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A Complete Guide to Write a Research Paper Introduction -

How To Write A Research Paper Introduction?

Preparing an insightful research paper requires a lot of work. Since the research paper reflects your progress in the particular semester, you need to put your best foot forward in presenting an impressive research paper. More importantly, you need to create an impeccable research paper introduction to set the tone for the research paper.

There’s no denying that research paper writing is a challenging task. However, introducing the research paper to your readers can be even harder. If you fail to impress the readers at the beginning of your research paper, there’s a high chance that the readers may not continue after the introduction.

Before you learn how to write a research paper introduction, you need to know a few things about research paper introductions. This blog covers all the major parts of the research paper introduction. So, let’s get started.

What is the Purpose of a Research Paper Introduction?

A research paper includes an introduction, body and conclusion, each of which plays a crucial role in the success of the whole paper. Even though a majority of the discussion takes place in the body segment, the research paper introduction paragraph is where you introduce your research topic to the readers.

Moreover, the introduction puts the research question in context by explaining the importance of conducting the particular research. This is done by summarising the current understanding and background information about the topic.

And most importantly, the introduction highlights the statement of the purpose of the research issue you are about to discuss in the research paper. Depending on the nature of the research, your introduction may also include a hypothesis of a set of questions that you will attempt to answer in the research.

How to Outline a Research Paper Introduction?

Depending on how much data you have shared, the length of the research paper introduction may vary. So, if you are asking how long should research paper introduction, you may not get a definite answer to. However, it is recommended to write about 10% of the total word count in the introduction.

While creating a research paper outline introduction, keep these following questions in:

  • What are you studying?
  • What is the importance of this particular investigation?
  • What do we already know about the topic or what other researchers have discovered so far about the topic?
  • How will this research uncover new knowledge or new ways of understanding?

Answering these questions can provide you with a basic outline of your research paper introduction. However, there are several elements of the research paper introduction that you need to keep in mind.

The Major Parts of a Research Paper Introduction

The purpose and the outline of the research paper introduction give you enough idea about what should a research paper introduction include. However, if you are still not clear, here we have highlighted the crucial parts of a research paper introduction.

1. The topic sentence:

The topic sentence in the introduction simply announces the main idea of the research. It needs to be clear and concise. At the same time, it should be thorough enough for the readers to understand what is being presented in the paper.

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2. The thesis statement:

The thesis statement makes your main idea of the research clearer to the readers. While writing thesis statements ,you can think of about your research in a paper and chose the one that fits your topic sentence the most. And then, refine the thesis statement by reading it aloud a few times to make sure it is clear and cohesive.

3. Supporting sentences:

Ideally, you should present three to five reasonable arguments in the form of reasons, facts or details to support your research. So, summarise the researched information briefly in the introduction part. This kind of information will help the readers to understand the importance of the research.

4. The conclusion sentence:

The concluding sentence in the research paper introduction adds a strong ending to the paragraph while recalling the main idea. Try using different words than the topic sentence while writing the main idea in this concluding sentence. The sentence should be used in a way that grabs the readers’ attention.

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Now that you are aware of the crucial parts of the introduction, let’s find out some steps for writing a research paper introduction.

How to Write a Research paper Introduction?

The process of writing a research paper introduction can be divided into 4 steps. Since you are already aware of what all go into an introduction paragraph, performing these steps won’t be much of a problem for you. So, here’s what you need to do:

I. Set the context by providing background information:

The first couple of sentences in the research paper introduction prepare the readers for more detailed and specific details that come later in the paper. The first sentence should introduce the broad field to the readers, while the second sentence needs to point to a specific area within the broad field.

II. Introduce the specific research topic and explain its importance:

Once you have set the content, move towards presenting the specific topic of the research. In this part, you can introduce some statistics to highlight the importance of the topic. Depending on the nature of the research, you can also describe the benefits of solving the research problem. The aim is to emphasise on the positive side of the research.

III. Mention past attempts made by others in the area of research:

In this step, you need to write a literature review briefly. This will help the readers have an idea of the earlier relevant research and attempts made by other researchers, and how your research differs from them. You may be using different analytical instruments or studying a larger and diverse sample. This step will clarify those differences.

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IV. Conclude the paragraph by mentioning your specific objectives:

In this last step, you need to mention the specific objectives of your study. You may need to mention the methods you would take while conducting the research. However, it is recommended to avoid giving away too much detail.

As you can see, these steps are not as complex that you thought in the beginning. So, try your hands on writing the research paper introduction. And if you still can’t do it, there are professional experts to help with the same.

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