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100+ Analytical Essay Topics for Students -

100+ Analytical Essay Topics For Students

Definition of Analytical Essay

An analytical essay involves summarizing and evaluating an event by breaking the topic down into parts and providing evidence that supports your claim. The event can be a political situation, a social phenomenon, or a historical event. It can also be a literary work, a movie, or a performance. You can also be asked to analyze an issue or an idea.

Choosing the right analytical essay topic is quite challenging. Your grades might suffer if you don’t conduct adequate research before choosing the topic. Check out the examples of some scoring analytical essay topics and write a paper that scores an impressive grade.

Top Analytical Essay Topics

Are you writing an analytical essay for the first time? An analysis essay requires you to define a problem, analyse it and come up with valid evidence to support your argument. We have covered multiple categories to help you select from a diverse range of fields like:
Society Movies Personality
Culture TV Shows School
Crime People Literature
Youth Health Critical
Nature Causal Poem

Check out the good analytical essay topic examples given above.

Analytical Essay Topics on Society

There can be innumerable analytical essay topics belonging to this category. You can gather information from a variety of books to attain high grades by submitting a top-notch essay. Some of the most scoring topics are:

  1. Can we avoid the issue of inequality?
  2. What are the pros and cons of video games for children?
  3. Reasons behind the popularity of street art and graffiti
  4. Effect of body size on the quality of life
  5. Is doping a serious issue in sports?
  6. How does single parenting affect the physical and psychological well-being of a child in the modern world?
  7. How to find a balance between the career and family in dual-career families

Analytical Essay Topics on Culture

Check out the topics from this category and see if you can craft an essay on any of these. These topics are quite interesting and you can gather adequate information about the same.

  1. The impact of multiculturalism in the society
  2. Influence of music on a person’s health condition
  3. Is it possible to avoid cultural dominance in families?
  4. The use of ethnic music by artists
  5. Analyse how Latino culture is changing the American culture
  6. Impact of Mexican culture on the American food cuisine
  7. Did Blues music influence Rock and Roll?

Analytical Essay Topics on Crime

Go through the analytical essay topics on crime and you can craft a unique paper for the semester. The topics may seem a bit complicated. But, if you are interested in Law, then you can easily write on any of these ideas.

  1. The reasons that lead to criminal behaviour
  2. The measures to lower the crime rates
  3. The impact of mass media in the development of crime
  4. Impact of family structure on youth crime
  5. Factors that influence crime levels in specific areas
  6. Analyse the truth about criminal gangs
  7. Write about the biased attitude towards the gang members

You can select from the topics mentioned above. See if an idea interests you and motivates you to craft an analytical essay on it. Don’t worry if you have been asked to write on other categories. Here are topics belonging to other categories.

Analytical Essay Topics on Movies

There are several topics in this category. You can collect a lot of information from the same. In addition, students find this category to be interesting. The topics are:

  1. What are the effects of horror movies on child psychology?
  2. Is it okay for historical movies to be a part of the educational process?
  3. You can assess a movie based on the novel
  4. Which one is preferable for children: books or movies based on the books?
  5. What are the advantages of movies over books?
  6. Describe the disadvantages of movies over books
  7. What can make a successful and touching Christmas movie?

Analytical Essay Topics on TV Shows

If the ideas on Movies did not satisfy you, here are the ideas for TV shows. You can also talk to your friends or seniors to choose the best TV show and analyse its effects.

  1. Analysis of TV shows based on true events
  2. Analysis of movies which are based on TV shows
  3. How can a TV show be used as a propaganda tool?
  4. Analyse the diversity of TV shows
  5. Pick a popular TV show and analyse its good and bad sides
  6. The use of advanced equipment to deliver a high-end TV show
  7. Write about the streaming platforms for TV shows

Think twice before selecting the essay topic for this category. If you are asked to analyse a specific movie, make sure you watch the movie before writing on it. Go through the reviews and take worldviews into consideration.

Analytical Essay Topics on People

You can find quite a few interesting topics on young people for your analytical essay. The following topics have been claimed to be the most scoring ones.

  1. The reason for people to have different phobias
  2. Why do different people have different hair color?
  3. Analyse the different tastes in music, food and clothing
  4. What makes some people introverts and others extroverts?
  5. Why do people begin drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes?
  6. How is society supposed to deal with addictions among people?
  7. How can mass media affect the people?

If you are ready to spend enough time in conducting in-depth research, choose any of these wonderful topics for your analytical essay.

Analytical Essay Topics on Youth

The topics on young generation are also quite interesting. You can give these ideas a try and write a stellar analytical essay.

  1. Why do teenagers tend to become rebellious?
  2. Is it normal for teenage girls to idolize male celebrities?
  3. Why do first-born children tend to be achievers?
  4. Why do some teenagers indulge in risky behaviour?
  5. How are parents supposed to deal with rude children?
  6. Do TV ratings matter among young people?
  7. Effects of parenting on the independence of young people and their identities

These are some of the scoring essay topics that can help you to write a stellar paper. You can also talk to your professors regarding the topic you choose to write about.

Analytical Essay Topics on Nature

If you are a nature lover, try out these topics. You can make your essay quite unique with these topics. If you face any problem in writing on these essay topics, have a word with your professor. They can help you out.

  1. What are the ways to avoid animal testing?
  2. Why are pets good for kids?
  3. Is it true that cats love boxes?
  4. Are butterflies attracted to fire?
  5. Impact of microbes on human beings
  6. Describe the nature of allergy
  7. How can poaching be stopped?

Take time and choose your topic carefully. Your essay grades can shape your academic career to a great extent. Choose a topic that can help you fetch high marks.

Analytical Essay Topics on Personality

Essay topics on personality can be fun. Choose the topic as per your convenience. These topics can also help you broaden your knowledge regarding the human thought process.

  1. How are personality and upbringing related?
  2. Analyse the reasons for personality disorders
  3. Influence of peer pressure on the personalities of teenagers
  4. Different forms of addiction among people
  5. Influence of a person’s personality on a family
  6. Causes of gambling addiction
  7. Analyse the tendency of young people for substance abuse

Are you still unable to choose the perfect topic? Check out the categories and see if you can find a proper idea to write your analytical essay.

Analytical Essay Topics on School

There can be several topics for this category. Check out the most scoring ones that every college student can easily write.

  1. What are the perks of the school uniform?
  2. Bullying in schools
  3. What is the role of school authorities?
  4. Analyse college tuition cancellation
  5. Importance of art education
  6. Impact of higher education on life
  7. What is the significance of tests in school?

You can also write about some issues at school that you think must be brought into consideration. Talk to your professors about the topic and then proceed.

Analytical Essay Topics on Literature

If you are looking forward to scoring amazing marks in your essay, this category is probably the ideal one. Check out the topics that can help you craft an interesting essay in no time.

  1. Analyse a story’s main character
  2. Analyse the mood and tone of the story
  3. Conduct research on the significance and value of the book
  4. Analyse the main idea conveyed in the book
  5. Talk about the key events from the book
  6. What message does the author want to convey?
  7. Impact of an author’s background on his/her art

You need to read several books, browse websites and journals to gather relevant information. If you are have a time-crunch, hire a professional to do the research work.

Analytical Essay Topics on Health

Check out the topics if you want to craft an essay on health. Choose the idea that you find to be fascinating and start writing on it.

  1. What are the perks of health insurance?
  2. Analyse the cons of health insurance
  3. Adoption of universal price controls on medicine
  4. Advantages of buying generic drugs outside the US
  5. Analyse the relationships between health practitioners and stakeholders
  6. Impact of the family’s stability on children’s health
  7. Impact of art therapy

Causal Analytical Essay Topics

  1. Why do people develop phobias?
  2. What are the reasons behind a person’s ability to rise above a dismal background, such as a single-parent household, dysfunctional family, or poverty?
  3. Are there any chemical causes behind the idea of falling in love?
  4. Why do people lose their memories with age?
  5. How do we develop "muscle memory" due to repetitive actions?
  6. What happens during the hours of REM sleep?
  7. Why do humans respond physically to fear?
  8. Why are the possible causes of being a clairvoyant?

Critical Analytical Essay Topics

  1. What are the consequences of obesity for the individual and society?
  2. What are the communication differences between men and women?
  3. Analyze the situation of homelessness and summarise the resources that can be used to help them.
  4. Analyze the idea of using women as models in light of the body positivity movement.
  5. Describe the way irony can be used in a short story with reference to Mark Twain’s works
  6. Analyze a scene from a Shakespearean play and summarise the plot and character development arch.
  7. Explain the changing gender roles and how it has paved the way for equality.
  8. Was Princess Diana's death an accident, or is there a conspiracy theory?

Poem Analytical Essay Topics

  1. How did people develop new methods of expressing emotions and feelings in writing with time?
  2. How does Edgar Allan Poe use colors and tones to create a mood?
  3. Do you think rhythm should be quintessential in poetry?
  4. Can poems and verses change the mental state of a person?
  5. How relevant are non-sense verses? Explore some of the prominent poets in this genre.
  6. How can society benefit from the value of poetry?
  7. How has magic and surrealism amalgamated with the art of poetry writing?
  8. How does Robert Browning use irony, dark humor, along with historical settings in his work?

Choose from the list and write a paper that will definitely fetch you the best grades.

To conclude,

Keep your objectives in mind before selecting a topic. You must analyse the topic before writing on it. The examples listed above can help you to craft a unique analytical essay with ease. 

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