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The Australian Catholic University was founded on January 1st, 1991, as a public university. The Australian Catholic University was formed when four tertiary Catholic institutions in eastern Australia merged to become the Australian Catholic University. Institute of Catholic Education in Victoria, Signadou College of Education in the Australian Capital Territory, Catholic College of Education in Sydney, New South Wales, and McAuley College in Queensland were the tertiary institutions.

Sample Question & Answer Of UNCC300 Justice And Change In A Global World

UNCC300 Justice and Change in a Global World


Nursing Burnout Due to High Workload
A Global issue where shared responsibility for the common good is not being realized is nursing burnout due to high workload. Workload is associated with the volume of nurses. Nursing workload measurement occurs while assessing the patients. Burnout has been associated with nurses. Nurses are facing the higher workloads due to increase in the demand of the nurses firstly. Secondly, inadequate supply of nurses. Thirdly, the hospitals have reduced staffing and increased the working hours. Fourthly, since the workload increases it results in job dissatisfaction among the nurses which further contributes to higher nurse turnover. Global issues have changed the world drastically.
On the contrary, justice consists of morality of individual rights and global common goods. Justice also deals with global health policy of individuals. Relationship between the community and self can be realized (Klinsky et al., 2017). A renewed importance on the dignity of human beings based on solidarity, action and advocacy was expressed by Pope Francis. The concept of common good was applied in ancient times. It chiefly dealt with the maintainability of the community’s responsibility. Politics is widely known and it fascinates the demands and interests of individuals. Individuals who are present in the world faced global issues. Global challenges are generally faced to resolve but were criticized instead on policy networks, advocacy, governance and regulatory networks. Read More...

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Australian Catholic University has seven campuses, all of which are located in Brisbane, Queensland. The Australian Catholic University and the Catholic University of America cooperated to open the Rome Centre in 2015. Universities Australia, ACCU, IFCU, ICUSTA, and OUA are all connected with ACU. There are approximately 29,000 pupils enrolled.

UNCC300 will be useful to students whose future employment will need them to interact with vulnerable persons or whose dignity is being questioned due to their circumstances. This unit is appropriate for students interested in nursing, paramedicine, law, teaching, social work, psychology, and international development, among other fields.

Universal fraternity and aspirations for the common good begin with an understanding that we are all interdependent. This unit will help you to develop your understanding of human dignity in the context of a global community. You'll learn skills that will help government, business, faith groups, and non-profit organizations work together to create a more just and equitable society. You will acquire the skills and information necessary to change the perspective of an interdependent world after completing this unit.

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