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A Comprehensive Guide To Writing Excellent Analysis Essays -

A Comprehensive Guide To Writing Excellent Analysis Essays

Whether you are in the elementary school or pursuing your masters at a University, essays are something that remains constant throughout your student life. Of course, the requirements get more complex, and the topics start to sound more difficult as you climb higher in the academic stairs, but it is almost impossible for the students to continue their academic pursuit without facing an essay assignment. So, if you still get intimidated by the thought of essay writing, it is time to face the fear and learn how to draft an incredible essay.

Well, if you are a college student, you are expected to write an analysis essay, which is usually a little different than what you have written during your school days. An analysis essay is more of an analytical overview of a research paper, a company, a movie, a book or an event which provides the reader with a broad understanding of the content. Students are usually asked to write a literary analysis essay which is basically an analytical overview of a book or a piece of literature (poem, novel, prose, story, etc.). But how would you write it? Well, the professional essay writers follow a set of rules and guidelines while drafting analysis essay and if you want to prepare an impressive analysis essay, you will require following the same guidelines.

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  1. Learn the basics

Before you start writing an analysis essay, you need understand the fundamentals of analysis. Drafting an analysis essay isn’t same as describing a topic in an ordinary way. You need to be very particular about the oddness and essence of the topic. You need to cover the following objectives throughout the paper while working on a literary analysis essay.

  • Elucidate the meaning of the topic
  • Give an objective analysis of the topic
  • Do a comparison between the topic of the essay and something relevant. You can perform this step simply by discovering the pros and cons of the topic and what it is being compared to.
  • Assess the subject by presenting an argument and defending that argument with solid proof to back the opinion.

You’ll need to prepare a thesis statement, which is technically the core of the argument. You need to express your claim (or argument) in a single sentence that will give the readers a brief idea of what the essay is all about.

  1. Get started with the analysis essay

To draft an analysis essay, you need to come up with an argument which you can defend throughout your essay. Now as we told earlier, a thesis is the essence of the argument, and you will need to express your claim in just one sentence in the form of a thesis statement. Once you are done writing the thesis statement, you'll need to plan how the essay should be approached to justify that thesis statement. Here's what you should do.

  • First of all, define the objective of your analysis. You cannot cover each and every aspect of the given topic. So narrow it down. An analysis essay on "To Kill a Mockingbird" may sound vague. An analysis essay on the racial inequality described in the novel can be an easier to prepare. Besides, you have a limitation of words, so be specific while drafting.
  • Perform thorough research work, using both offline and online material to clarify the issue mentioned in the thesis statement.
  • Determine the significant parts of the issue by thoroughly checking each portion individually to discover how it works.
  • Determine the links between those various aspects of the topic.
  • Solve the main problem using the information you found through the aforementioned steps.

By the time you'll be done performing these steps, you'll develop a decent understanding of the topic as well as the thesis statement. Now you need to create an outline for the paper which will function as the plan of action.

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  1. Draw the outline

When you are going to create the outline for your analytical paper, you need to follow a particular format to perform that step. An essay generally consists of five paragraphs which include the following segments:

  • Introduction (the first paragraph)
  • The body (the next three paragraphs)
  • Conclusion ( the final paragraph)

You need to use all the gathered information and the arguments in these five paragraphs. The best way to utilize this structure is by choosing the top three arguments and explaining them individually in one body paragraph each.

  1. Select a topic

The title of the essay is the first thing that catches the reader’s attention. So if you want to make a great first impression with your essay, you need to decide a compelling title for your analysis essay. Experts believe that an ideal essay title should cover these following factors:

  • Impress and engage the reader
  • Grab the reader’s attention by being unique
  • Offer a comprehensive description of the content of the essay with the help of a few precisely chosen words.

The next stop is writing the main content of the essay.

  1. Begin with the introduction

As the name gives away, an introduction introduces the readers to the topic, but before you start writing the introduction of an analysis paper, there are certain factors that you should know. The basic objective of the introduction is to hook the reader from the very beginning. You need to present the topics and the issues in an interesting way so that the readers keep reading the essay.

  • Start with a general introduction to the topic to provide the readers with a lead-in.
  • Then introduce the thesis statement which will shift the readers from a generalized introduction to a more specific space where you tease the important topics and your unique take on the topic.
  • Finally, present a general outline of the essay paper.

Now that you have introduced the topic in a specific manner to the reader, it’s time to elucidate the arguments in the body.

  1. Get going with the body

Body is the most significant part of the essay, so you should pay more attention to it while drafting. This is the segment where you put across your opinions are arguments about the topic and provide significant evidence to support your claim. Make sure you have collected all the essential information before you start writing the body because you need to provide comprehensive content in this segment. Also, keep these following things in mind when you are drafting the body.

  • Talk about one argument in each of the paragraphs. In some cases, the arguments can address multiple issues though.
  • Maintain objectivity throughout the essay, even while expressing your opinion. An unbiased analysis adds more value to the essay.
  • Also, try to be reasonable when you are presenting an opinion or judgment on any issue.
  • Present a few opposing opinions to deliver a balanced perspective.

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Not necessarily, you have to justify the opposing views; you can pose your argument in such a way that they can counter these opposing opinions and establish your claim more firmly. Here are some tips that can help you draft a compelling body for your analysis essay.

  • Select a topic sentence for the argument you are going to discuss. This should be the first line of the respective paragraph. The topic sentence not only introduces the argument but also indicates how the arguments relate to the thesis statement.
  • Present the context for the topic sentence whether it reflects a specific incident in the society or something else. Offer convincing evidence on who, what, why, when, where, and how.
  • Give a comprehensive analysis of the argument and show how it proficiently proves your thesis.
  • Conclude the paragraph with a sentence that sums up the paragraph and transitions smoothly to the next paragraph.

Since there will be three paragraphs for most of the cases, you should perform these tricks on each of those paragraphs to make the whole essay more comprehensive. Once you are done writing the body part, you’ll be left with only one segment, i.e. the conclusion.

  1. Finish the essay in style

Conclusions do not usually take too much space. It is a short and simple paragraph that summarizes everything that has been described in the essay. Since it’s the last thing that the readers find in the essay, it needs to leave powerful enough to leave a long-lasting impression on the reader. You can use these following steps to draft an effective conclusion for your essay.

  • Mention the thesis statement once again in conclusion and talk briefly about your argument(s).
  • You need to prove that your argument crosses the boundary of literary analysis and carries a more significant part in understanding the bigger picture. Taking the instance of "To Kill a Mockingbird", your essay should be able to highlight the racial inequality in not just the novel but also in today's society. Your essay should consider how it is influencing the members of the society.

So that is it! With these set of tricks and tips, you can draft an awe-inspiring analysis essay in no time. Also to ensure you don't leave any error in the copy, do perform multiple revisions on the copy and make editing adjustment if it seems necessary. You may never know one simple mistake in the copy can ruin the whole essence of the analysis essay. So be a little careful about the small details. And also make sure the content is plagiarism-free. Your informative essay won't make the cut if it's filled with traces of plagiarism.

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Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students

Question: What are the four types of analysis?

Answer: When it comes to an analysis essay, there are four types:

  • Descriptive – Where you have to analyse the illustrative aspects of a piece of work
  • Exploratory – Where you have to delve deep into the theme of the literary work
  • Inferential – Where you have to bring out the essence and inner semblance of a piece of work
  • Predictive – Where you have to predict the outcome and analyse the reaction to a piece of work

Question: What is an analysis paragraph in an essay?

Answer: In an essay, the analysis paragraph comprises the body paragraphs that present evidence that proves the thesis. For an analytical paragraph that stands alone, the paragraph acts as the direct response to the topic.

It makes an arguable claim by developing the idea expressed in the topic sentence. The purpose of an analysis paragraph is to answers the questions raised in the topic sentence and define terms that add depth to the topic sentence.

Question: How long should analysis paragraph be?

Answer: There is no conventional word limit for a standalone analysis paragraph. It should consist of:

  • The topic sentence that informs the reader about the main idea and connects to the thesis of the essay
  • The context and textual evidence, where you explain what is happening in the text by including a passage in verbatim as evidence
  • The analysis, where you explain how the evidence supports your topic sentence
  • The concluding sentence that ties back the entire paragraph to the topic sentence

Question: How do you start an analysis paragraph?

Answer: Start the analysis paragraph with a topic sentence that is the central theme that you will be discussing in the section. The sentence should not be a factual statement. Instead, it must be an idea that can be argued on.

In the first few lines, you can focus on specific words, phrases, or ideas that you have found in the piece of work. Draw connections between the evidence and the topic sentence and ensure that it connects to the thesis in the essay.

Question: What is an example of an analysis?

Answer: Anna, who chaperones the patients on the trip, reflects an unhindered essence that can break the oppressive ways maintained in the ward. Her presence acts against the equipment that controls the patients. When she enters the ward, David imagines a "blue smoke … near the ceiling over her head; [he thinks] the apparatus has burned out all over the ward trying to adjust to her busting in as she did" (196). Anna enters so unexpectedly that the machinery cannot calibrate itself and, thus burns out.

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