information technology.

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The technology also brings the world closer and makes the economy of the world a single but interdependent system. It also helps in understanding how the information technology can be easily and quickly shared across the globe and how the barriers of the geographic and the linguistic boundaries might be torn down with people sharing information and ideas with one another. Students also become aware of how new jobs has been introduced. It helps in the creation of the newer jobs roles like software and hardware developers, programmers, web designers and system analysers. Students are also informed about how the information technology has opened thousands of jobs and newer fields for the IT professionals.

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