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1609 Communication Technologies and Change course is to provide concrete knowledge about the application of communication technology in an organizational context. One of the core aspects of the course is to make students familiarized with the evolving range of communication technologies and the changes in the overall interrelationships between the users and the overall technological infrastructure. The course will enable students to align the various aspects of communication technology with the core strategic directions and goals of an organization. The units will focus on a range of critical sub-sections.

One of the core sub-sections, in this case, is related to the adoption, selection, and utilization of media, as part of the communication technologies within an organization. Ideally, a manager should be well-equipped regarding the range of software, tools, and analytics required to align the adoption of media with the organizational goals, communication needs across hierarchies. The unit will provide a holistic idea regarding the latest developments in the Internet of Things dimensions.

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The objective will be to familiarize and upgrade the changing dynamics between IoT, communication technology within an organization. The impact of communication technology will also include the changing dynamics of social media and the associated analytics. The students should be well equipped with the alignment of social media research and analysis with the overall organizational objectives and strategic goals. Communication technology will also address the overall impact on data management and security maintenance within an organization. 

Unit Details Of 1609 Communication Technologies And Change

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code - 1609 

Location - University of Technology, Sydney

Study Level - Postgraduate

The unit covers a range of critical assessments. One of the key aspects of the unit is based on the application of the knowledge regarding Information Technology by students. The practical application of information technology and its alignment with the communication infrastructure of an organization is one among the key learning of the unit. The overall research ability of the students, in terms of determining the impact of communication technology will also be assessed throughout the unit. The application of social media analytics and the degree of impact on the communication infrastructure will be observed and focused on by the assessors.

Brief On 1609 Communication Technologies And Change

One of the key areas of assessment will include the ability of the students to identify and apply the key impacts of communication technology on business operations. In this context, real-life scenarios will be offered to the students, in the form of case studies. The students will be required to assess the overall impact of the shifts in global communication technology on the various dimensions of business management. The ability to identify the key dimensions of IoT in the overall knowledge management and communication aspects of the organization will be assessed through the course.

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The students will be required to apply the core concepts related to the adoption and application of various media in the overall operations of a business. Ideally, the students will be equipped with the core concepts related to the identification of needs related to the application of knowledge management, degree of accommodation within an organization. The students will also be required to display key skills in terms of maintaining security and confidentiality, in terms of access to communication and knowledge management infrastructure within an organization. The application of knowledge and key theoretical concepts will be assessed through both written and practical assessments.

Weightage Of This 1609 Course In Their Semester

The overall assessment includes a range of sections. Each of the sections can be considered relevant parameters to assess the impact of communication technology. The range of parameters includes the application of big data analytics to create the communication infrastructure of an enterprise, social media analytics, the infrastructure and maintenance of knowledge management through communication technology, digitization and connectivity across hierarchies, security and accessibility protocols related to communication technologies.

Each of the sections will carry an equal weightage of 20%. The student will require qualifying in each of the sections through a minimum qualification criterion of 50%. Each of the sections will consist of a theoretical part of 35% and a practical part of 15%. Regular classes are a mandatory criterion for students to gain eligibility and qualify for the next phase.

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