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Explain 102737 Thinking Critically About Texts And Society Report

Critical thinking is the ability of an individual to analyse facts and pieces of evidence that are available. Even the observations and arguments are analysed for forming a judgement for any provided aspects. This is one of the most complex aspects. There are various other definitions of critical thinking process due to which there are numerous methods and processes are considered for critical thinking. Critical thinking is a sceptical, rational and unbiased analysis of factual pieces of evidence. The process of critical thinking is self-directed, self-monitored and self-disciplined alongside being self-corrective in nature. This process is often used for developing concepts and evaluating information gathered as observations and pieces of evidence.

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These are purposeful, self-regulatory judgements that often results in the interpretation and drawing inference. It is inclusive of making a commitment to using reasoning while formulating beliefs. There are 7 primary critical features of the critical thinking process and they are: being curious and inquisitive, being able to think systematically, being able to think with an open mind, being persistent to truth, having an analytical mindset and being confident about the critical thinking process itself. An individual's desire to reach a satisfactory result is one of the other most important parts of the entire process of critical thinking. "Critical thinking is essentially a questioning, challenging approach to knowledge and perceived wisdom. It involves ideas and information from an objective position and then questioning this information in the light of our values, attitudes and personal philosophy."-- Judge, Brenda; McCreery, Elaine; Jones, Patrick (2009).

Text, on the other hand, comprises documentation. Social reports most often known as social responsibility reports are regarded as an overview of the entire process of a business or an organization that helps in the development of the corporate social responsibilities of an individual. This social report helps in ensuring that the corporate personality of an individual is maintained in society.

When it comes to business practices, this social report helps in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the business. It helps in the identification of conversions. The evolution of data analytics has however helped in determining and improving critical thinking, social reporting and numerous other aspects of the business.

After completing the 102737 assessment answers, the students shall be able to understand the ways in which social reports are developed. They shall be able to determine the ways in which texts and traditions are maintained within a social environment. This assessment is one of the critical aspects of their bachelor degrees. This should be able to make the students aware of maintaining their corporate personalities and corporate social responsibilities as well. They shall be able to communicate and make decisions better in their lives in the future.

Here the students shall study the application of texts, which is inclusive of thinking critically about the texts and the society and the social responsibilities associated with the same. Development of the skills and textual analysis abilities shall help the students to address various social issues in the future. They shall be able to ensure questions like, 'what is regarded as a good life?', 'what is inequality? What impact can that have in a society and what shall we do about it?" this shall help the students to understand the importance of social awareness and study the same in the future.

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Unit Details

Location: School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney, Australia

Study Level: Bachelors

Unit Code: 102737

Brief Of 102737 Thinking Critically About Texts And Society Report Assessment

As mentioned before, critical thinking is a process where individuals process their minds around a subject or a matter such that they can fetch an inference out of observations and analysis.

All these are basically meant for gaining an understanding of how one should communicate, making use of evidence, performing analysis and reaching a conclusion such that they can portray the same while understanding their corporate social responsibilities. The 102737 assessment answers course aims to make the students aware of the importance of critical thinking. Critical thinking is not only essential for life, it is important for any profession a student is willing to choose post completion of the studies. Developing a social report shall help them to prepare professional documentation for the business or enterprises in which they can deliver the best by the means of critical thinking and decision-making abilities.

In 102737 assignment answers, students shall prepare a social report for a business organization where they shall help in addressing the corporate social responsibilities which they should take up while working for a social organization. With this, they shall be able to show their critical thinking abilities and abilities to make decisions and perform documentation.

Weightage Of 102737 Thinking Critically About Texts And Society Report

The weightage assigned for 102737 task solution is of 40% of the entire coursework. That is, 40 marks are allotted for this assessment. The marks shall be awarded to the answers based on the understanding that has been portrayed by the students. The students are at liberty to make use of internet sources. however, there are certain restrictions and guidelines which the students should follow while taking up the assessment and they are mentioned below:

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  • The overall assignment should not exceed 2000 words.
  • Although students can make use of the internet, they shall provide original un plagiarised solutions. Before submitting the assessment to the portal, the students should make sure that the assessment has not crossed the approved percentage for plagiarism, which is 9 %. Before submitting the assignment on the portal, the solution should be checked via Turn It In and reports shall be presented alongside the solution.
  • A constant font and style shall be maintained in the assessment. That is, students should make use of readable fonts, like times new roman, Georgia, Arial, or Calibri body and the font size should be standard which is 11 or 12 font size.
  • References are important for the assessment. Any statement which has been used for the assessment should be referenced using the Harvard style of referencing and the students should make sure that they have used proper referencing for the assessment.

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