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Explain 102207 The Brain And Learning Assignment Answers Course Code

102207 the brain and learning course focuses on the interest in the relationship between the brain and how people learn is at high all the time. Most of the theories of learning and teaching say little about the brain. In the age, where the brain-based educational services and products are a multimillion-dollar industry, a need is always there for the students, their parents and any person with the interest in education for having some fundamental knowledge of brain.

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102207 assignment answers course is designed for providing the students with the straightforward introduction into the possibilities and limitation of the brain function mainly with the respect to learning and memory. Moreover with this, 102207 assessment answers course unit will also examine the motivation, challenging groups and exceptional learners. 102207 assignment answers course is associated with the Western Sydney University, Australia.

Unit Details

Location: - Australia

Study level: - Under Graduate

Unit code: -102207

Brief of 102207 The Brain And Learning Assessment

102207 assessment answers course will help the students to understand the theories related to brain and learning in the better way and they will be able to remember the lessons effectively. There will be various strategies that will be provided to the students, which will help the students to save their precious time and remember the important lessons. 102207 assessment answers course can be referred to the techniques, which take the evidence-based information about how the human brain works into account.

102207 the brain and learning course will question and challenge the traditional teaching methods that were believed for be unquestionable previously. The goal of 102207 assessment answers course is to help the teachers to improve as well as accelerate the learning process by designing the teaching activities as per the needs of the human brain for performing well. During this coursework, the students will be able to involve actively to try out and reflect various techniques. The students will experience the first hand brain-based technique work and will learn the process of applying them creatively once they learn the principles about context, memory, attention, pre-testing, motivation, testing, timing and formation.

The teachers will also be able to design various courses, lessons and activities, which will result in better understanding, better retention and better student engagement. The teachers will be having various new ideas, tips, tricks and new approaches along with the fresh outlook on the teaching process. They will also be able to give the students the informed advice on how to become better learners by studying smarter not harder. In this 102207 the brain and learning course, the student will learn about the growth of the mindset, where they will be learning how to become more intelligent. They will also learn about two types of mindsets one in fixed mindset and another is growth mindset. In the fixed mindset, they will be knowing about the people, who believe that skills, talents and intelligence are natural.

Some people are good at things naturally and some are not. Failure can be shameful for them and they will not be in control of their abilities. These types of people always try to avoid challenges and get discouraged when make any mistake. These types of people see effort as the negative things. In the growth mindset, people believes that they have the ability to learn and grow their skills. They always see failure as the valuable lesson and they have control of their own abilities. These types of people see effort as the important part the learning process and they always focus on making the process better. They always embrace challenges and try to learn from the mistakes so that they can improve their learning and grab the opportunities.  They also appreciate feedback and use this for learning.

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Learning outcomes

After completion of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Recognize the practical implications of the current and latest research in how the human brain learns
  • Understand how and when the learning will take place
  • Design the activities, lesson based on the learning principles derived from the classes
  • Make the informed decision on what strategies to use as well as why to increase the learning outcome
  • Apply the memory methods and techniques
  • Create the engaging and motivating experiences by learning in the unit
  • Get the experience and knowledge on the mastery and success
  • Will be able to support the students with fun-learning, creative and effective techniques
  • Use the better learning techniques

Tentative Schedule

Day 1: How attention works

  • Introduction to the course, external weekly activities and the school
  • Icebreaker activities
  • Presentations of the schools of the learners
  • Discovering the beliefs of the learners about learning
  • How does or does not attention work

Day 2: Attention Magnets

  • Visual memory
  • Memory techniques
  • Attention magnets
  • Elaboration strategies
  • Role of emotions

Day 3: Memory Technique

  • Timing matters
  • Retrieval practice
  • Pre-testing and priming

Day 4: Create meaning

  • Meaning and stories
  • The power of the learning context and being mindful
  • Building the self-confidence of the student
  • Feedforward and feedback

Day 5: Find the right motivation

  • Sharing the ideas
  • Staying in flow
  • Motivation

Day 6: Course closure and excursion

  • Course evaluation: round-up of the feedback, discussion and acquired competencies
  • Excursion and the other external cultural activities
  • Awarding of course certification of attendance

The schedule describes the likely activities and may differ based on the training delivery of specific session and the requests of all the learners or the participants. The schedule and number of the cultural activities depend on the locations. The further information related to 102207 assessment answers course study is available on the university webpage.

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What is the Weightage of this 102207 The Brain And Learning Course Code?

The credit point of this 102207 task solution course will be 10. The students pursuing this course will have to score minimum of 50% of the total marks to pass the exam and based the marks, they will obtain the credit points. The students will have an extra chance for appearing for the exam if they fail at first attempt.

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