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An Ultimate Guide To Writing Impeccable SAT Essay

How To Write Impeccable SAT Essay?

You have sailed through the multiple-choice question of NMSQT or PSAT like a proud champion, and now appearing for the SAT seems more daunting.

Introduced in 1926, the aim of SAT is to evaluate student’s readiness for pursuing higher studies in the United States. SAT essay writing requires a student to have a specific set of skills. It turns out to be daunting for many to have only 50 minutes to read a passage, analyse it and then write an essay on it. If you are one of those students who are struggling to understand the sat essay structure or get the hang of the sat essay strategies, then reading this blog will surely put you miles ahead.

If you are pondering over the question “what it takes to get a perfect 8/8 on the SAT essay writing?” read this blog to get your hands on remarkable guidelines and foolproof SAT essay writing tips.

What’s the Best Part?

Unlike your complex recommended guides and the drab handouts of SAT essay for colleges, this blog explains the topic of SAT essay with ease. Bookmark this post before you start prepping for your SAT’s.

All You Need to Know about the SAT essay

If you are finding yourself stressed at the thought of writing an entire essay at such a time crunch, you can relax now. The reason is, SAT essay is optional now. If you are in a dilemma to take on the SAT essay paper, check with your college or university first. If your college or university requires you to write an SAT essay, you need to appear for it.

However, SAT essay professionals recommend students to consider completing the section as it provides an amazing opportunity to demonstrate reading, analysis and writing skills. These skills are incredibly crucial to pave the way for success - both in your college and career.

How to Get a Perfect SAT Essay Writing Score?

Each SAT essay includes a passage of about 650-750 words that one require reading and responding to. You will get a total of 50 minutes to complete the SAT essay.

On the completing of the essay, two graders from college board will score the paper from 1-4 on each of the three parameters- reading, analysis and writing. These scores are added together to create a cumulative score, which can range anywhere from 2-8. A score of 8 is considered to be a perfect SAT essay score.

Let’s have a detailed look at each scoring parameters listed below:


Image source:

  • Reading score: It demonstrates how remarkably you have grasped the source text and how you have implemented textual evidence like paraphrasing, direct quotation etc. effectively to display understanding.
  • Analysis score: It is a reflection of how well you have analysed the passage. This score takes into account whether or not your SAT essay uses well-chosen details and features from the passage to support claims.
  • Writing score: The SAT essay writing score is focussed primarily on your writing skill and not solely on the presentation of your ideas in the essay.

Remarkable Guidelines on SAT Essay Writing Structure

Undoubtedly, the SAT essay is unnerving. It provides a limited time to plan, draft and edit an analytical essay about an unknown SAT essay topic. It’s the least favourite section of many, however, you can make it less painful by following the SAT essay format given below:

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  • First impressions count. Briefly introduce the author's techniques.
  • Discuss briefly the methods author has implemented in the SAT essay introduction.


  • Demonstrate an opinion on the writer’s techniques
  • Explain how the author argues his/her statement.
  • Use examples that support your claims.
  • Quote the passage where writer have used vivid language.
  • Incorporate an in-depth claim regarding the way your example demonstrates the author’s arguments.
  • Explain in your SAT essay why the examples are compelling to the reader.


  • In the SAT essay conclusion, write a summary of the thesis.
  • Explain how your examples support it and end with a strong concluding sentence.

Now, you are acquainted with the remarkable steps to draft a comprehensive SAT essay outline. Click here to discover some amazing SAT essay writing prompts.

Killer Tips to Kickstart Your SAT Essay

Are you struggling to tackle the challenges of an SAT essay? Learning how to write an outstanding SAT essay can be maddening as well as an exasperating process for most of you. However, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Once you master the tips and tricks, writing a perfect SAT essay would cease to be a tough nut to crack for you. Let’s have a look at some foolproof tips that will enable you to write a killer SAT essay:

  • Practice makes you perfect

The key to scoring high in an SAT essay is practice. Get your hands on a list of SAT essay prompts, get familiar with the SAT essay format, and practice diligently to complete an essay within the time span of 50 minutes.

  • Learn to manage time

Before the test day, make your game plan. It is crucial to understand how much time you need to devote to each of these tasks to write an amazing essay. You can take 5-10 minutes of reading, 7-12 minutes of analysing and planning, 25-35 minutes in writing, and 2-3 minutes for revising the whole paper.

  • Stay objective

Remember that ETS (company that organises the test) is not asking you to provide your opinion on the topic. Hence, ensure to maintain a formal style and an objective tone. Avoid the usage of “u” and “I”.

Inspiring SAT Essay Examples to Help You Out

Have you ever thought why do the SAT essay prompts cause terrors in the heart of most students? For numerous, writing an outstanding SAT essay can be strenuous than cutting the mustard at times. Therefore, to aid you, we have provided remarkable SAT essay sample that will enable you to have a comprehensive idea of how to draft a brilliant SAT essay.

Wrapping it up,

Writing a new SAT essay can give students a difficult time, this blog could be the answer to it all. With this lucid SAT essay guide, you can nail that essay like never before. Bookmark this on your laptop, so that you can find all significant information on SAT essay while you sit down to practice.

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Most Popular GRE Essay Questions Searched By Students

Question: What is the SAT essay?

Answer: The SAT is a standardised test widely used for college admissions in the United States. Along with reading, writing, language and mathematics test, students can also take the essay test of 50 minutes where their reading writing and analytical skills are assessed by the college board.

Question: Is SAT essay optional?

Answer: According to the changes that were made into effect in 2016, it is not mandatory to take the SAT essay writing test. However, some colleges or universities require a student to submit SAT essay scores. If you do not register for the SAT with essay first, there is provision for adding it later.

Question: Can SAT essay be taken separately?

Answer: No. One cannot appear for the SAT essay test separately. If you realise later that you need to submit SAT essay test scores to your applied colleges, you would have to retake the entire SAT test.

Question: Do colleges require SAT essay?

Answer: Since in 2016 SAT essay test became optional, not all colleges require students to submit SAT essay scores. However, if you take the SAT with essay, you would be able to apply to colleges that recommend or require it.

Question: How do you write an SAT essay?

Answer: SAT essay writing requires students to possess a specific set of skills. Have a look at the guidelines you can follow to write an outstanding SAT essay:

  • Read the sample passage
  • Identify how the author supports his/her argument
  • Analyse the passage
  • Come up with a concise thesis statement
  • Write a compelling introduction
  • Explain specific examples to construct an informative body
  • End with a clear concluding note

Question: What is a good score for the SAT essay?

Answer: The top score for each area of the SAT essay test is 8, so a score of 8/8/8 would be considered to be the top score of an SAT essay.

Question: Should I take SAT essay?

Answer: Due to the changes in 2016, taking the SAT test with essay is completely your choice. However, professors recommend taking the SAT essay test as one can even apply to those colleges that require submitting SAT essay test scores.

Question: Will a bad SAT essay score matter?

Answer: Most colleges and universities do not care about your score on the essay portion of the SAT. However, those colleges requiring students to submit the essay scores judge the reading, analytical and writing skills on the basis of it.

Question: How long should a SAT essay be?

Answer: Though there are no strict rules regarding the SAT essay length, it has been noticed that the shortest essay (around 100 words) received the lowest possible score of 1, while the longest essays(around 400 words) received the highest score of 6. Therefore, a perfect SAT essay should be of 400-500 words approximately.

Question: Do SAT essays have to be 5 paragraphs?

Answer: Like a typical college essay, it is essential to write a 5 paragraph SAT essay. The 5-paragraph SAT essay should include introduction, thesis, evidence, explanation and conclusion.

Question: Should you retake SAT essay?

Answer: If you are happy with your essay scores in one test and want to retake SAT test again to improve your test scores in rest of the segments, it is not required to sign up for the essay test again.

Question: Does Harvard require SAT essay?

Answer: No. Harvard University has recently announced that students are no longer required to submit the essay portion of the SAT or ACT, though they must submit scores for the other parts of the tests.

Question: Does new SAT have essay?

Answer: The new SAT does have an essay, but it is optional. Applicants would get 25 minutes more than the essay time on the old SAT.

Question: How do you write a new SAT essay?

Answer: Implement the guidelines given below to write a new SAT essay:

  • Spend 15-20 minutes reading, taking notes, and planning your essay strategies.
  • Organise the supporting paragraph with author strategy or technique
  • Maintain the length of the essay.
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