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100+ Narrative Essay Topics

Storytelling is not a new concept. It dates back to the prehistoric age. It is hard to imagine that our ancestors sitting around the fire in the caves and telling stories, right?

Human beings always are, and always have been obsessed with stories. Stories engage the emotional part of our brains, which retains longer than the information part. While writing a narrative essay, one might think of it as telling a story. Keep reading this blog for relevant insights.

Narrative essay topics are prompts that carry a single motif or central point around which the entire narrative revolves. A narrative essay comprises the following factors:

  • Characters
  • Incidents
  • Dialogues

In a narrative essay, the particular story or incident is narrated from a well-defined point of perspective. The author needs to include sensory details, intriguing sub-plots and other references in order to get the reader involved in its key elements and sequence of the story.

An Overview of Narrative Essay Topics

A narrative essay is the only genre of an academic essay writing which enables a writer to make use of his imagination and creativity to the fullest. Selecting a remarkable narrative essay topic will enable you to write an essay through which the readers would be able to envision the time, place and situation the essay is describing.

Choosing a topic for this genre can be quite daunting for some students. The problem arises when they get baffled to choose a topic that would engage the readers or appeal to them emotionally. If you are struggling to choose a narrative essay topic that would appeal or connect the readers at a personal level, then this blog will surely help you out.

Keep reading to explore some remarkable narrative essay topics with remarkable examples.

Smart Tips for Choosing the Best Narrative Essay Topics

Let us learn the ways to select an exemplary narrative essay topic.

  • Narrative essays are supposed to tell stories:

While writing a narrative essay, you are required to prove a point by telling a story. It is not essential to incorporate dialogues, settings or plot, but it is necessary to explain the events that you or someone else has experienced. Through these experiences, the readers will be able to connect with you and learn a life lesson.

  • Read narrative essays for inspiration:

Becoming acquainted with various narrative essays is an excellent way to understand the genre. It will enable you to get ideas for what you want to write. Take a tour of the library, or read some online resources to get a comprehensive idea of exceptional narrative essay topics.

  • Pick a topic that agrees with the essay length:

It is common for students to decide on a broad topic. Such topics become a hindrance in the process of composing a stellar narrative essay format. It is wise to choose narrow essay topics that suffice the word limit of the essay. Select a topic on which there is a wide range of credential resources available to elucidate your idea.

  • Select a topic that proves a point:

It is crucial for narrative essays to prove a point. Usually, students tend to bypass the fact that narrative essays have to convince the readers that they can derive a life lesson out of the narrated story. Without the purpose of the story, a reader cannot comprehend the purpose of storytelling.

These were some foolproof tips to choose an outstanding topic for a narrative essay. Now discover some amazing examples of a narrative essay.

Interesting and Unique List of Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essays are perhaps one of the simplest types of essays you have to write. It is essential to select unique and intriguing topics to engage the readers, to render your personality and writing skills.

Below is a list of narrative essay topics for

  1. College students
  2. Fictional
  3. Grade 6
  4. Grade 7
  5. Grade 8
  6. Grade 9
  7. High school (Grade 12, Grade 11, Grade 10)
  8. University students
  9. Personal
  10. Descriptive
  11. Middle school
  12. Relationships
  13. Education
  14. Being a student
  15. Teach a lesson
  16. Friendship
  17. Literacy
  18. Christmas
  19. Love
  20. Nature
  21. Biographical

Narrative essay comes in various shapes and forms. The write-up or the very essence of the narrative primarily depends on the topic. Unless an individual gets the hang of the essay topic, drafting the paper by establishing logical connections between the sub-plots will be difficult.

Here are a few examples of major narrative essay topics in accordance with different academic standards.

Narrative essay topics for college students

Here is a list of some best narrative essay topic examples for college students:

  • Describe your personality in social media.
  • Write about the most complicated college assignment you wrote and achieved the highest grades.
  • Explain the role of internet in your life
  • Narrate an episode that altered your relationship with your parents.
  • Discuss the experiences that changed your views on the first impression of other people.

Fictional narrative essay topics

Here are some fictional narrative essay topic examples.

  • A trip that included something unusual or surprising
  • A moment in your life when you experienced something spooky
  • A field trip conducted by your school
  • A day at the museum in your country or state
  • Your confrontation with a wild animal in forest

Narrative essay topics for Grade 6

Here is a list of a few narrative essay topics for grade 6 students.
  • The day when you learned how to ride a bicycle
  • Your first experience of going to school without parents
  • Something funny that has happened to you in recent days
  • An act of kindness you had been a part of
  • Your first visit to a historical place in your city

Narrative essay topics for Grade 7

Please find a list of narrative essay topics for grade 7 students.
  • Your favourite memories of summer vacation
  • A day without your mother at home
  • A night full of thunderstorms and heavy rain
  • A moment when you missed your father when he was at work
  • The most enjoyable birthday party of your life

Narrative essay topics for Grade 8

Check out a few narrative essay topics for grade 8 students.
  • A situation that you think has ever happened only to you
  • A moment when you felt you were gradually growing up
  • A memorable experience with your best friend
  • Wired or scary encounter with a stranger
  • A moment when you got lost in thoughts somewhere

Narrative essay topics for Grade 9

Here is a list of narrative essay topics for grade 9 students.
  • Birthdays treat that turned out to be disappointing
  • Something funny that happened to your family member or a close friend
  • An incident that made you realise the true worth of life
  • Your first encounter with a dog or any other pet
  • A day trip with friends and whether it turned good or bad

Narrative essay topics for high school (Grade 12, Grade 11, Grade 10)

Given below are some narrative essay topic examples of high school.

  • Narrate about an unforgettable dream
  • The time when you experienced a spooky incident
  • How will you express yourself artistically?
  • The time when you stood up for someone or fought for an issue that you care about
  • Write on “The idea hit me like the tornado”

Narrative essay topics for University students

Below is a list of some outstanding narrative essay topics for University students:

  • Narrate about a conflict that has become a disturbing memory
  • Write about an experience when you overcame fear
  • Narrate about a moment when you made your family proud
  • Share your experience of solving a dilemma in your life
  • A time when you faced racial and religious discrimination

Personal narrative essay topics

Here is a list of some personal narrative essay topics that will enable you to share your experiences with the readers.

  • Memorable days with family members
  • An experience that led to fighting cowardice
  • A misunderstanding with an important person in your life
  • Write about an incident that caused morality challenge
  • Narrate about a rebellious act from your life

Descriptive narrative essay topics

Explore some inspiring descriptive narrative essay topics:

  • Write about a dream you still remember
  • Write about the most embarrassing moment of your life
  • Who would you be if you lived in a different century?
  • What was performing in front of a crowd like?
  • Explain a paranormal experience

Narrative essay topics for middle school

If you are out of ideas, you can read the list of narrative essay topic examples for middle school:

  • Write about a funny memory of a vacation
  • Write about a different language you would love to learn someday.
  • Did you learn a lesson from the last challenging situation you faced?
  • What career are you aiming to pursue? Why?
  • Time travel to the Victorian Age. Who are you? What do you see?

Narrative essay topics on relationships

One of the most common narrative essay topics is on relationships. If brainstorming is not helping you out, you can choose from the list:

  • Write about the definition of family
  • State your opinions on marriage
  • If you were on a deserted island and can only bring one person, who would that be?
  • Write about some traditions that were passed down through your family?
  • How does your family pay tribute to the members who have passed away?

Narrative Essay Topics about Education

Below is a list of narrative essay topic examples on education that would help you to score high grades:

  • Narrate about the role of technology in education
  • Write about the difficulties you face in high school.
  • Explain how homework has helped you to achieve good grades.
  • How did cursive writing help you?
  • How do you overcome academic stress?

Narrative essay topics on being a student

Here is a list of exceptional essay topics that will enable you to narrate remarkably on student life:

  • Problems and difficulties of school that bothers you
  • Write about conflicts you were a part of
  • Write about a teacher who contributed greatly to the development of your personality
  • Did you take efforts to be unique or stand out from your class?
  • The day you made your career choice.

Narrative essay topics that teach a lesson

Take a look at the list below and pick the questions that inspire you to tell an interesting story:

  • Narrate about an incident when you failed miserably. What did you learn?
  • Write about your secret survival strategies
  • Narrate the last time when something scared or challenged you
  • How did you react when someone provoked you?
  • The feedback that made you improve in life

Narrative essay topics about friendship

If you are struggling to write a narrative essay on friendship, take a look at the list below:

  • Narrate about the time when you met your best friend
  • How was losing a friend difficult for you
  • What is true friendship?
  • How you helped your best friend in times of distress?
  • Friendships and long distance friendships

Literacy narrative essay topics

Explore a remarkable list of literacy narrative essay topic examples:

  • Tell a story about the best memory of reading
  • Narrate about the books you read when you were little
  • Narrate a story when you first learned to use a computer.
  • How your grandparents taught you to read or write
  • Tell about the book that you have recently read

Narrative essay topics about Christmas

The Christmas holidays are the best time to create memories. Here is a list of handful of narrative essay topic examples that will help you to narrate Christmas memories:

  • The most remarkable Christmas of your life
  • Narrate a Christmas holiday tradition of your family
  • Write about the most wonderful Christmas memory as a kid
  • This Christmas I hope
  • Write about your favourite Christmas book or movie

Narrative essay topics about love

Explore a list of narrative essay topic examples about love and write something out of the box:

  • Write about the memorable experience of love
  • Love is a way of escapism. Discuss.
  • When I fell in love
  • How did falling in love contributed to your personality
  • How I realised my family loves me more than I expected

Narrative essay topics about nature

Given below is a list of creative topic examples for writing narrative essays on nature:

  • Narrate about the most intimate experience you had with nature
  • The time when you became interested in gardening
  • A short story about your experience in a summer thunderstorm
  • What is your favourite season? Why?
  • What elements of nature appeal to you the most? Why?

Biographical narrative essay topics

Below is a list of some interesting biographical narrative essay topics that may help you out:

  • Write your opinions about a speech delivered by Oprah Winfrey
  • Narrate how you struggled to achieve a goal
  • Discuss a vivid memory of your childhood
  • Explain a light-bulb moment of your life

Parting Words

You can now choose a fabulous narrative essay topic to nail that essay like a pro and score high grades. The exceptional lists of intriguing topics and our expert guidelines are sure to help you out in all your academic pursuits.

Here’s wishing you all the luck.

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