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All About Discursive Essay: Comprehensive Guide and Prompts -

65 Powerful Discursive Essay Topics With Smart Writing Tips

Discursive essays mark the foundation of drafting something that can either be argued for or against the topic. On the other hand, there are certain discursive essay topics that can be developed and discussed from independent perspectives, without clinging to any particular notion.

Well, the challenge lies elsewhere in this essay genre. There are certain discursive essay rules concerning key components, textual approaches, choice of words and topics. Unless you know how to bring such elements into play, perfecting the paper will not only be strenuous, but time-consuming as well.

So, let’s move on to the aspect of outlining the right approach to deal with this essay genre. This informative blog shall guide you through the format, definition, topics and other essentials that will bring an answer to the question of the hour, “What is a discursive essay and how to go about its topics?”

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What is a Discursive Text? Constructive Insights

A discursive text essentially comprises some critical elements, as mentioned below.

  • Discussion of idea(s)
  • Perspectives towards varied opinions
  • Impactful texts with a direct intention of persuading the readers
  • Discursive texts can also be humorous, sarcastic and argumentative in nature

Well, merely getting the hang of what is a discursive text is not enough if you still have these questions unanswered in your mind. Take a look.

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  • How to start a discursive text?

Here’s everything you need to follow while adding discursive texts to your write-ups.

  • When beginning with a discursive text, keep in mind that the style should be more impersonal in comparison with other essay types or assignments.

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  • The text must present and discuss perspectives and opinions in a rational manner.
  • Discursive texts shouldn’t solely be based on personal opinions.
  • If you put forth an opinion, then you must back it up with relevant references and data.
  • What are the various types of discursive texts?

There are basically two types of discursive text ideas, namely:

  • Persuasive texts that can argue either in favour or against a particular opinion, event, notion and the likes.
  • Then, there are argumentative texts that focus on a particular opinion and try to justify the same in a balanced way.

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  • How to write a discursive text?

Well, there is no definitive suggestion on how to write a discursive text. You just need to be confident with the words you put forth. The primary purpose of using discursive text is to let your reader know that you are confident of the slant or the notion.

Here are some text suggestions for you to refer and implement in the essay.

  • Consequently
  • As a matter of fact
  • Retrospect
  • Having said that
  • In Conclusion
  • In Brief
  • Thus
  • Thereforeand more
  • What is an ideal discursive text structure?

Follow this structure to perfect your discursive textual approaches.

  • Present texts and opinions in accordance with the course of action you would choose to follow.
  • The discursive text should not indicate any personal remark by any means.
  • Present both sides of an argument while implementing discursive texts in the paper.
  • Introduce each point in a separate paragraph.
  • Use sequencing in discursive texts and give reasons and examples to justify each point.

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Understanding the Discursive Essay Format

Moving on to the next significant section of the blog, let’s take a look at the discursive essay format one must follow to add perfection to their papers.

  • A good discursive topics, just like any other essay, will contain an introduction at the beginning of it.
  • It will be followed by the three-fold body paragraphs, entirely based on the opinions you would put forth or the perspectives you would like others to agree.
  • In the conclusion section, you need to write you final position on the topic and demonstrate other key takeaways in a constructive manner.

Students are often observed to be bugged by the question, “How many paragraphs should a discursive essay have?” Well, a discursive essay should ideally comprise 5-6 paragraphs. You should not utilise more than two paragraphs while drafting the introduction. Invest three paragraphs in framing the body content and conclude the essay in no more than one paragraph.

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How to Write a Discursive Essay?

This is apparently the question of the hour. Even though you are aware of discursive essay introduction, outline, body and conclusion, if you fail to understand how to write a discursive essay, you’ll go nowhere.

So, take note of the ground rules in the form of these following discursive essay writing tips.

  • Come up with a clearly stated, conceptualised and well-balanced outline for your essay.
  • Draft the introductory note with a clear depiction of the idea you wish to project and the problems you aim to solve.
  • In the body paragraphs, present evidence that is subjected to evaluation and analysis of the primary context of the discussion.
  • Do not miss out on acknowledging each source used to back up your claims made in the paper.
  • Refrain from introducing any new perspective, point of argument and information in the concluding note of your discursive essay.

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Good Discursive Essay Topics/Prompts for Your Next Semester

Merely going through pre-written discursive essay writing examples isn't enough if you run out sufficient topic development ideas at the end of the day. So, here are some good discursive essay writing prompts for you to refer.

Higher English discursive essay topics ideas

  • Are uniforms in school responsible for limiting freedom of expression among students?
  • What are the major pros and cons of video games in the lives of school students?
  • Should there be a ban on imposing punishments in school?
  • The impact of civil rights movements on different nations across the world
  • Major advantages and disadvantages of the use of internet among schools students

Discursive essay topics ideas on sports

  • Can all sportsmen become successful coaches?
  • Should women coaches specifically work with women athletes?
  • Can good coaches lose their self-control and sense of ethics under certain situations?
  • What lessons can competitive sports teach us about life?
  • What makes it important for us to grow things in the garden?
  • Should violent video games be permanently banned?

Discursive essay topics ideas on social media

  • In what ways do social media influence children?
  • What are the possible downsides of using social media?
  • The impact of social media on college students? What remedies can be embraced to let them use social media in moderation?
  • Is social media the best place to stay connected with people around the world?
  • Why it may be dangerous to find new people on Facebook and meet with them in person?

Discursive essay topics ideas on technology

  • Is technology really a blessing for us? State real-life examples for or against the notion
  • Are we misusing technological advancements? Should there be a ban on certain technologies?
  • The long term impact of technical experiments on humans?
  • The emergence of technological and communicative devices? How vulnerable are they to security threats?
  • Can media survive in the long run without technical gadgets and communication platforms?

Discursive essay topics ideas on environment

  • Should the government pay more heed to the use and reliance of non-renewable energy resources?
  • Should motor vehicle owners pay more taxes to compensate for the environmental damages caused due to emission?
  • The impact of the pandemic on the well-being of the earth? Is the earth really healing during the worldwide lockdown?
  • The role of young generation safeguarding our environment and making it sustainable for the future generation
  • The impact of global warming and climate changes on Australia, over the past decade
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Discursive essay topics on globalisation and its impact

  • The impact of globalisation on small and medium scale industries
  • Is globalisation a boon to the corporate industry, or is it the other way round?
  • How has globalisation brought direct impacts on the religious sentiments across different nations?
  • What could be the possible aftermath of globalisation on Australia, ten years down the line?
  • Has globalisation helped businesses thrive in around Australia over the last five years?

Discursive essay topics on music

  • Should music be banned in certain countries?
  • Has music really taught us the meaning of love, peace and harmony?
  • The emergence of hip hop music culture: Why do some people oppose this particular genre?
  • Should music necessarily define or depict someone’s choice of religion and lifestyle?
  • Should schools and colleges around Australia take music education more seriously?

Discursive essay topics on health

  • Could Coronavirus possibly be a conspiracy theory?
  • Is Australia a step ahead in terms of fighting against all the odds of the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • What home remedies can help us fight against COVID – 19? Are home remedies really effective in the matter of fighting this virus?
  • Addressing mental health issues – How important it is in today’s date?
  • The emergence of E-health technology – How far is it effective in today’s world?

Argumentative discursive essay topics

  • Can death penalty actually prove to be effective? Or should it be permanently banned?
  • Is it a good idea to buy lottery tickets and earn a living out of it?
  • Should politicians be banned in certain countries to restore world peace?
  • Is religion the primary cause of war?
  • Can smoking be prohibited and prevented by making tobacco illegal?

Discursive psychology essay topics

  • Is anxiety the main reason behind committing suicide?
  • The long-term effect of bullying on young people
  • Can bipolar disorder lead to people killing each other?
  • Is anger an entirely negative trait?
  • The relationship between media violence and children

Medical discursive essay topics

  • Should there be systematic and monitored regulation of the use of antibiotics?
  • How far has science really progressed in facilitating world class medical treatments?
  • What is the link between poverty and poor medical facilities?
  • Should we discuss personal/sexual health issues with doctors and physicians?
  • Is there a need for an upgraded healthcare system in Australia?

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