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Expert’s Guide To Using APA Referencing In Essays In 2019 -

Expert’s Guide To Using APA Referencing In Essays

Using APA referencing in an essay in 2019 might prove to be challenging for an individual who’s not well-versed with the latest format. Writing an essay is one thing, and drafting an essay in the APA referencing style is another. Unless you know how to use APA referencing in an essay, perfecting the paper will not be easy.

Now that you are struggling to use APA referencing in your essay, here is a comprehensive guide that explains various facets of this referencing style. Reading through what’s included in the guidelines will help you to prepare your paper with a technically accurate format.

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Introducing the APA Referencing Essay Format

Before we jump to the technicalities of using APA referencing in an essay in 2019, let’s talk about this particular formatting style explicitly. To begin with, it is to be mentioned that the APA format is the official publication style of the American Psychological Association. This referencing style is used in a wide range of academic sub-disciplines like social science, education, psychology and more.

There are various ways to utilize this referencing style, provided you are accustomed to its technicalities. So, let’s move on the primary context of the discussion and talk about the several essential guidelines that can help you to master the art of composing a perfect APA format essay outline.

How to Use APA Referencing in an Essay?

Before explaining how to write essays with APA reference, it is to be mentioned that one should consider learning about the several insightful details regarding the format thoroughly. Here is a list of in-depth technical suggestions that explains all the essential points to excel in APA referencing.

  • Make sure that the paper is double-spaced.
  • There should be uniformity in margins with at least one inch at the top, bottom, left and right sides of your essay paper.
  • The page number in every page should be included in the top right corner.
  • Do not miss out on adding a running head at the top left side of every page.
  • The running head should not exceed the count of 50 characters.
  • Remember, your essay must also include a title page in the APA referencing format.
  • The title page should include your name, title of the essay paper and the academic affiliation.
  • In case your academic instructor asks to include additional information like the instructor’s name, date and course title, do not miss out on mentioning the same.
  • While using the APA format of referencing in 2019, always remember that the title of your essay paper should be clear, concise and simple. It should clearly describe what the paper tries to bring forth, or what it is all about.
  • Now, coming to the most critical part, it is to be remembered that the APA referencing essay format must include a reference list as well. The reference list is the most important aspect to be considered when it comes to perfecting the APA format of referencing in 2019.
  • List all references in alphabetical order including the last name of the author. Also, take note that it should also be double-spaced.
  • As far as the title of your paper in an APA referencing style essay is concerned, remember the length should not exceed twelve words.
  • Wondering about the font style to be used in an APA format of referencing? The American Psychological Association prefers using Times New Roman, with a standard size of 12.
  • Make sure that the first word of each paragraph in your essay paper is indented one-half each.

The guidelines mentioned above will help you to develop a thorough understanding of how to write APA referencing essay in 2019. However, the formatting requirements of your essay paper might vary in accordance with the directions given by your academic instructor.

Regardless of whether any additional information or guideline is provided by your instructor, never miss out on including the title page, introduction, abstract, the reference section and conclusion in your essay paper that follows the APA format.

APA Referencing Essay Format Examples

Now that we have already talked about the APA referencing essay format and how to perfect an essay paper using this style of referencing, it’s time to mention a few examples of APA referencing in an essay for a fairer insight. Below is a dummy reference list cited in the APA format. Take a look:

1. McCartney, T. E., & Smith, J. (2009). The Journal of Medical Study. Understanding Psychology and health care28(1), 92-101.

2. Holmes, D. E. (1996). Research Design in Behavioral Psychology (Vol. 2). US: Chicago: Ford and Miller.
3. Walker, R., Fredrick, S., & Smith, P. (1998). The history of psychology: A Detailed Insight, 51(6), 463-482.
4. Dawson, T. D. (2001). Childhood Bullying and Psychology. US: Longman Academics

Apart from taking note of the examples of APA referencing, you should also consider being attentive while mentioning each of the references used and sources cited in your paper. Breaking the order or missing out these guidelines might ruin the entire paper. Remember, being technically accurate while citing authentic sources in your essay is the key to master the APA style.

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