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Extend Your Essay Length

7 Tricks To Extend Your Essay Length

The stretch of an essay is a considerable ingredient that defines any good college paper. Most of the time, you will find your professor prompting you about the size of the essay. And when you abide by the instruction, it will have an impression on your professor- he will understand that you have read and could fulfil the provided requirements. On the contrary, you will not be given any instruction on the essay length. Those are the periods when you will require some tricks for filling your paper up. You will never consciously want to be under the minimum page or word count for the ultimate draft, so it is the key to fill-up your paper with good and quality content.

Tricks to Extend Your Essay Length

For most, meeting the word count is an agonizing process that sometimes can beat the patience out of you. But here are tips to make sure you write a more lengthy and more brilliant essay while not missing out on clarity and depth. Read on to know the tips.

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    Go Over Your Prompt

You have likely already read over your essay instruction a hundred times by this point, or maybe you have not. Whether you pay attention to the prompt and still find it long to read, re-read it.

As many times as your brain demands you to read the instructions, read them. And every time you read, ask yourself- Have I answered all the questions? Did I back every statistic with relevant evidence? Allot yourself the required time to ensure you have filled all the requirements. If you have not, stretch your document to add some extra data. And if you have already, follow me to the next point!

  1. Use Expert Quotes

 Quotations can add up to the space incredibly. A few quotes from some ever-known authors that relate to your essay will take up more space. However, make sure your paper is not mostly covered up with quotes from other writers. Instead, you could blend in some creativity of your own as well. It is always applicable, and a highly appreciated activity to spice up your work with researched quotes from essay  writer experts.

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Additionally, this is a legitimate way to increase the word number and prove that other writers know what you do and agree with your ideas. Make sure you use the proper formatting to cite and quote sources.

  1. Try Reverse Outlining

Reverse outlining is precisely what your ears receive and eyes see. After your essay composition part is done, try reading back through it and create an outline based on what you have already written. This can help you reassemble pages in a way that makes the write-up sound more sensible.

Also, you notice that people reading through the paper will find your work exceptionally interesting. The re-organized form will definitely point out ideas more profoundly that must be developed. If you find any point that can be clarified more, take the opportunity and do it. If you see large chunks of paragraphs, try cutting through them by introducing multiple sections and explaining ideas more rigorously. 

  1. Use Examples

In a likelihood, using examples is the first thing that would have popped up when wondering how to lengthen an essay. The question is to include the maximum number of examples without straying from the topic. Then, go back through and find the claims you have put forward. Check if you have backed every claim with examples. If you did not, try adding a bit of research that proves your claim is accurate. This will strengthen the argument and lengthen your paper as well. 

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For example, once in your paper, you stated UFOs were real. Now, you could include an example of an eyewitness sighting or referencing a documentary. You could even use multiple models for each idea. This will additionally pay off by impressing your professor with the thought that claims are supported. 

  1. Include More Transitional Words

Graders often look for conventional words or phrases linking sentences to each other, like ‘even though’, ‘therefore’, and ‘on the other hand.’ This rule is no different to you.

Read through the essay and make sure every sentence flows smoothly. When added, transitional phrases help link up your sentences, making it effortless for the reader to read. Additionally, added phrases and words will help you get closer to the minimum page requirement in the writing process. So, it will be a win-win for both you and your readers.

  1. Re-Check The Conclusion And Introduction

Unceasingly, ideas develop while writing a paper. Every time you read your context, you are bound to get new ideas on the already stated ideas- more evolved and profound. If the first thing you wrote was the introduction, re-read the first paragraph. You might, definitely will get an idea popped up that you had left out. And this time, the idea might be firm enough to enlighten your reader with the vital information and help them understand better.

When looking back on the conclusion, make sure you have summarized the key points within the essay. You should also ensure that the readers witness a solution to the raised question. If you feel you have missed out on this point, go back and do it right away.

  1. Have Someone Proofread Your Essay

Even if you are running short of time, ask a friend, parent, or sibling to read through your paper, explicitly noting any points they find confusing. Then, go back and revise the parts that your reader marked.

You can add more information to provide further clarity. In addition, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of your writing that your reader has explained. Therefore, having someone else look over your paper can be a helpful way to ensure that you have missed no essential details.

Although reaching the minimum word count can sometimes be challenging, you can do it in a well-tuned way by going through this blog. Just put a pinch of phrases, blend in some examples, add some information intelligently, and craft a well-researched essay to buy better grades. 

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