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10 Best Tips to Write a Comparative Essay -

How To Write A Comparative Essay?

Comparative essay, as the name suggests is widely based on differences and similarities between certain notions, declarations, theories and judgments. Comparative essay, comparison essay or compare and contrast essays are all the same, and based on the fundamentals of significant differences and points of contrast that one has to look for, study, research, analyze and establish.

Now here are the 10 most effective and recommended tips on how to write a comparative essay. Following the helpful advice mentioned below will help you come up with impressive comparative essays, displaying a structured composition from every possible angle.

Tip #1. Figure out and confirm the theme you would follow or talk about

For every comparative essay, recognizing the theme of investigation and the primary idea that you would represent and establish in the paper is crucial. So, first things first; you have to be sure of what value your comparative essay will add to the readers and whether the theme of discussion is legit enough to carry out.

For instance, if you need to compare two different eras of literature then pick a stance which is relevant and comparable, e.g. the literary psychoanalysis or the literary style prevalent during those periods. Based on a particular subject matter, choose to go ahead with the paper.

Tip #2. Invest your time in accumulating all relevant details

Mere recognizing the theme of the comparative essay isn’t enough if you lack the required materials and informative details in support of the claims or the statement you’re trying to establish.

If you have guidelines provided by your professors then follow the same, then you may consider visiting online libraries, extract information from reliable archives and read enough books for self-knowledge. That would make your comparative essay more insightful.

Also to be added, you should consider reading previous works on the theme or the subject matter. This would help you to draw inspirations and develop ideas on how to write a comparative essay.

Tip #3. Consider representing the differences in an informative column

If you are confused how to write a comparative essay and make it look attractive, then take note of the fact that a wide and crystallized overview is what your audience expects to see in the paper. So, you cannot disappoint them by loosely covering the aspects with no explanative columns included in your comparative essay. Try this instead; here’s an example:




Idealism and Realism

Intense faith in nature

Negligible or little faith in nature


Emotional outbursts were common

Plots were usually complicated and lengthy in nature


Emotional expressions and tone

Usage of modern and pragmatic expressions


You can follow the aforementioned example and try to incorporate the same anywhere within your comparative essay content where you may like to highlight certain striking and notable differences. Using smart grids and columns to address your readers with your findings can prove to be a nice way to make their experience of reading through the comparative essay enjoyable and interesting.

Tip #4. Come up with a result-driven thesis statement

There’s no denying that a comparative essay without a thesis statement can prove to be a misguiding one in the long run. It is one of the primary sections where you are supposed to talk about your ideas, main theme and the results identified through the comparisons. Here is a brief idea about how to write a comparative essay using a perfect thesis statement.

Although the eras of Romanticism and Victorianism have an equally crucial role to play when it comes to literature and literary studies, there are certain remarkable differences if we are to talk about idealism, plot and language.

Tip #5. Choose your comparison methodology wisely

There are two basic methods of comparison that can be incorporated in your comparative essay, namely the block method and the point-by-point method. If you are proposing or introducing something new to your readers a theory in contrast to something conventional, then opting for the block method can help you in this matter.

If in case you choose to show comparisons directly and make your comparative essay an impactful one with a well-knit write-up, then following the point-by-point method will allow you to produce essays with a helpful explanation of all crucial points that you may wish to establish and highlight.

Tip #6. Consider citing sources according to your discipline of writing

This is yet another vital point of concern. It is supposed to be considered and remembered when it comes to composing a comparative essay or any other composition for the matter of fact. It can be of MLA style, APA format or the Chicago Style and many more. Whenever you are using any research findings and data in the paper, make sure to cite the source in the appropriate format. Skipping this crucial part and missing out on citing the used sources can put your composition in trouble in the long run. So, you need to be quite careful in such cases.

Tip #7. Strategize a proper outline for your essay

Prior to your commencement of the comparative essay writing help task, it is absolutely important for you to strategize and prepare an accurate outline for the essay. You can use attractive bullet points to jot down your plans and represent them in a constructive way in the form of a structured column.

An essay outline is a nice way to represent your contents that one would find within the paper. As far as impressing your professors is concerned, there’s no substitute for a constructively outlined comparative essay.

Tip #8. Avoid beginning with the introduction at first

Begin with the body paragraphs at first. This is where you will be using the majority of the accumulated data and every other detail in order to compare and contrast the main context of your comparative essay topic. Once you are done with the major chunk of the task, move next to the concluding portion of your paper. It would be much easier for you compose the conclusion based on the story you have developed in the body paragraph of your comparative essay.

Now that you’re done with the body and the conclusion, start with the introduction, which is basically a combination of rephrased and reorganized write-ups based on what you have included in the body and in the conclusion. This, as a result, will also help you to maintain a fine balance between the three-most vital sections in the paper.

Tip #9. Refrain from using or including anything plagiarized

It is to be remembered that plagiarism is a big NO-NO when it comes to composing comparative essays or any other academic project.

One can even have his/her essay rejected if the composition gets subjected to plagiarism. So, you need to be quite careful in this matter and refrain from using plagiarized content, irrespective of the fact whether you are committing an intentional or accidental plagiarism.

Tip #10. Always keep time to revise your comparative essay before submission

All your effort, accumulation of data, adding references and citing crucial sources in your comparative essay paper will simply go down the drain if you end up submitting a loosely revised copy, filled with numerous contextual flaws, grammatical errors, editing flaws and proofreading mistakes. So, make sure you’re revising your comparative essay thoroughly before submission.

So, this was all about composing perfect comparative essays. Make it a point to keep each of the suggestions mentioned above in mind and never miss a chance to steal the show with stellar comparative essay compositions.

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