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Write an Essay in Correct Format

How To Write An Essay In Correct Format?

Essay writing is the basic form of academic writing. Though simple, it demands to be written in the correct format. Unfortunately, most students often make mistakes in this part. They are either not sure how to write it in a valid format. Then, else in the flow of writing, they lose track. But this cannot be the case. Because getting good scores in an essay depends a lot on the format that you write it in.

The proper format of an essay is not something very difficult to understand. On the contrary, it becomes easier to understand what an essay is all about. This blog intends to inform you of the same. First, it tells you all about what an essay is. Additionally, it gives you tips on how to write a correctly formatted essay.

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What Is An Essay?

An essay is a composed piece of content where you express a particular thought and afterwards support it with realities, proclamations, examples and clarifications. The basic configuration is known as the five-section essay - yet an essay might have many stanzas on a case-by-case basis. A five-passage essay contains five sections. Notwithstanding, the actual essay comprises three areas: introduction, body and conclusion.

These areas of an essay differ on the basis of the type of essay you are writing. An essay is basically of 4 types – narrative, argumentative, descriptive and expository. The format more or less remains the same for all of them. It is just that the content differs from one to another. But it is essential to know what to write in each of the types in order to do justice to the format.

  1. Narrative – Basically narrates an incident or an event.
  2. Argumentative – Presents argument either for or against a statement.
  3. Descriptive – Describes the details about some occurring.
  4. Expository – Gives all the necessary information about a topic, whether an object or a person.

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Format Of An Essay –

As mentioned earlier, there are three basic parts to an essay – the introduction, the body and the conclusion. This basic format does not change. Instead, it helps you write a good quality essay and organise it properly. But there should always be space for changes. That is, there should be scope and opportunity for flexibility. You should be able to tweak in necessary changes as per the demand of the type and topic of the essay. The basic three parts of an essay have been discussed below – 

  1. Introduction – As the name suggests, the topic of the essay is introduced in this part of the essay. It is supposed to give the essay reader an idea about the basics of the topic, including its background story and its importance as a topic. It must contain a hook point to attract the reader’s attention to the topic. Need not be very specific with the information at this point. It is better to give a more generalised idea.
  2. Body – The body of an essay is the entry point to the more specific and crucial points about the topic of the essay. It differs for different types of essays. Like in narrative essays, you describe the story in detail. In an argumentative essay, you present your arguments and counter-arguments in this part. In the descriptive type of essay, you must include significant descriptions about the topic mentioning every minute critical detail. Lastly, in the case of expository essays, in the body part, you are supposed to talk about the highlighting features of the object or the characteristics of the individual in the discussion.
  3. Conclusion – Conclusion basically serves as the brief summary of your essay. You briefly are supposed to summarise the key points in your essay. Provide justifications if required. You must incorporate your personal opinion and stance about the topic in discussion in this part. Lastly, if required and if needed, you can provide an opportunity for the readers to further contemplate the same.

Other than the parts as mentioned earlier, the other important parts of a good essay are –

  • Acknowledgement
  • Bibliography 
  • Citations and references.
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Tips For Writing An Essay In An Accurate Format –

  1. Proper research is very important. This is because it allows you to have a lot of information that you can break down and write in the various parts of composing an essay. Also, it gives you a profound knowledge of the subject.
  2. Having a predefined outline. You always must have planned how you want to proceed with your essay. The information you want to include and that you want to exclude must be decided beforehand. This will help you decide how many paragraphs do you want to incorporate and what shall be the flow of writing.
  3. Get a prior idea of what the evaluators of your essay are expecting. This helps in the fragmenting of your essay’s body.
  4. Learn about the various referencing styles conventionally used and then use one among them for your essay. Do not forget to include all the specifications of that particular style. Do not ever mix more than one style.
  5. Include all the generic specifications like page number, page border etc.
  6. Use a single language convention. 
  7. Properly quote and cite the portions that you are referencing from some other relevant articles and essays.

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