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AHRI Model Of Excellence Explained

Almost 70% of management students tend to join the team of HR or Human Resources department in different companies. Your employers would expect you to know the ins and outs of this field and contribute to the profitability of the company. What if you are unable to meet your employer's expectations? What if you turn out to be utterly unworthy of the job? Your professors would never want you to fall prey to such a situation. Thus, professors usually ask the students to deliver management assignments on 'AHRI Model of Excellence.' This topic helps every student learn how HR should be in the corporate world.

Did you too get an Online assignment on this topic? Don't' worry; I have covered most of the significant facts about AHRI Model of Excellence in this blog. Let's begin.

AHRI Model Of Excellence: The Origin

The model of excellence was brought forth to help HR practitioners know what they are expected to do in the work front. This graphical representation is like the stepping stone for the management students who aspire to make it big as an HR. This model also explains the capabilities and behaviours of HR as expected by employers.

This model was designed based on two surveys conducted by the Australian HR practitioners and CEOs. With time, this model was modified according to the inputs by national, local and global data from the international RBL Human Resource Competency Study. The information was collected under the leadership of Professor Dave Ulrich, who belonged to the University of Michigan.

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AHRI Model of Excellence: Deeper Insights

The full form of AHRI is the Australian Human Resources Institute. It is the national association that represents people management experts and human resources team. This association consists of over 20,000 members from all over the world. This organisation aims at providing top-notch education and training to the aspiring HR. This association also organises high-end conferences to bring HR practitioners together from all over the world and includes relevant seminars and networking sessions all over Australia.

The AHRI model of excellence is important for every organisation out there since this model has been designed after thorough research into people management practises. The HR team is always suggested to follow this model strictly to help businesses run smoothly.

What Exactly is the AHRI Model of Excellence?

As I mentioned before, this model consists of the seven capabilities and behaviour of the HR practitioners. Most of the universities ask students to work on this topic in their assignments since it covers the entire conceptual basis for the HR practitioners. Without further ado, let's find out the seven capabilities of an HR practitioner, as mentioned in the AHRI Model of Excellence.

What are the Seven Capabilities of the HR Practitioners, as Mentioned in the Model of Excellence?

The model of excellence explains the significant behaviours and capabilities of an HR practitioner and manager. The seven skills of an HR practitioner are as follows:

1. Business-driven

A business-driven manager is supposed to understand the organisational objectives and context. This individual must also understand the services, products and operations of the organisation that lead to corporate performance and meet stakeholder needs. As a business-driven manager, you must follow specific measures to increase the competitive advantage of the organisation through the HR team of the organisation.

2. A strategic architect

Strategy architects share and shape the vision for how an organisation is situated in the marketplace. They highlight the factors that can lead to maximum profitability of an organisation. The strategy architects play an integral role in establishing an overall strategy to highlight the vision of the business. You also need to recognise the industry trends and structures and find out their impacts on business dynamics and results.

3. An expert practitioner

An expert practitioner is supposed to maintain, build and apply proper HR knowledge to people management. You also need to understand how the business decisions can influence the culture, business performance and design of the organisation. You also must have an effective and pragmatic problem solving capacity to be an expert practitioner. This is how you can identify the real potential of the organisation. Eventually, you can also implement the global trends in the organisation for maximum profitability.

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4. A workforce and workplace designer

The model of excellence determines how an HR practitioner can respond to challenges in workforce development, design and performance management to meet the organisational objectives. The HR manager examines the right processes required for job analysis and design, performance management, development, recruitment, remuneration and retention strategies. This is all about appropriate HR management processes and strategies.

5. A credible and ethical activist

As a reliable and ethical activist, you are expected to influence via the provision of valued insights. You need to work with complete integrity and honesty and win over the trust of your employers. This capability explains that an HR manager or practitioner should be honest enough to help the organisation run smoothly. You need to come up with specific strategies that could lead to individual and organisational objectives.

6. A change and cultural leader

The AHRI Model of Excellence also focuses on culture and transformation that leads to a more productive and sustainable organisational culture. You also need to understand the components required for a strong and productive corporate culture. The culture and change leader is also responsible for communicating, implementing and determining different frameworks of accountability related to employee behaviour.

7. A stakeholder coach and mentor

This capability is all about the levels of interaction an HR must have with his/her team to achieve maximum organisational success. You need to focus on the attitudes, values, feelings, beliefs, behaviours and attitudes of individual members of the team at your organisation. The stakeholder coach and mentor have to make sure that all the team members are working at par the industry standards thereby leading to excellent team performance.

These are the seven capabilities that form that foundation for an ideal HR manager or practitioner. This is also the main crux of the AHRI Model of Excellence. Once you get well-versed with all the capabilities, it will be 10X easier for you to write the paper on this topic. Do not hesitate to get help from your professors or seniors whenever you find it difficult to understand any section of this topic.

Other Essential Human Resource Models that You must Know

As per the standards of AHRI, you cannot be a strategic architect and a workforce designer unless you know the basic tenets that Human Resource Management stands on. Here is a sneak peek into the five human resource models that are most stressed on in AHRI.

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1. The Standard Causal Model

The Standard Causal Model is based on a causal chain, starting with a business strategy and ending through an HR process. The model shows the unidirectional alignment between HR activities and an organisation’s strategy. According to the model, the HR activities will be productive only when its strategy is aligned with the ultimate business strategy.

2. The 8-box Model by Paul Boselie

The 8-box model by Paul Boselie displays the different internal and external factors that have an impact on the efficacy of human resources. It starts by elaborating on the external forces that influence the HR department of a company. Some of these factors are the population market context, the general institutional context, etc. The internal factors at play are the company’s history, the technology used and the cultural processing of the firm’s workforce.:

3. The HR Value Chain

Based on the findings of Paauwe and Richardson, this HRM model argues that everything that the HR department of a brand does can be divided into two segments - HRM activities and HRM outcomes. The activities involve recruiting, compensating, training, and succession planning. The HRM outcomes are goals like employee motivation, satisfaction, and retention. As per this human resource model, the focus should be on reducing costs and yet maximising efficiency, i.e. to hire cheaper and train faster to yield better results.

4. The HR Value Chain Advanced

While very similar to the original HR value chain, two key differences set this HRM model apart from the former. As per this model, organisational performance should be determined based on key performance metrics from three perspectives - financial, customer and process. Secondly, the model involves HR enablers like HR systems, budget, adept professionals, and other such elements.

5. The Harvard Framework

The Harvard framework HR model comprises five components. They are:

  • Stakeholder interest, including shareholders, the management, employees, the government, and more
  • Situational factors, like workforce characteristics, employee unions, and factors that fall under the 8-box model
  • HRM policies, which include the core activities of the HR department, like recruiting, training, and rewarding.
  • HRM outcomes, which include retention, cost-effectiveness, and competence.
  • Long-term consequences, where the above factors lead to an improvement in the overall performance of a company on 3 levels - individual, organisational, and societal.

So, go through these and learn about each of these HRM models in details. Since most HR structures are based on each of these models, you must be familiar with all the concepts of the same.

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10 HR Assignment Topics to Work on

Here are some topics that you can work on if you want to get a competitive edge over the other students at AHRI:

  1. Awareness and proper utilisation of ESI perks and facilities
  2. How can the satisfaction level of employees be enhanced with the help of creative activities?
  3. An analysis of exit interviews pertaining to employer branding
  4. How is emotional intelligence and quality of work-life interconnected?
  5. A study of the perception of employees of a company’s HR practices and culture
  6. What is the influence of organisational climate on an employee’s job satisfaction and commitment towards the company’s goal?
  7. A case study analysing the efficacy of the organisational culture prevailing in Hyundai Motors
  8. A study on the performance of an employee pre- and post-appraisal phase
  9. Analyse the impact of an organisation’s culture on the behaviour and growth of the workforce
  10. Analyse the effect of implementing the 360-degree performance appraisal technique

Work on these topics or read more about the issues to enhance your knowledge about the different HR models and activities.

If you face any problem in understanding any of these topics, do not hesitate to get help from your professors, seniors or online tutors and academicians.

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