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Everything You Need to Know about Literary Analysis

Everything You Need To Know About Literary Analysis Essay

Literary analysis essay is an analysis of a literary piece. This is the most common essay that is assigned to the students of literature. It is essential to understand the crux of the essay and its importance. This essay activity helps you to get into the essence of writing with which the author has created magic. Once you indulge yourself in the words of the author, it will leave an impression on your writing too.

For writing a literary analysis essay, you need to read that piece thoroughly. You have to completely disguise yourself in the world of the writer as if you too are part of it.

What is a Literary Analysis Essay?

A literary analysis essay has so many notions and myths that it is difficult for you to adjudge the correct one. Hence, here is the accurate literary analysis essay definition.


A literary analysis essay is written to analyze a piece of literature that has been already written by some renowned authors. In this literature essay, there will be a brief discussion about the theme, plot, and inclination of the subject that you are about to choose.

Now, this was all about the definition of the essay. Due to detailing, it becomes difficult for you to write perfectly. But do not worry, we will discuss how to do literary analysis essay.

These are some essentials that should be there in your literary analysis essay:-

  • Focus on your topic
  • Mention the subject of your assignment
  • Analyze the plot and theme of the subject that you have chosen
  • You have to mention the form like anger, comedy, romance, etc.
  • You have to discuss the main theme of what the subject is trying to express.
  • Create an outline.
  • Discuss the author and what does he feel and what is he thinking.
  • You have to discuss your analysis in a different header.

These are some essentials that should be there in your essay to add gravity to it.

What Must a Literary Analysis Essay Include?

There is not much difference in an ordinary essay and a literary analysis essay. There are a few more things that you have to add and your essay is completed. Have you ever thought about how many basic parts does a literary analysis essay have? There are a total of 4 parts in this essay and referencing is not considered a separate part as you are using a different author’s piece as the main content.

Here is a complete literary analysis essay structure for you that will help you in having an idea about how to assemble things for your essay:-

  1. Literary analysis essay Introduction

Introduction is a universal part that has to be in every essay. So, naturally, it has to be a part of an analysis essay too. In this section, you have to help the reader to get through your topic and what it is going to be all about.

  1. Central Idea

Now this is something that you will not find in every other essay. It is what you will get specifically in this essay. The central idea is the section where you have to provide the basic idea of the piece that you have chosen for your essay. For example, if you have selected a poem or a book, you have to write about what the poem is trying to convey.

  1. The Body

In the body, you have to mention the analysis that you have derived from the essay. You have to efficiently use the proves and evidences for your analysis.

  1. Literary Analysis essay conclusion

You have to highlight all the points related to your analysis. You have to mention that on what grounds you have conducted the analysis, for example- style of writing, language, the figure of speech, etc. You have to mention that this is the reason that you have analyzed the following things.

This is the format for a literary analysis essay. Also if there is any confusion, then you can find outlines for literary analysis essay on various websites. 

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How to write a literary analysis essay?

It has been noticed that more than 50% of students are unable to complete their essays even after having all the elements. In this situation, most of you look for ‘how to write a literary analysis essay step by step’.

Step-by-step guide for writing literary analysis essay:-

Step1- Write the title of the essay

Step 2- Introduction page which has your name, class, roll number, your college name.

Step 3- You have to mention the subject that you have chosen for example- literature, poem, novel, etc.

Step 4- Mention the form that you will analyze. For example, you have to mention that if your subject has a romantic inclination, anger, comedy, or tragedy.

Step 5- Central Idea has to be mentioned. If you have literary analysis essay writing with a prompt paragraph then you have to describe what it is trying to say. If you have a novel or book or piece of writing with the writer, then you have to explain the ideology of the author.

Step 6- Introduction of the essay

Step 7- Body of the essay

Step 8- Conclusion

Step 9- Closing statement

Step 10- Cite your sources

This was step by step guide for writing a literary analysis essay without any difficulty.

5 Unique Literary Analysis Topics

If you are bored with writing an essay on that same monotonous topic, then here are some unique literary topics that you will love to write an essay for.

  1. Shakespeare’s Play- Choose any of his play written and analysis of the era and beliefs.
  2. The collected Poems of Audre Lorde- Write an essay analyzing the state of women in the poem
  3. What have we Done By David Wood- Literary analysis essay on a Book
  4. Analyze the romance of Romeo and Juliet and present it in an essay
  5. Write a literary analysis essay on your favorite book.

These are 5 unique essay topics that you can choose for your essay. Also if you have to write a literary analysis essay prompts then you can find several paragraphs online.

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25 analytical essay topics for college

There are different kinds of essay writing, and being pro on all of them is not possible. One such kind of essay writing is an analytical essay. However, students struggle to find good topics for an analytical essay because it is a complex topic. So today, we have a blend of literary analysis essay topics and critical analysis essay topics just for you.

1) Reason behind phobias

2) Love is a reaction of chemicals in bodies

3) Reason behind nightmares

4) Why some people yawn or sneeze?

5) Why most teenagers have acne issues?

6) Why do people not fly?

7) Reason behind different emotions in human bodies

8) Effect of watching more television at a young age

9) Is our brain a computer?

10) There is no replacement for Smartphone

11) psychological effect of criticism

12) Difference in aliens and humans

13) How people analyze between good and bad people

14) practical tips to become successful

15) How fashion harms youngsters

16) Ideal body image is a myth

17) How satellite snot collide with each other?

18) Relationship between video games and children

19) Art leads to a modern perspective

20) Impact of social networking

21) Why do people experience impulsive buying?

22) Social media is overrated

23) Is the internet full of fakes?

24) Difference in eticates and manners

25) Reasons for conflicts in religion

Hopefully, this has sufficed your need to be familiar with topics for an analytical essay.

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