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How to write a satire essay?

How To Write A Satire Essay?

The main objective of satire essay writing is to make fun of something or someone. There are nine types of humour in literature, and satire is one of the most commonly used humour forms to poke politicians and social norms by comedians and cartoonists. This form of writing is quite daunting for students as it involves hyperboles and irony to drive the factor. Composing a satire essay is not like you write something informative or cracking jokes in between lines. Satire writing involves intellectuality, facts, and humour. So, the best way to start writing is to find great satire topics.    

Here is a list of examples of satire essays to give you some major hints: 

  • Freedom of speech is a necessity in every country. 
  • Reasons why Russia is one of America’s top ally 
  • 13 Reasons why Brexit is good for Britain 
  • Communism is directly proportionate to capitalism 
  • Why North Korea’s Press Freedom Is The Preferred Option
  • Top 10 Reasons Why Brexit Is Good For Britain
  • Is Gun Control Talk Overrated?
  • Exercising Your Rights To Vote In Fun Ways
  • The psychology behind telling a lie and how to get away with it is a great way. 
  • Ten whys and wherefores to become an annoying person 
  • Why ignoring strangers as an adult is a stupid idea 

Here are some more funny satire essay examples:

  • No Minister is a sinner 
  • Not all celebrities are showbiz products 
  • Would you stay married to Kanya for money?
  • Why do bears love honey?
  • The easy life of a single mother 
  • Divorce rates are high after luxurious weddings
  • The body-shaming and social norms 
  • Human effort to plant frees while deforestation occurrence
  • The consumer is never right  
  • Single life is the best way to lead your life 

Now, let us get down to the tips and tricks.

What are the crucial critical components of satire essays?

Every satirical essay should include the below basics to attract reads:


If you go through some modern examples of satire, you can easily detect some examples of irony. Here, the writer should use words, idioms, and phrases to highlight the opposite of what they want to clarify. This irony includes the readers to feel the essence of the satire essay while decoding its underlying message. It is nothing but reading between the lines things.        


Hyperbole is one of the standard literary elements mainly used in satiric essays. It helps to recap your point on a definite issue. Hyperbole amplifies the data that you provide. You need to be sure enough while using magnification in a satirical essay, as the chances are that you might fail. Moreover, you should mention only accurate information in your satirical writing essays. Take a look at some modern examples of satire to understand the correct usage of hyperbole in satire essays. 


While writing a satirical essay, how can you leave “humour” behind? It is one of the most crucial and inseparable key elements in satirical essays. The primary purpose of crafting a satirical essay is to generate humour. If you are dealing with a political event or something, you should reflect the reader's opinion on the subject from your standpoint.

5 Golden rules of crafting a satirical essay?

Selecting your satire essay topics:

This step is one of the most important ones while writing a satirical essay. Satire essays fall under various genres, unlike other essay types. Therefore, it is recommended that students choose the satire topics that they are interested in exploring. It will make your writing process a great joy ride, and you can explore various things.

Your readers can choose your personal opinion and passionate areas about the topic while going through your essay. The objective should either make them laugh or be angry or both. This is the actual flavour of writing satire essay topics. Here are the steps to follow:

Determine your opinion: 

After selecting the satire topic for your writing, your next task is to determine the objective you are trying to prove by the satirical essay. The subtle touch of humour must be focused on the overall fact. Otherwise, your satirical essay will seem partial and scattered. Here are some points to follow: 

  • Put down your opinion about the subject.
  • What are your personal feelings about the particular topic? 
  • Have you captured the irony part yet?
  • How can you portray your essay funny? 

Your reader : 

After portraying your stand clearly, you should now focus on the reader's aspect. Who is your reader? Will they like your satire formation? Is your satire essay going to be read by every kind of person? Would it be grabbed the attention of your professor? Identifying your targeted reader is vital as you have to set the writing style according to them. For example, if your satire essay is composed for high school students, you should make it easier. Know some questions you need to ask while targeting your audience:

  • Who will read your satirical essay?
  • How would you wrap up your point of view if you were voicing it to someone? 
  • What is your writing tone- casual or formal? And why?
  • How would you compose the satire essay if it was being written for professionals in the discipline?

Assimilate all the pointers:

Now, it is time to set the background of the topic. The writing process should start with a particular aspect about the satire essay topic and the reader’s opinion. If you want to compose an impeccable satirical essay that will entertain your readers as well as give an adequate impression in the minds of the readers, you must follow this mention tips:         

  • Using proper use of hyperbole when you exaggerate specific points. 
  • Choose language/vocabulary/terms delicately that exaggerate the irony.
  • Comprise lots of humour.
  • Express satire in a sentence- it attracts readers more quickly. 
  • Try to add more relevant sarcasm is the better approach.
  • Adhere to the facts.

Structure a catchy introduction: 

The introduction is another part of satirical essays. You have to catch up with an exciting introduction in satirical essays. It will work like a hook for your readers, and they will read the entire essay thoroughly. The introductory tone will set the pace and direction of the whole paper and eventually leading to success.  

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