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MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments

The course MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments will provide with the information that it is widely acknowledged that tourism and the environment are inextricably linked, and that ecologically conscious tourist planning is critical. Significant knowledge and expertise have been developed in the field of environmental planning for tourism. This course examines basic principles of planning for tourist facilities and attractions; emphasises the importance of maintaining quality and continuously monitoring the environmental impact of tourism; and reviews the planning approach of conducting comprehensive environmental analysis, including determining carrying capacities and applying environmentally oriented regional strategies. More study on the impact of tourism is needed, as well as refinement of development strategies, broader application of the environmental approach, and increased activities aimed at attaining the execution of ecologically oriented programs.

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This course will also enable the readers with the understanding of the need of the tourism. Tourism is critical to the prosperity of many economies worldwide. Tourism has a number of advantages for host cities. Tourism increases the economy's revenue, produces thousands of employment, enhances a country's infrastructure, and fosters a sense of cultural interaction between tourists and natives. Another factor that makes this course extremely important is the fact that tourism tend to generate a substantial number of employment in a variety of industries. These occupations may be in the tourism industry, but they may also be in the agriculture sector, the communication sector, the health sector, or the educational sector.

Unit Details Of MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments

The travel and tourism industry in India is currently experiencing unprecedented growth. The industry is one of the largest and most profitable industries in India and contributes significantly to the foreign exchange earned. As per various studies, the industry is expected to create over 45 million jobs in India by 2025. Students have endless career opportunities in this fast growing industry of travel and tourism. Candidates looking to pursue their career in the industry can choose to work for travel agencies, government tourism departments, tour operations, immigration and customs services, airlines, hotels, and the list continues. Candidates can pursue a degree, diploma, or certificate course in travel and tourism at graduation or post-graduation level. Candidates can also pursue PhD in their chosen subject of travel and tourism to build their career in the field of research

Location : Australia

Unversity : Southern Cross University

Study Level : Bachelors and Post-Graduate degree

Unit Code :MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments

Brief Of MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments Assessment

This assessment will enable the students with the understanding of the skillset that will be required for travel and tourism. It could be seen that professionals in the travel and tourism sector are concerned with delivering great services to clients who are away from home on vacation or on business. Candidates interested in pursuing a career in the tourism business must have a passion for travel, a desire to learn new things, and the ability to keep up with the newest news as well as global socioeconomic trends.

Hospitality management, tour management, and travel management are all part of the travel and tourism industry. India offers an abundance of work prospects because to the vast number of heritage, cultural, and other visitors that visit the nation each year. The majority of travel and tourism schools provide admission based on written entrance tests followed by personal interview rounds. However, some colleges or universities also admit students on the basis of merit, as established by their qualifying exam result.

It could be seen that tourism is an excellent chance for outsiders to learn about a new culture, but it also provides several opportunities for local residents. It enables young entrepreneurs to launch innovative goods and services that would not be viable on the basis of the local population alone. Furthermore, locals gain from tourism that takes place in their own nation. Adding to that, it could also be seen that Tourism fosters cultural interchange between tourists and locals. Foreigners are typically drawn to exhibitions, conferences, and events. Organizing agencies often benefit from registration fees, gift sales, exhibition space sales, and media copyright sales. Furthermore, international tourists contribute to the host country's variety and cultural richness. Governments that rely heavily on tourism for a large portion of their earnings spend heavily on the country's infrastructure. They want more visitors to visit their nation, which necessitates safe and sophisticated amenities. This results in new roads and highways, parks, better public places, new airports, and maybe better schools and hospitals. Infrastructure that is both safe and creative allows for a seamless movement of products and services. Furthermore, local residents benefit from opportunities for economic and educational progress.

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Weightage Of The MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments

MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments is a course that is a full time degree course that is taught in the university and it is a very important course for the modern tourism aspirants to have. With the aid of the course, students may achieve extremely good grades and gain a lot of practical information that will be very useful for them to begin in their practical field of work. The weight age of the course was a very high score, and it allows the student to get a lot of good grades, which will boost their total percentage and be extremely outstanding for their future. Because the course is largely centred on practical abilities, at least 40% of the whole course is based on practical training, while the remaining 60% is theoretical.

Lastly, it needs to be stated that the assessment will provide the opportunity to assess based on group work of the students. Faculty can frequently give more challenging, real issues to groups of students than to individuals. Group work also adds to the unpredictability of education by allowing groups to approach tasks and solve difficulties in fresh and fascinating ways. This may be energising for teachers. Furthermore, group assignments might be beneficial when there are only a limited number of eligible project subjects to share among students. They can also lower the quantity of final items that teachers must grade.

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