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Write an Argumentative Essay

Steps Of Writing An Argumentative Essay

An essay is a piece of writing intended to write about a topic in detail. It is done to inform or describe all minute detailed information about that topic. While writing an essay, it is very important to maintain its size and composition. It should not belong and be monotonous. An essay writer must have the skill of writing short and crisp essays, including all the necessary information about the subject within it.

Essays are of many types. They can be broadly classified into four categories – Narrative Essay, Descriptive  Essay, Argumentative Essay, Expository Essay. The central idea of each type of essay is suggested by the name itself. The narrative mainly focuses on the narration of a story or an incident. In contrast, descriptive is more of describing the details of the incident. On the other hand, argumentative deals with arguments either for or against the subject. Last but not least expository implies giving necessary information about a topic, either person or object.

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Each one of the essays has its own set of rules and regulations. But as per students, the trickiest one among the four is the argumentative essay. But need not worry in the below-mentioned points concept of an argumentative essay is discussed in detail.

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a kind of essay that presents contentions about the two sides of an issue. It may be the case that the two sides are introduced similarly adjusted, or it may be the case that one side is presented more strongly than the other. Everything relies upon the writer and what side he upholds the most.

It presents an extended, evidence-based argument. The main requirement of an argumentative essay is that it requires a solid statement to argue upon. Also, a writer must have a clear stance on the topic. Elsewise the content of the essay won’t be crisp, and it even might confuse the readers.

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The writer must have a precise aim to convince the reader. The essay must be well informed to justify the stated arguments correctly and rather accurately.

What Is the Format of an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay has mainly 3 parts. But the second part can be again classified into two subparts. The following points discuss the same – 

  1. Introduction – The statement for or against which the writer puts forward his opinion and justification are mentioned very clearly to avoid confusion. This section merely introduces the discussed topic to the readers. The background of the topic and the importance of the issue is usually mentioned here. 
  2. Body – After the introduction comes to the main body of the essay. This part can be further divided into two more sub-parts. They have been mentioned below – 
  3. Arguments – This portion states the major views of the writer, either for the statement or against the statement. Here the writer is supposed to clearly state his stance on the statement. He must also provide enough justified proof or examples to support the same.
  4. Counterarguments – This portion focuses on giving a counterargument to the previously mentioned arguments. It is kind of intended to refute earlier made arguments. This helps in portraying the actual current position and weight of the topic.
  5. Conclusion – The conclusion intends to put light on the major focus points of the entire essay. Also, in this section, the writer is supposed to give a few remarks on the same. Lastly, he can end the essay with an open-ended question for the readers to think and sink in the topic.
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5 Steps To Write An Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay is both fun and challenging. Naturally, everybody wants to be heard. But there is a way of putting forward your opinions in a constructive way. Also, the opinions and statements made must be justified with proper evidence and examples.

Below mentioned are the 5 steps that will make the process of writing an argumentative essay easier for you – 

  • The topic of high interest – The first step is to choose a topic of high interest in the present timeline. It helps the readers relate to the topic and the discussion at a higher level. And the more readers are able to relate, the more fruitful will be your discussion. Hence choose a topic of recent timeline and make sure to verify the interest people have in it in general.
  • Research and organise –Do high research on the topic. Find all available information from all available and reliable sources of information. Make sure to have a piece of profound knowledge on the topic before beginning to write. In case of any doubts, get it solved. It is so because, with doubts, it would be impossible to state your opinions and arguments.
  • Form a structure –Prepare a structured outline of the essay before writing it out. A little bit of preplanning is never harmful. Plan out all arguments you want to include in the body of your essay. Next, decide on the counterarguments. Before you begin writing, you must have an angle ready in your mind, according to which you are supposed to write.
  • Claim, argue and give an opinion –Though claim, argument and opinions might seem similar, there lies a thin line of difference between them. Claim refers to a strong statement that might be true but might not be supported. The next argument is a stance on a topic that is organised by the claim(s), proved by reasons, facts and evidence. Lastly, opinion is the most personal stand of an individual on a topic. Try to use all three to develop the content of the essay.
  • Conclude – Provide a conclusion for the essay that highlights all the important crucial points mentioned by you. The conclusion must help to shift the reader’s focus on the angle you tried to portray and, at the same time, must hold a clear picture of the present weight of the topic.

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